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Multan to Islamabad

Capital of the Multan Division, Multan is a popular Punjabi city in Pakistan. In the past, Multan has served as the capital of the Punjab region in Pakistan. It is still a historical and cultural centre in Punjab for many reasons. Over the centuries, Multan has seen the reigns of many kingdoms. Greeks, Ghaznavids, Mamluks, Suris, Mughals, Britishers, and many other kingdoms have ruled Multan in the past. For the same reason, there are many historical sites in Multan related to different rulers. Once Multan gained Independence, it became stronger over the years. As of now, Multan has emerged as a leading centre in Pakistan for the cotton, chemical, glass, and engineering industries. Abundant public facilities are available in Multan for residents and tourists from different states/countries.

People in Multan often feel the need to travel to Islamabad, the country’s capital city. Islamabad became the capital city after replacing Karachi in the past. In the 1960s, Islamabad was made a well-planned city and has remained a planned city since then. With ample greenery, high living standards, high safety standards, and luxurious facilities, Islamabad is one of the best places to explore in Pakistan. Tourist attractions in Islamabad, like Margalla Hills, Rawal Lake, Neela Sandh, and Lok Virsa Museum attract many people from different states/countries. Islamabad is also known for its IT industry, stock exchange, and software technology companies. People also travel to Islamabad for education and occupational reasons. Read on to understand how to travel easily from Multan to Islamabad.

Multan to Islamabad Flights

By road, the distance between Multan and the nation’s capital is more than 480 kilometres. If you wish to cover this distance by your vehicle, you will have to drive for around 7-8 hours. Not to forget, you will feel exhausted after driving such a long distance to reach Islamabad. Bus and taxi services are available between Multan and Islamabad. However, bus and taxi services to Islamabad can often get crowded due to more commuters. Road transport to Islamabad might not be a good option if you need a comfortable travel experience. Besides road transport services, there are only flight services between the Pakistani cities.

For a comfortable travel experience, you can catch a flight from Multan and reach Islamabad. Many renowned airlines offer flight services between Multan and the country’s capital. Both Pakistani cities have a well-developed infrastructure to support flight operations. Multan International Airport (MUX) will be the boarding point for this intercity trip. After completing the trip, commuters will land at the Islamabad International Airport, abbreviated as ISB. can solve all your flight booking queries in one place. One can book a flight to ISB within minutes and enjoy a comfortable travel experience.

Multan to Islamabad Flight Ticket Price

People often think that flying to Islamabad is too expensive. It is because people book Islamabad flight tickets from an unreliable source and end up paying a commission. Instead of relying on a travel broker, you can book ISB flight tickets yourselves. With, you can book MUX to ISB air tickets within minutes. Also, there will be no commission charges on for booking ISB air tickets. In addition, also offers discounts to users on booking ISB air tickets.

Before taking any decision, one can check the flight ticket rates of different airlines from Multan to ISB. Multan to Islamabad flight ticket rates is tentative, and real-time information is available on Usually, the MUX to ISB flight ticket price starts from PKR 16,000. However, the starting rate is for economy class tickets between MUX and ISB. If you choose business class tickets between MUX and ISB, flight ticket rates will go up. One can compare the flight ticket prices of different airlines before confirming one to ISB. will not charge anything for checking the air ticket rates from MUX to ISB.

Multan to Islamabad Cheap Flights is the best e-ticketing platform for those searching for cheap ISB air tickets. One can find ISB flight tickets for as low as PKR 16,000 on If someone wants to find cheap air tickets to ISB, they should book tickets a few weeks before their journey. By booking MUX – ISB air tickets 3-4 weeks before your journey, you can find the best rates. Also, book ISB air tickets in economy class if you want to save money. Don’t forget to make use of the travel deals and discounts available on while booking ISB air tickets.

Multan to Islamabad Flights Schedule

Since many airlines serve the MUX – ISB air route, one can find flights on all days. On some days, you might not find direct flights from MUX to ISB. On such days, you can still find connecting flights between Multan and ISB. Early morning and late-night flights are both available between MUX and ISB. One can browse the MUX to ISB flight timetable on for free. There is no need to provide login credentials to check the MUX – ISB flight timetable. If there are any changes in the ISB flight timetable, it will be immediately reflected on the online portal of

People often search for Multan to Islamabad flight today on People have to travel to the capital city from Multan urgently due to numerous reasons. In such a case, one can book an urgent ISB air ticket on However, a passenger will have to pay more than the normal price for booking an ISB air ticket today.

Flights from Multan to Islamabad

On, you can choose from many MUX to ISB flights. The top airlines that offer flight services between MUX and ISB are as follows:

  • PIA Flights from Multan to Islamabad

    PIA flight ticket to ISB will cost you around PKR 16,000. A non-stop PIA flight to ISB from MUX will take only an hour and 35 minutes to complete its journey.

  • Qatar Flights from Multan to Islamabad

    Qatar Airways provides flights between Multan and Islamabad four days a week. A Qatar Airways flight to ISB might take 16 hours to complete its journey.

  • Emirates Flights from Multan to Islamabad

    Emirates flights to ISB from MUX usually have a rest-stop at DXB. Emirates flights to ISB will take around 16 hours to complete its journey.

Travel Restrictions

During the recent pandemic, intercity flight services were suspended in Pakistan. However, flight services to ISB are now available on all days from MUX. Passengers might be asked to follow certain guidelines on a MUX to ISB flight. For example, you will have to maintain hand hygiene during a flight trip to ISB from MUX. Passengers suffering from COVID disease will not be allowed to board a flight to Islamabad from MUX.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Multan to Islamabad

How far is Multan from Islamabad?

The aerial distance from Multan to Islamabad is around 395 kilometres. ISB to MUX distance is lower than the road distance between the cities.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Islamabad?

In the months of September and October, flight ticket rates from MUX to ISB are the cheapest. One can check the ISB flight ticket rates for upcoming months on

What is the total time taken by a flight to Islamabad from Multan?

The fastest flight to ISB from Multan will take an hour and 35 minutes to complete its journey. At present, PIA offers the fastest flights between ISB and Multan.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Islamabad?

PIA is currently offering the cheapest flights to ISB from Multan. You can book a PIA flight ticket to ISB from Multan for around PKR 16,000.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Islamabad from Multan today?

The price of an ISB flight ticket might cost more than PKR 30,000 today. For the best flight rates, pre-book MUX – ISB flight tickets on

What are the names and codes of the airports in Multan and Islamabad respectively?

The name of the airport in Islamabad is Islamabad International Airport and its Code is ISB. The name of the airport in Multan is Multan International Airport and its Code is MUX.

Are there any travel restrictions from Multan to Islamabad?

Currently there are no travel restrictions, apart from following COVID Standard Operating Procedures like wearing a mask, hand sanitizer etc.

Is it compulsory to take travel insurance for flight travel?

Travel insurance is not compulsory. However, travelers choose travel insurance for emergency medical coverage, lost baggage and other related benefits.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Islamabad from Multan?

Currently, PIA offers the cheapest flights to ISB from Multan at the rate of PKR 14755.

How much baggage can I carry on my Multan to Islamabad flight?

The terms and conditions in baggage policy of airlines are different. Kindly contact the relevant airline for accurate information on baggage weights and number of baggage.