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Karachi to Sydney

Sydney is one of the most important cities in Australia as well as being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Many travellers fly from Karachi to Sydney to see all that this city has to offer. Karachi is the most populous city in Pakistan so despite the distance it is possible to travel to Sydney. You can book your flight tickets without any problems.

Although Sydney is not the capital of Australia it attracts many tourists, it has a perfect balance of modern and natural structures. One of the best-known symbols of the city is the Sydney Opera House, but there are many other attractions that you can visit. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, Sydney is a city that does not disappoint. You can book your flight from Karachi to Sydney with to travel with peace of mind. You will find everything you need in the online platform. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and visit Sydney.

Karachi to Sydney Flights

Australia is the perfect destination for the adventurous, to plan your trip you should know that Sydney is more than 11,000 km away from Karachi so it is advisable to complete your trip by flying. Although you could approach by land, you would eventually be forced to fly to get to Sydney. Either way visiting a new continent will always be an invaluable experience.

Air travel from Karachi to Sydney takes at least 17 hours, but flight times can vary depending on the airline and the number of stopovers. There are several airlines serving this route so there are frequent flights from Karachi to Sydney. At, you can compare all available options to book the flight that suits you best. You will be able to see the price, timetables and what is included in your ticket.

Karachi to Sydney Flight Ticket Price

The journey from Karachi to Sydney is a long one and it is advisable to book your tickets in advance to avoid last-minute hitches. On, you can compare the prices of various airlines on different days so you can choose the flight that suits you best. is a trusted online booking platform that will accompany you on a pleasant journey from Karachi to Sydney.

The price of airfare from Karachi to Sydney varies depending on the airline and the number of stopovers on the flight. You can find flights from as low as Rs 153,407 but the price may vary during the year and it is normal for the price to increase as the date of travel approaches. You can book your tickets on without worrying about intermediary charges ensuring you get the best price. Booking in advance will get you the best price for flying from Karachi to Sydney.

Karachi to Sydney Cheap Flights

It is normal to travel on a budget on such a long haul, that is why pre-booking is the best option. Booking your tickets in advance will allow you to choose the cheapest day to fly and with, you can compare airlines to choose the cheapest or the one that offers the best service on the flight from Karachi to Sydney. Also, keep in mind that October is the cheapest month to travel from Karachi to Sydney, during this month your chances of getting a cheap flight will increase. Nevertheless, remember that no matter the date the price of the flight increases as the departure date approaches.

The price of flights varies depending on demand and stopovers. Even the cheapest flights include luggage and onboard meals. On platform, you can sort your search results by price to ensure you book the cheapest flight from Karachi to Sydney.

Karachi to Sydney Flights Schedule

Flights from Karachi to Sydney depart from Jinnah International Airport and land at Sydney Bankstown Airport. Flights usually depart in the early hours of the morning and there are up to two available each day. In most cases, it will be a connecting flight as direct flights are rare.

You can check the Karachi to Sydney flight schedules on On the platform, you will have access to real-time information so you can plan your trip without any hitches. You can access all the information on for free. We recommend booking in advance so you can choose your favourite seat and the time that suits you best.

Flights from Karachi to Sydney

There are several airlines that serve this route. You can find flights from Karachi to Sydney with the most reliable airlines on You can also compare them on the same page by filtering the options according to your needs. It is possible to filter the results of your search by airline, price, journey time, etc.

  • Qatar Airways from Karachi to Sydney

    Qatar Airways is a reliable airline renowned for its punctual services. Customers are highly satisfied with the service on board. They also offer many destinations at affordable prices. Qatar Airways is one of the best options to travel from Karachi to Sydney, you will have access to the best services at an excellent price. There are flights almost every day of the week except Thursday and Saturday.

Travel Restrictions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia has put in place some measures to limit the spread of the virus. For travellers arriving by air or sea, a 14-day quarantine is mandatory. Only those travelling from a country categorised as green will be exempted. After completion of the quarantine, it is possible to move freely in Australia. In addition to the quarantine, a COVID-19 test must be carried out on arrival and another one after 10-12 days.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Karachi to Sydney

How far is Karachi from Sydney?

The distance between Karachi and Sydney is approximately 11,000 kilometres. The fastest way to travel between these two cities is by air.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Sydney?

The cheapest month to travel from Karachi to Sydney is October. The price is a little higher during the rest of the year. You should also bear in mind that prices increase, as you get closer to the date of travel, so if you wait until the last minute October can cost the same as any other month.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Sydney from Karachi?

Air travel from Karachi to Sydney takes 17 hours or more. Travel time is increased due to scheduled stopovers. You can check the duration of the different flights on the platform.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Sydney?

Qatar Airways is one of the leading airlines offering services from Karachi to Sydney. You can check prices and schedules on, you can also compare with other airlines.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Sydney from Karachi today?

The price of an airline ticket from Karachi to Sydney today can be Rs 594,897 or more depending on the airline and scheduled stopovers. allows you to book your flights on the day of travel but we recommend you always book in advance to avoid any setbacks and get access to the best prices.

How many days in advance should I book to get a good deal?

To avoid last minute surge in price of tickets due to demand and other reasons like festivals , it is always advisable to book your tickets a few months ahead.

What are the baggage details for the Karachi-to-Sydney flight?

You can check-in one or two bags depending on your choice of travel class and choice of airline. Kindly check your booked ticket or reach our 24/7 customer support.

Can I do a web check-in for the Karachi-to-Sydney flight?

Yes, you can do web check-in by visiting the official web page of your choice of airline. You need to give necessary information like departure date & time or your booking reference number and proceed as instructed.

Is there a way to cancel or modify the booked ticket on a Karachi-to-Sydney flight?

Most airlines allow changes to be made to your tickets. A modification fee/cancellation fee will be applied accordingly, and ticket prices may vary. Kindly reach out to our 24/7 customer care for more details.

Are there any direct flights from Karachi-to-Sydney?

One of the popular airlines, the Etihad Airways, operates non-direct flights with two-stops between these two cities.