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  • sereen air

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  • Saudia Airlines

    Saudia Airlines

  • Airblue


  • Emirates


  • Flydubai


  • Air Sial

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  • Etihad Airways

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Multan to Riyadh

Multan is the 5th most populated city in Pakistan. This city is considered the cultural, economical and religious hub of southern Punjab. Many places of historical importance are situated in Multan. The city has many shrines and mosques that are frequented by locals and tourists. Apart from religious places, Multan is famous for its mouth-watering food and you can try the famous Saraiki cuisine. Multan International Airport is the airport in the city that connects it to major cities in Pakistan and cities in the Gulf. Riyadh is also a major city in Saudi Arabia as it contributes majorly to the country’s economy. Riyadh is the capital and is also the most populated city in Saudi. The city is bustling with activity and you can spot tall buildings and skyscrapers lining the city. There are many tourist attractions in Riyadh. Multan to Riyadh is a popular route since many people travel between the two cities for business as well as pleasure. Below are more details about Multan to Riyadh flights to help you plan your trip easily.

Multan to Riyadh flights

If you’re planning a trip from Multan to Riyadh, the ideal way to travel would be by flight. The distance between Multan and Riyadh is more than 4000 km and it is not practical or economical to travel by any other means. Flights are faster and cheaper means of travel.

Multan to Riyadh flights has a travel duration of 4 hours and 15 minutes on a non-stop flight. You can also opt for an indirect or connecting flight since that is a cheaper option. The travel duration might be higher depending on the layovers and schedule of the connecting flight. For cheap tickets and maximum discounts, you can book your flight tickets on You will find the schedules of all flights along with their fares and other necessary details.

Multan to Riyadh ticket price

If you’re travelling from Multan to Riyadh on a budget, then is the right place for you. Flight schedules and fares are mentioned on the website and you can book tickets according to your budget. Flight ticket fares keep fluctuating at all times.

The average fare between Multan and Riyadh is PKR 65,946. If you book tickets in advance you can get cheaper fares. The flight ticket prices depend on the availability, proximity between the date of booking and date of departure, season and many other factors. On you can get the best deals on Multan to Riyadh flight tickets. provides the best fares with no extra commission charges.

Multan to Riyadh cheap flights

If you’re looking at booking cheap flight tickets between Multan and Riyadh, then has got you covered. has collaborated with major airline companies to provide travellers with the best fares. Since ticket prices are higher when you book close to the date of departure, it is advisable to book tickets in advance. The cheapest tickets from Multan to Riyadh are on AirArabia flights. You have the option of choosing direct or indirect flights. The fares include baggage and meals. For more details about AirArabia flights, you can log on to

Multan to Riyadh flight schedule

Multan to Riyadh flight schedules are flexible and it is always advisable to check the schedules beforehand. There are flights between Multan and Riyadh available on almost all days of the week. There are a total of 20 flights on this route in a week. Most of the fights are indirect and the duration of the journey could be anywhere between 6 to 8 hours depending on the layovers. While booking tickets for your Multan to Riyadh trip, check the schedules and other details on to make the bookings accordingly.

Flights from Multan to Riyadh

There are many flight operators offering flights from Multan to Riyadh. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), Gulf Air, AirArabia and flydubai are some of the popular airlines for this route. These airline companies provide direct and indirect flights.

  • PIA flights from Multan to Riyadh:

    The average fare of a flight ticket from Multan to Riyadh on a PIA flight is PKR 82,189. The PIA is a major airline company in Pakistan. The airline provides travellers with a comfortable experience with reasonable fares. The fares include baggage and meals.

  • AirArabia flights from Multan to Riyadh:

    AirArabia provides the cheapest flights on this route with fares starting at PKR 61,775. The fares include 23kg baggage and in-flight meals. You can find AirArabia flight schedules on

  • flydubai flights from Multan to Riyadh:

    flydubai is another popular international airline providing service on this route. The fares are priced at an average of PKR 66,919 for a one-way ticket. The flights are comfortable and come with great amenities.

Travel Restrictions

Post the pandemic, travelling has become quite challenging and guidelines have been laid out by many countries for the safety of tourists as well as others around them. As a responsible traveller, you have to follow the rules and regulations while visiting a different city or country. Here are the travel restrictions to be followed when travelling from Multan to Riyadh.

  • Fully vaccinated travellers don’t have to undergo any tests when they arrive at the Riyadh Airport
  • Quarantine is not required for fully vaccinated travellers
  • Masks are required to be worn in flight
  • Non-vaccinated travellers are required to quarantine in their homes and maintain social distancing

FAQs of Multan to Riyadh Flights

How far is Multan from Riyadh?

The aerial distance between Multan and Riyadh is 2507 km and the best means to travel is by flight. It is a safer, faster and more convenient way to travel. The flight travel duration is 6 hours and 30 minutes although it might be higher in the case of an indirect flight.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Riyadh?

The cheapest month to fly to Riyadh is November and the cheapest day to depart is Thursday. Tickets to Riyadh are mostly expensive on Saturdays.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Riyadh from Multan?

The total travel duration by a direct flight from Multan to Riyadh is 6 hours and 30 minutes. 6 hours is the fastest flight duration. The travel time can increase if it is an indirect flight. Indirect flights or connecting flights are often cheap and you can opt for them if you’re willing to spend extra time travelling.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Riyadh?

AirArabia is the cheapest airline that offers flights on the Multan to Riyadh route. The tickets are priced at an average of PKR 61,775. Air Arabia flight schedules and fares are available on You can get cheaper tickets on if you book in advance.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Riyadh from Multan today?

The price of Multan to Riyadh flight tickets as of today(29th October) is priced at PKR 66,885. The price is high since the booking date is the same as the date of departure. If you’re looking at saving money while booking flight tickets, book your tickets in advance on

What is the earliest flight of Multan to Riyadh today?

The earliest flight of Multan to Riyadh is at 02:40 AM

What is the last flight of Multan to Riyadh today?

The last flight of Multan to Riyadh is at 04:45 PM

What's the latest arrival time from Multan to Riyadh?

The latest arrival time from Multan to Riyadh is 01:10 PM

How many flights operate from Multan to Riyadh?

There are 6 flights flying from Multan to Riyadh.

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