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Karachi to Sialkot

Karachi to Sialkot is a popular route preferred by tourists as well as businessmen equally. Despite being known as an industrious city, Sialkot has a few tourist attractions here that attract people to the city.

Karachi to Sialkot flights is the easiest and most convenient way of reaching here. Sialkot has the distinction of having the first city with a public airport that is privately owned. The airport was initiated by businessmen for their commercial purposes. Now, Sialkot is a busy airport that has flights coming in from various parts of the country. Some of the popular tourist spots in the city are Clock Tower, Jinnah Stadium, ruins of Sialkot Fort, Iqbal Manzil- the home turned museum of the late poet Dr Muhammad Iqbal, etc.

Karachi to Sialkot Flights

As busy and popular as the Karachi to Sialkot route is, it is still a long journey of almost 16 hrs by road. As most of the travellers are on some kind of business purpose they prefer to reach early and thus the most preferred and fastest mode of transportation on this route is taking a flight. Karachi to Sialkot flights take 2 hrs for a direct flight which is available with only one airline- Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). There also are routes with one or more stops which usually takes 6-10 hrs with at least one stopover at other cities.

The frequency of the flights may differ according to the flight operating company. You will be able to find the details of the flight from the portal where you need to find the flights by choosing Karachi Jinnah International Airport (KHI) and Sialkot International Airport (SKT) as the starting and destination points. The flights with a stopover are usually via Dubai, Muscat, or Bahrain which will have a same day arrival at the destination or will be arriving the next day, depending upon the schedule.

Karachi to Sialkot Flight Ticket Price

The best place to find the flight tickets for the Karachi to Sialkot route is, where you can compare the available flights to find the best price as per convenience. You can book the ticket at an earlier date or even at the last minute at this portal.

Karachi to Sialkot flight ticket price ranges between Rs. 21000 to Rs 220,000, depending upon the time you book the tickets, or the flight is a direct one or not. This is the price range for the economy class for a one-way ticket. Booking a roundtrip will help save you money and you can easily opt for the same when you book your tickets with The Karachi to Sialkot flight ticket rates tend to change with the time of booking. Pre-booking usually gets cheaper tickets while the ticket rates tend to be higher when the booking time is close to the departure date or time.

Karachi to Sialkot Cheap Flights can help you find the Karachi to Sialkot cheap flights for any day. Pre-booking is the best way to find cheaper flight tickets on any route. When you are travelling on a budget, it would save you bigger when compared with the last minute booking.

The cheapest available ticket from Karachi to Sialkot is with PIA airlines. PIA flights from Karachi to Sialkot charge approximately Rs. 21,730 for a one-way ticket. Their tickets are usually refundable when the cancellation is 24 hrs before the departure time. There may be cancellation charges added to it so there may not be a 100% refund of the ticket price.

Karachi to Sialkot Flights Schedule

Karachi to Sialkot flights schedule shows that the earliest flight starts at 1.05 am and the latest flight is scheduled at 10.30 pm. The flights may be direct or indirect. There are also connection flights at some of the stopovers. Most of the available flights are operating either in the morning time or towards the evening or late evening.

On a late booking date, you may not find them as easily as it would be on an earlier date. If you are searching for Karachi to Sialkot flights today, (13th Sept) you are likely to find the ticket rates ranging in Rs. 36,000 to Rs. 61,000. Earlier booking ensures the availability of the tickets as well as a lower rate. helps you find the latest as well as the cheapest tickets for your travel route.

Flights from Karachi to Sialkot

PIA, Qatar Airways, and Emirates are the popular airlines that operate flights to Sialkot Airport. PIA operates direct Karachi to Sialkot flights while the other two airlines offer a connection flight from Doha and Dubai respectively to Sialkot. You may need to reach these cities to find an indirect route to reach Sialkot. shows you all the possible routes to travel from Karachi to Sialkot.

  • PIA Flights from Karachi to Sialkot

The travel time of PIA flights from Karachi to Sialkot is 2 hrs. The only flight on this route by this airline departs at 8.50 am. Currently, direct flights are unavailable due to the pandemic situation.

  • Qatar Airways flights from Karachi to Sialkot

The Qatar flights from Karachi to Sialkot go via Doha airport where the stopover may take longer, with a few hours. You can find another Qatar Airways flight connecting you to Sialkot airport. The flight timings would be 4.20 am and 8.30 pm respectively from Karachi and Doha respectively.

  • Emirates flights from Karachi to Sialkot

Emirates flights from Karachi to Sialkot are indirect flights via Dubai. The onward flight to Dubai departs at 3.25 am and the connection flight to Sialkot departs at 8.55 pm.

Travel Restrictions

Domestic travel is open in Pakistan for vaccinated people who are above the age of 17.

Unvaccinated people are not allowed to board the flights as per the government directive. This applies to both domestic and international travellers.

The passengers would additionally need a negative Rt-PCR certificate taken within 72 hrs of the departure time to be able to board the flights.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Karachi to Sialkot

How far is Karachi to Sialkot?

The distance between Karachi to Sialkot is 1311 km by road. It will not be easy to travel for 15-19 hrs as you would need regular breaks as well. The Karachi to Sialkot flights travel faster at 2 hrs to reach the destination.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Sialkot?

September happens to be the cheapest month to travel to Sialkot. can show you all the available flights on the Karachi to Sialkot route to find the cheapest available tickets for this month.

What is the total time taken by flight to Sialkot from Karachi?

The total time taken by Karachi to Sialkot flights is 2 hrs for the direct flights and anywhere between 7 hr to 35 hrs for the indirect routes. Depending upon the flight availability from the stopping points, the travel duration also differs. The onward time from Karachi would be just over 2 hrs to Doha and Dubai. The connection flight travels for around 3 hrs 32 from Doha and 3 hr 15 mins from Dubai.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Sialkot?

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) is the cheapest airline to travel to Sialkot. At the, you can easily filter the flight options to find the cheapest available flight on this route.

What is the price of a flight ticket from Karachi to Sialkot today?

Karachi to Sialkot flights today cost Rs. 62,352 which can vary with the choice of airline. Booking closer to the departure time is not the ideal time to find the tickets as they will be on the higher side.