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Lahore to Abu Dhabi

One of the most popular megacities of Asia, Lahore is situated in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The Punjabi culture in Pakistan is influenced a lot by Lahore. Lahore boasts an opulent history and has witnessed the reigns of several great rules in the past. Besides being a historic city, Lahore is also the epicentre of education and film business in Pakistan. There are two UNESCO sites in Lahore that are the Lahore Fort and the Shalimar Gardens. Other popular tourist spots in Lahore are Wazir Kahn Mosque, Gul Begum's Tomb, Lahore Museum, and Dai Anga Mosque. Lahore also contributes a lot to the nation’s economy and is an important city to Pakistan.

Many Lahore residents love to travel to a foreign country for vacation. Among all the foreign countries, UAE (United Arab Emirates) is the first choice of many tourists from Lahore. When touring the UAE, one cannot miss its capital city Abu Dhabi. Located on the southern side of the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is a tourist hotspot in the UAE. It is well-known for its tourist spots like Louvre Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World, Yas Island, The Emirates Palace, and Abu Dhabi Corniche. People from Lahore also travel to the UAE for educational and occupational reasons. Before planning your trip to UAE from Lahore, you should know about the available public transport facilities. Continue reading to know about public transit facilities from Lahore to Abu Dhabi.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi Flights

The distance between Abu Dhabi and Lahore by road is approximately 4,556 kilometres. It is almost impossible to cover the road distance between Lahore and Abu Dhabi by road. Not to forget, you will have to cross Afghanistan and Iran to reach UEA from Lahore. Transportation via ship is also not possible from Lahore to UAE. All the existing waterways between Pakistan and UAE are used for export/import and not for public transportation. The only viable option left for passengers is to catch a flight to the UAE. Flights from Pakistan to UAE are the safest and quickest way of transportation. The Pakistani government has invested hugely in making airports in all major cities. You can board a flight to the UAE from the popular Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore. The airport code of Lahore airport is LHE.

Abu Dhabi has around three airports for inbound flights coming from foreign countries. Currently, flights are not available to the Bus Station Airport and Bateen Airport in Abu Dhabi. You can book Lahore to Abu Dhabi flights to the Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). can help you in booking a flight to AUH from LHE in simple steps. Online booking is safe considering the current scenario of the COVID outbreak in Pakistan.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi Flight Ticket Price

Say goodbye to your travel agent who charges a high commission. With, you can book flights to AUH without any commission charges. offers flight tickets from LHE to AUH at competitive prices. You can book Abu Dhabi air tickets easily via your smartphone or desktop with With, you can check the price of air tickets to AUH from LHE anytime. You don’t have to pay a single penny for viewing the price of air tickets to AUH from LHE.

The average price of air tickets to AUH from Lahore is PKR 60,000. The starting fare for Abu Dhabi flights is for booking tickets in advance (3-4 weeks before your travel date). You can get cheaper rates on for Abu Dhabi flights if you book earlier. Also, the starting price of flight tickets to AUH is for the economy class. One can also book business class air tickets to AUH with However, you will have to pay extra for booking business class air tickets to AUH from Lahore with The Lahore to Abu Dhabi flight ticket rates can change so it is suggested to check the real-time fare with

Lahore to Abu Dhabi Cheap Flights

Many people use illegal websites in search of cheap air tickets to Emirates. is a legal e-ticketing platform that does not make false promises. It will provide travel deals at frequent intervals that can help you in getting cheap air tickets to Abu Dhabi. Keep an eye on the latest discount announcements made by You can arrange LHE to AUH flights on according to their ticket price for a better selection.

Passengers that have a limited budget should book flight tickets to AUH at least a month before their journey. By doing so, you will get the cheapest rate for AUH flight tickets on You can book a flight ticket to AUH for as low as PKR 37,000 with via pre-booking. Emergency booking from LHE to AUH will always cost you more than usual.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi Flights Schedule

Are you fed up with the lengthy sign-in process on e-ticketing websites for checking the flight timetable? Well, you have arrived at the right place as does not ask for login details for showing the timetable. You can check the LHE to AUH flight timetable at any hour of the day with The LHE to AUH timetable on can be refreshed at frequent intervals for updates. The best part about booking Abu Dhabi flight tickets with is that you can check the future timetable. It helps in pre-planning your trip to Emirates from Lahore.

Many times, commuters want to travel to Abu Dhabi immediately due to any emergencies. For emergency bookings, you can look for ‘Lahore to Abu Dhabi flight today’ on Emergency booking from LHE to AUH will cost you more than usual. Air transport companies tend to increase the fare of Abu Dhabi flights when less time is remaining in the flight departure.

Flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi

Some of the popular airlines that offer flights to AUH from LHE are:

  • Airblue Flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi

    If you book Airblue flight tickets to AUH from LHE a month before your travel date, it will cost you around PKR 54,000. A nonstop Airblue flight to Abu Dhabi from Lahore takes around four hours to complete its journey.

  • PIA Flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi

    The average fare of PIA flights to Abu Dhabi from Lahore is PKR 75,000. A PIA flight to AUH from LHE with layover points on the route will take around 30 hours to complete its journey.

  • Etihad Flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi

    The fastest Etihad Airways flight to AUH from LHE takes only 3.5 hours to complete its trip. The average fare of Etihad flights to AUH from LHE is PKR 68,000.

Travel Restrictions

All the Lahore residents planning to travel to Abu Dhabi should be fully vaccinated. Your proof of vaccination will be cross-checked before boarding a flight to AUH at LHE. Upon your arrival in the Emirates, you will have to produce a negative COVID lad result. Additionally, you also need to obtain permission from GDRFA or ICA to travel to Emirates. Make sure you are wearing a mask while flying from LHE to AUH, as it is compulsory.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Lahore to Abu Dhabi

How far is Lahore from Abu Dhabi?

The aerial distance between AUH and LHE is approximately 2090 kilometres.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Abu Dhabi?

Travel to Abu Dhabi in the month of April if you want cheap air tickets.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Abu Dhabi from Lahore?

An LHE – AUH flight can take between 3.5 to 30 hours depending on the layover points.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Abu Dhabi?

Airblue offers the cheapest air tickets from LHE to AUH.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Abu Dhabi from Lahore today?

The price of an LHE – AUH flight ticket today is around PKR 75,000.