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Karachi to Sharjah

Karachi is the capital city of Pakistan having the largest area among other cities in the country. It is a major industrial and commercial centre for trading. On the other hand, Sharjah, the third most populous city of the United Arab Emirates has a spot in the top 10 Global Cities of the Future. It is a major financial hub for investors and attracts tourists from all over the world.

People often travel from Karachi to Sharjah either due to their business interests or for tourism. Deserts, beaches, mountain terrains and souks - Sharjah has all lined up. Not only just this, but Sharjah also has many famous archaeological sites, museums and art galleries. You can travel from Karachi to Sharjah via flight, bus, or car. Stay tuned to know more about Karachi to Sharjah travel.

Karachi to Sharjah Flights

Whenever you want to travel from one city to another, choosing the right mode of transportation becomes very critical. One would always want to make sure the journey is as smooth as possible with minimum hassles and last-minute changes. You can travel from Karachi to Sharjah via various means like flights, buses, cars etc.

Unfortunately, there is no direct train from Karachi to Sharjah. You might need to make 3 or 4 changes with long layovers which makes it very infeasible. The distance by road between the cities is about 4,181 kilometres which can be completed by either a bus or a car. But this journey will take more than 50 hours which means 2-3 days on average. This is not worth it neither when you are travelling for business nor on a family vacation. But the good news is that you can choose to travel by air in just a mere 2 hours. Karachi to Sharjah via flight is the fastest and most economical means of transportation which significantly reduces the air distance to 1173 kilometres. For more discounts and offers you can easily book a Karachi to Sharjah flight via from anywhere in the world with just a click of a button. Services are usually operated by Airblue, Pakistan International Airlines and Air Arabia which provide a very comfortable trip.

Karachi to Sharjah Flight Ticket Price

With, it is possible to choose from various flight options that fit well with your needs. You can travel from Karachi to Sharjah via business or economy classes. offers the best prices for your journey with excellent onboard facilities.

The Karachi to Sharjah flight ticket rate for economy class can fall in the price bracket from Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 145,000. If you decide to add on some extra luggage, then you might need to pay more accordingly. For booking premium economy class tickets, they might cost you around Rs. 47,000. will always bring to you the best possible pricing range for your chosen travel dates.

Karachi to Sharjah Cheap Flights

The sooner you book the ticket, the cheaper your Karachi to Sharjah flight fare would be. Pre-booking is one of the best methods to ensure the best deals on your flight tickets.

It should cost you a minimum of Rs. 10,000 for your Karachi to Sharjah flight ticket. Normally Pakistan International Airlines is the cheapest and the most affordable option. With top-class crew members and excellent user reviews, this can be a great choice for your upcoming Karachi to Sharjah trip.

Karachi to Sharjah Flights Schedule

To view all the running Karachi to Sharjah flights, you simply have to go to the website. You will find all the information related to baggage policies, flight timings, current flights status and so on. The best part is that you do not need to create an account to check the Karachi to Sharjah flights schedule. You can just enter the departure and destination cities and you will see the available list of flights.

If you have an urgent trip and you look for ‘Karachi to Sharjah flights today’ on, then prices might be a bit higher than usual. As the time between the departure of the flight reduces, the ticket prices go higher. But you need not worry, we at will still offer you the best possible prices.

Flights from Karachi to Sharjah

Some of the best-rated airlines that offer great prices with a minimum layover time are Airblue, Pakistan International Airlines and Air Arabia. Depending on your desired time of departure and arrival, you can select any one of these.

  • Airblue Flights from Karachi to Sharjah

    For Karachi to Sharjah travel on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, you can choose to travel via Airblue Airlines which leave at 03:00 PM from Karachi and take 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach the Sharjah Airport.

  • Pakistan International Airlines Flights from Karachi to Sharjah

    If you are looking exclusively for a flight to board in the evening after finishing off your office work, then Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) could be a good choice. This Karachi to Sharjah leaves Karachi at 06:10 PM (local time) and arrives at Sharjah at 07:15 PM (local time) taking about 2 hours and 5 minutes for the journey.

  • Air Arabia Flights from Karachi to Sharjah

    Air Arabia is one of the most popular flights on the Karachi to Sharjah route. It has 3 flights from Karachi to Sharjah, the first one leaving at 02:40 AM and the last one at 04:50 PM. It takes exactly 2 hours for this trip via Air Arabia. It is also one of the only flights operating on all days of the week.

Travel Restrictions

It is mandatory to wear masks during the entire time of your Karachi to Sharjah flight and even at the airports. You might be fined for not obeying the social distancing rules. In case you have symptoms related to COVID-19, please restrict yourself from travelling. It is also advisable to reach the Karachi Airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure time. For more information on the travel guidelines in Sharjah imposed by the government, you can refer to this link.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Karachi to Sharjah

What is the average price for a Karachi to Sharjah flight in economy class?

The air tickets for economy class fall usually in the range from Rs. 21,000 to Rs 145,000 approximately. Air Arabia is known to provide the cheapest rates.

Can I get any discount coupons on on my Karachi to Sharjah flight?

Who does not want discounts on their air flight tickets? While booking a Karachi to Sharjah flight with, there is a possibility of grabbing huge discounts and offers.

Can I do a web-check in before my Karachi to Sharjah flight departure?

To have hassle-free boarding at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and Sharjah International Airport in Sharjah, it is always advisable to do a quick online web check-in at least 12 hours before the plane. Just simply go to the website and provide your PNR number to do the web check-in.

What are the direct flights available for the Karachi to Sharjah journey?

Based on the airlines you choose, you can carry hand luggage (women handbag, bag pack, laptop bag etc) on all the international flights. For the limit of the allowed kilograms in the checked luggage, it is advisable to refer to your ticket details on

How far is Karachi to Sharjah?

The distance between Karachi and Sharjah is 4193 km. The flight distance between these cities is 1180 km.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Sharjah?

February is the cheapest month to travel to Sharjah. Pre-booking tickets during this month can save you more when compared to travelling during other seasons.

What is the total time taken by flight to Sharjah from Karachi?

Karachi to Sharjah is a two hr 10 min journey on a nonstop flight. The flights with stops take 6 hrs to 13 hrs to reach Sharjah, depending upon the stopover city and the availability of the connection flight. At, you can easily check if the flight is a direct one or not.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Sharjah?

Serene Air is the cheapest airline to travel to Sharjah from Karachi. PIA is another option that has a price range slightly higher than that of Serene Air. The lowest ticket price is Rs. Rs. 56,621. You can easily find the cheaper flights by comparing them at

What is the price of a flight ticket from Karachi to Sharjah today?

If you search for the Karachi to Sharjah flights today (14th Sept) on, you can see that tickets are available for 16th Sept onwards and the lowest available ticket costs Rs. 60,246 on Serene Air.