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Multan to Bangkok

Exploring new destinations is always an adventure, and a journey from the historical city of Multan, Pakistan, to the vibrant and bustling Bangkok, Thailand, is no exception. This guide aims to provide you with all the necessary information, from flight options and visa procedures to cultural insights and must-visit attractions, ensuring your trip from Multan to Bangkok is smooth and memorable.

Multan (MUX) to Bangkok (BKK) Flight

Traveling from Multan to Bangkok offers an exciting journey covering approximately 1,148 kilometers (about 713 miles). The trip typically involves a flight duration of around 18 hours, given the absence of direct flights due to the considerable distance. Over 5 flights from various airlines operate on this route each day.

Multan to Bangkok Flight Schedule

The journey from Multan to Bangkok often starts with choosing the right airline. Flights can be booked conveniently through, an e-ticket booking platform that offers a variety of options for this route. The first flight leaves Faisalabad International Airport at 12:35 PM. Flydubai has more than 5 daily flights, offering options with layovers.Both one-stop and two-stop flights are available, catering to different preferences and needs. Some of the flight schedules are given below.

  • Qatar Airways: It provides 5 + flights on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, departing at 12:40 PM.It takes around 28 hrs to reach Suvarnabhumi Airport,Bangkok.The flight reaches the destination at different time intervals depending on the time of layovers.
  • Saudia: It offers flights on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays. Saudia's flights include two stops – Jeddah (7 hours 40 minutes) and Abu Dhabi (4 hours 10 minutes) – with a total travel time of approximately 25 hours and 30 minutes. The flight takes off at 3:40 pm from Multan.
  • Flydubai : Besides the first flight at 12:35 PM, additional departures at 1:15 PM and 4:20 PM are available, with layovers in Dubai and Phuket, totaling about 28 hours,

Multan to Bangkok Ticket Price

There are two types of ticket available for the route Multan to Bangkok:

  • Economy Class: Ticket prices in economy class vary but generally range from PKR 209,768 to PKR 140,809.
  • Business Class: In this class more premium options range from PKR 747,974 to PKR 1,001,190.

Baggage Allowance

  • Passengers can expect a checked baggage allowance of 30 to 35 kg in economy class, across two pieces. The specific allowance varies by airline.
  • A standard carry-on limit is 7 kg in economy class. Passengers may also bring a briefcase and either a handbag or a garment bag, subject to size restrictions set by the airline.
  • Qatar Airways allows 40 kg of checked baggage in business class, while Saudia offers a 30 kg allowance.

Travel Information

For Pakistani citizens, a visa is required to enter Thailand. The process is straightforward but requires careful planning.

Visa Application Steps

  • Complete the visa application form available on the Thai Embassy's website.
  • Prepare required documents: passport, photographs, bank statements, and travel itinerary.
  • Submit your application at the nearest Thai consulate, along with the visa fee.

Processing times vary, so it's recommended to apply at least one month before your intended travel date.

Must-Visit Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok's allure lies in its ability to blend the old with the new.

Top Attractions

  • The Grand Palace:This architectural wonder is a testament to Thailand's rich history.
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market: A paradise for shoppers, offering everything from clothes to local crafts.

Hidden Gems

  • Explore the Bangkokian Museum for a glimpse of traditional Thai life.
  • Visit the Talat Phlu area to taste authentic Thai street food.

Exploring Multan

Before embarking on your journey from Multan to Bangkok, take time to explore Multan, the City of Saints. Rich in Sufi culture and history, Multan offers captivating experiences with its ancient mausoleums, vibrant bazaars, and exquisite blue pottery. The city's culinary delights, especially its famous mangoes, are not to be missed, making it a perfect prologue to your Asian adventure.

Your journey from Multan to Bangkok promises to be an exciting one. Embrace the differences, respect the culture, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Bangkok. With the right preparation, this trip can be an unforgettable experience that combines the charm of two distinct cities.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Multan to Bangkok

How often do flights run between these two cities?

Passengers can choose to book from the 4 to 10 daily flights from Multan International Airport (MUX) to Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), Bangkok, Thailand.

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