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Multan to Sialkot

Multan is famous for the various Sufi Shrines and tombs. It is the oldest city in Asia and is in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. This city, rich in history and heritage, has plenty of interesting places to visit. Multan is connected by air and land to other major cities of Pakistan.

Sialkot, another city in Punjab Province, is an industrial city that focuses on the manufacturing of surgical equipment, textile industries, musical instruments, etc. People often travel here for business purposes but those arriving here for leisure are also common. If you are looking for a ticket on Multan to Sialkot flights, here is all that you need to know.

Multan to Sialkot Flights

People often prefer flights over a bus or car. Flights offer more comfortable journeys as opposed to tedious journeys by car or bus. They are convenient to save time and comfortable with luxurious amenities. Since Multan to Sialkot travelling is mainly business, flights are the most preferred transportation.

The air distance from Multan to Sialkot is 381 km. Though the direct flights should take very less time, there are no direct flights on this route. Multan to Sialkot flights are indirect flights that take around 8 hours to reach their destination. All these flights depart from Multan International Airport (MUX) and arrive at Sialkot International Airport (SKT). These flights will have a stopover mainly at international cities. You can check the details of these flights and their availability over a long period at

Multan to Sialkot Flight Ticket Price

Flight tickets are expensive but earlier booking will get you affordable rates. The Multan to Sialkot flight ticket price can be slightly higher than the usual domestic ticket rates. But there are airlines that offer much cheaper rates when compared to other airlines.

The Multan to Sialkot flight ticket rate is available from PKR 26000 onwards. These tickets are for economy class. Due to the pandemic and the lesser number of passengers, the flight charges are slightly in the higher range. The ticket price will be different for each airline. The ticket rates will be higher as the time gets close to the scheduled departure. You can check the ticket rates and other details of Multan to Sialkot flights at Logging in is not necessary but if you register and log in, you will be able to easily switch between the devices where you have logged in.

Multan to Sialkot Cheap Flights

Since flight tickets are usually expensive when compared to other modes of transportation, it is important to find the best deals. At, you will be able to get tickets on Multan to Sialkot cheap flights. The ticket rates are lower 1-2 months before the travel date, so it will be the best time to get cheap flights. Certain seasons and months also offer cheaper flight tickets on each route.

On the Multan to Sialkot route, cheaper tickets are available with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). One thing to note is that some of the cheaper flight tickets do not let you take a check-in bag for free. You can see these details about each flight option at

Multan to Sialkot Flights Schedule

The flight schedule of the Multan to Sialkot flights can be a bit tricky as some of them have a longer travel duration due to stopovers. This means that the arrival date will be different from that of the departure. Moreover, not all airlines on this route offer daily services and have services only on selected days. There would be a price difference for tickets for each day as well. So it is essential to properly check and understand the flight schedule.

According to the Multan to Sialkot flights schedule, on most days, there will be two flights operating and only a few days will have 4 or 5 flights. Some days have just one flight. PIA, the airline that offers cheap flight tickets, operates only on selected days. You can check the flight schedule and get real-time updates at

Flights from Multan to Sialkot

Flights from Multan to Sialkot are operated by PIA and other international airlines including Qatar Airways. All of them have top-class facilities inside the flights for a comfortable journey. partners with most of these airlines.

  • PIA flights from Multan to Sialkot

    PIA operates Multan to Sialkot flights only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, PIA has the only flight available on this route. The timing of the flights are Thursday 10-20 am, Saturday 4.50 pm, Sunday 12.15 am, and Tuesday 4.50 pm and 11.15 pm. The travel duration of these flights can be 8 to 32 hours.

Travel Restrictions

Since the Multan to Sialkot flights might have an international stopover, it is important to have proper COVID-19 vaccinations to arrive at Sialkot. Sialkot was recently affected by the floods, in fact, had a bridge washed away. This is not an ideal period to travel to this city unless unavoidable. There could be delays or other disruptions on this route.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Multan to Sialkot

How far is Multan from Sialkot?

Multan to Sialkot has a distance of 439 km by road. The air distance between these cities is not a good way to assess the travel duration as there are not many direct nonstop flights. So, it will take longer via indirect flights.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Sialkot?

January to April are the cheap months to travel to Sialkot. Sialkot has high tourist visitations from May to July. The winter season from November to January will also be busy here. Flight charges are likely to be low in the second half of January after the holidays.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Sialkot from Multan?

Multan to Sialkot flights take a minimum of 8 hr 55 min, including the stopover. They may also have 14-32 hrs of travel duration depending upon the city and the layover waiting period.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Sialkot?

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) is the cheapest airline to travel to Sialkot. PIA is the leading airline in Pakistan that operates both domestic and international flights. They have different rates for the Multan to Sialkot flights.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Multan from Sialkot today?

Multan to Sialkot flights today (Sept 23) will cost PKR 65000 for a PIA flight. The flight charges will be higher close to the departure time. Look for your tickets earlier, at least a month before the travel date, to get the best deals on the ticket price.