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Other Providers operating for Karachi to Turbat

  • sereen air

    Serene Air

  • Saudia Airlines

    Saudia Airlines

  • Airblue


  • Emirates


  • Flydubai


  • Air Sial

    Air Sial

  • Etihad Airways

    Etihad Airways

  • Qatar Airways

    Qatar Airways

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Karachi to Turbat

A well-developed city in Pakistan, Karachi attracts people from all over the world. Besides being popular for its lavish living status, Karachi is also popular due to its rich history. Karachi is a financial and export/import hub in Pakistan. Two of the largest seaports of Pakistan are in Karachi that aid in import/export via waterways. Besides root residents, many people from other Pakistani cities travel to Karachi for education, occupation, or tourism. Karachi is ranked higher in the ease of doing business in Pakistan and attracts many businessmen and entrepreneurs. Karachi has many popular tourist spots like Churna Island, Frere Hall, Chaukhandi Tombs, Quaid’s Mausoleum, Tooba Masjid, and Cape Monze Beach.

Turbat is another great city in Pakistan located in the Balochistan region. Located close to the Gwadar Port and the Kech River, Turbat boasts a rich history and culture. Many historical love stories have originated from Turbat in the past. The literal meaning of the word ‘Turbat’ is a place of lovers. Turbat has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. Some of the popular tourist attractions of Turbat are Kame Kalgan Monument, Akbora Mausoleum, Layner Mountain Resort Complex, and Charos Deluxe Resort & Spa. People from Karachi travel to Turbat for multiple reasons like work, study, and tourism. Let us discuss transit facilities from Karachi to Turbat.

Karachi to Turbat Flights

Karachi and Turbat are approximately 685 kilometres apart from each other by road. Direct buses and trains are not readily available to Turbat from Karachi. People travelling by bus travel to other areas of Balochistan and then take a bus/taxi to Turbat. Driving 685 kilometres can take a toll on the body and road travel is not preferred by commuters. Travelling from one of these Pakistani cities to the other can take around seven hours. Pakistani people prefer Karachi to Turbat flights as they save time and offer a comfortable travel experience.

KHI (Jinnah International Airport) is the designated place in Karachi for finding domestic flights. Incoming flights coming from Karachi land at the Turbat International Airport (TUK) for this route. A KHI to Turbat will reduce your travelling time to 1.5 hours. Both the cities have a well-managed air transit system with daily flights. You can book flight tickets for the Karachi - Turbat flight route via, a popular online ticket booking platform. offers the best rates for domestic flights within Pakistan and you don’t need to visit a physical ticketing counter.

Karachi to Turbat Flight Ticket Price

Are you willing to book Turbat flight tickets without any middleman charges? Often, travel agencies and middlemen charge commissions for arranging flight tickets. You can remove the commission charges by booking tickets yourself using platform. It lets you book Turbat flight tickets easily from your smartphone or laptop. The Karachi to Turbat flight ticket rates can fluctuate due to numerous reasons. always showcases the real-time price. The Karachi-Turbat flight ticket price provided by can be refreshed at regular intervals.

The starting price for Karachi to Turbat flight tickets showcased by is around PKR 10,000. This starting rate is for economy class flight tickets to Turbat from KHI. Also, the starting price for Karachi to Turbat flights is when you book tickets in advance. If you move to higher ticket classes like the premium economy or business class, the flight ticket price will increase. can be used for comparing ticket rates of numerous airlines and choosing accordingly. is trusted by Pakistani residents and by foreigners coming to Pakistan as well.

Karachi to Turbat Cheap Flights

The cheapest flight ticket for this domestic air route will cost you around PKR 10,000 as per website. However, you can decrease the ticketing price further by using the travel deals offered by often lowers the flight ticket rates of particular airlines to support budget travel. Economy class flight tickets to Turbat from KHI are perfect for people looking for budget travel.

If you want to get the best Karachi to Turbat flightrates, book tickets 2-3 weeks before your journey using Last-minute Karachi to Turbat flight ticket booking using can cost you more. While viewing the list of available Karachi to Turbat flights, you can sort the flights based on their fare. Often, people navigate to fraud sites in search of cheap Karachi to Turbat flight tickets. always provides authentic air travel services between Pakistani cities at reasonable prices.

Karachi to Turbat Flights Schedule

Users can check the Karachi to Turbat flights schedule via without signing in. You will only be asked for passenger details when you proceed to book flight tickets via With easy check-in and intuitive interface, you can check the real-time KHI to Turbat flight timetable for free by visiting is connected with many air travel companies and offers daily departures from KHI to TUK. It also allows users to check the KHI to Turbat flight timetable for upcoming weeks/months.

Do you have to travel to Turbat urgently from Karachi? Well, allows users to search for ‘Karachi to Turbat flight today’ for urgent bookings. Urgent flight tickets on the portal may have higher ticket rates raised by the respective airline. You can be assured of the flight schedule shown on the online interface of If any changes in the flight timetable occur from the end of the airline, it will be reflected on the interface of

Flights from Karachi to Turbat

Some of the popular domestic airlines for Karachi to Turbat travel are listed below:

  • PIA flights from Karachi to Turbat:

    PIA flights from KHI to TUK will take around one and a half hours to complete their journey. The fare of PIA flights from KHI to TUK starts from PKR 10,012.

  • Airblue flights from Karachi to Turbat:

    At present, the status of Airblue flights for the Karachi - Turbat air route is ‘Unavailable’. You can check the future availability of Karachi to Turbat flights by Airblue by visiting

  • Serene flights from Karachi to Turbat:

    Serene Air is a reputed domestic airline in Pakistan ensuring on-time flight departures. However, Serene Air is not servicing the KHI to TUK air route currently.

Travel Restrictions

All domestic passengers have to be fully vaccinated as per the Pakistan government. Your vaccination status will be checked at the airport before boarding a Karachi to Turbat flight. Partially vaccinated passengers can also be allowed to travel to Turbat from KHI only after verification. It is mandatory to wear a face mask while travelling to TUK from KHI. For personal safety, passengers are requested to maintain social distancing during Karachi to Turbat air travel.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Karachi to Turbat

How long is a flight from Karachi to Turbat?

The duration of the flight is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights through this route?

Pakistan International Airlines operate direct flights through this route.

How frequently do flights leave for this route?

6 flights leave from Karachi to Turbat through this route.

What are the airport codes of Karachi and Turbat?

The airport code of Karachi is KHI and for Turbat its TUK.

What is the name of the airport in Turbat?

Turbat International Airport.

How far is Karachi from Turbat?

The aerial distance to Turbat from Karachi is around 450 kilometres. The driving distance between Karachi and Turbat is around 200 kilometres more than the aerial distance between the cities.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Turbat?

In August, the flight ticket rate is the cheapest for the Karachi – Turbat route. You can check the Turbat flight ticket rate for future months by visiting

What is the total time taken by a flight to Turbat from Karachi?

Karachi to Turbat flights (nonstop) takes around 1.5 hours to reach their destination. The Karachi to Turbat travel duration of each flight will be displayed by to users.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Turbat from Karachi?

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) offers the most-economical Karachi to Turbat flight tickets.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Turbat from Karachi today?

The flight ticket price of a Karachi to Turbat flight today showcased by can go up to PKR 14,280.

Are there any travel restrictions from Karachi to Turbat now?

The Traveler needs to follow the Covid SOP's during Karachi to Turbat travel.

What are the local flights from Karachi to Turbat?

Pakistan International airline (PIA) is the local flight that operates from Karachi to Turbat.

How many airports are there in karachi?

One airport in Karachi

How many airports are there in Turbat?

One airport in Turbat.

How many flights fly from Karachi to Turbat on a weekly basis?

Weekly three to four flights will operate from Karachi to Turbat.

Is it better to book a round trip and save more for Karachi to Turbat flights?

Yes, Passengers can save on airfare if they book a roundtrip flight from Karachi to Turbat.

What is the lowest price for a return flight from Turbat to Karachi?

The lowest price for a return flight from Turbat to Karachi is Rs.15,747.

Are there any early morning and late night flights?

Currently, there is no early morning and night flight from Karachi to Turbat. Please note the flight departure timings are subject to change, you can get updated timing on the Sastaticket website.

Can I change my name on the ticket after booking?

To change the name in a valid airline ticket you must contact the airline for help.

What is the average range of Economy class tariffs on the Karachi to Turbat flight route?

The average price of a Karachi to Turbat flight ticket is Rs. 15,747.

What is the earliest flight of Karachi to Turbat today?

The earliest flight of Karachi to Turbat is at

What is the last flight of Karachi to Turbat today?

The last flight of Karachi to Turbat is at

What's the latest arrival time from Karachi to Turbat?

The latest arrival time from Karachi to Turbat is

How many flights operate from Karachi to Turbat?

There are 0 flights flying from Karachi to Turbat.

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