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Peshawar to Islamabad

Located close to the Khyber Pass, Peshawar is a historical city in Pakistan. There are many ancient museums, forts, and mosques in Peshawar that depict its opulent history. Apart from being a tourism hub, Peshawar is also an industrial centre in the nation. It is a centre in Pakistan for the furniture, marble, and food processing sectors. It is also one of those cities in Pakistan known for its Pashtun culture. Pashto, English, and Urdu are the major languages used by the residents in Peshawar.

Rated as a Gamma+ city, Islamabad is a luxurious city in Islamabad. It can be called luxurious as the standards of living in the capital city of Pakistan are high. Islamabad is also known to be a cultural, financial, and tourism centre in Pakistan. Many people travel from Peshawar to Islamabad daily for several reasons. Read on to know about the travel services between Peshawar and Islamabad.

Peshawar to Islamabad Flights

Road journeys between Peshawar and Islamabad can get complicated at times. Due to a greater number of passengers, roads between these two Pakistani cities can get crowded. It can get hard to find a seat on an Islamabad bus at times. A road journey between Peshawar and Islamabad will take around three hours. With a nonstop flight from Peshawar to Islamabad, you can complete your journey in only two hours and fifteen minutes. Many people prefer Peshawar to Islamabad flights for faster, safer, and more comfortable travel. You don’t have to cancel your family trip to Islamabad just because you couldn’t find bus tickets.

Not all flights between Peshawar and Islamabad complete their journey in around two hours. Some flights on this domestic air route may take more time to complete their journey. It usually happens when there is a transit/layover between Peshawar and Islamabad. Peshawar and Islamabad have well-developed air transit facilities for commuters. You can catch any domestic flight from the PEW (Peshawar International Airport). All flights from Peshawar to Islamabad land at the Islamabad International Airport (ISB). One can find more information regarding flights from PEW to ISB on Many people across Pakistan prefer for domestic/international flight bookings.

Peshawar to Islamabad Flight Ticket Price

Why postpone your trip to Islamabad due to expensive flight tickets? You can find affordable flight tickets to ISB on anytime. Unlike other e-ticketing platforms, does not charge any commission for booking PEW to ISB flight tickets. Apart from commission-free ISB flight tickets, also offers discounts to users at frequent intervals. You don’t have to pay anything to view the real-time fare of PEW to ISB flights on Checking the current fare of PEW to ISB flights is necessary as the ticket rates may fluctuate.

Peshawar to Islamabad flight ticket rates depend on multiple factors like, seat availability and booking time. The average fare for economy-class flight tickets from Peshawar to Islamabad is around PKR 63,000. If you book business-class flight tickets from PEW to ISB, you will have to pay more. If you want cheaper flight rates for the PEW – ISB route, try to pre-book tickets on You don’t have to offer any login information on to view the real-time fare of PEW – ISB flights.

Peshawar to Islamabad Cheap Flights

Many people think that flight travel in Pakistan will take a toll on their pockets. Contrary to the popular belief, flight travel in Pakistan can be affordable if you choose the right ticketing platform. For booking cheap flight tickets between PEW and ISB, keep an eye on the travel deal launched by Also, you can book economy-class tickets to ISB for a budget air travel.

One can book a flight ticket from PEW to ISB in less than PKR 50,000 with With pre-booking, one can get further lower rates for PEW to ISB flight tickets. One should book ISB flight tickets at least 4-5 weeks before the travel date for cheaper rates. allows you to pre-book flight tickets and pre-plan your trip to Islamabad.

Peshawar to Islamabad Flights Schedule

One can view the real-time flight schedule from PEW to ISB on You don’t have to go through login hassles for viewing the PEW to ISB flight schedule on The flight schedule for domestic Pakistani routes is subject to change. For example, some PEW to ISB flights can be cancelled due to bad weather. It is why one should check the real-time schedule and ISB flight status before booking air tickets on

There are fewer nonstop flights between PEW and ISB. Many airlines offer shared flights for the PEW to ISB route. You may have to change your shared flight between Peshawar and Islamabad. You can also view Peshawar to Islamabad flights today on However, one will have to pay a little extra to book urgent ISB air tickets. It is better to pre-book PEW to ISB air tickets with for affordable rates.

Flights from Peshawar to Islamabad

Several airlines offer flights to PEW from ISB to facilitate commuters. On some days, you can find PEW to ISB flights throughout the day. Some of the top airlines serving the PEW – ISB air route are as follows:

  1. PIA Flights from Peshawar to Islamabad
  2. You can book a PIA flight ticket from PEW to ISB for around PKR 60,000. The quickest PIA flight from PEW to ISB takes around five hours to complete its journey.

  3. Etihad Flights from Peshawar to Islamabad
  4. At present, Etihad Airways offers some shared flights between PEW to ISB. Shared flights from PEW to ISB can have Sharjah and Al Muharraq as the layover points. You can check the flight status of Etihad Airways to know more about flights to ISB.

  5. Airblue Flights from Peshawar to Islamabad
  6. Airblue isn’t providing Peshawar to Islamabad flights for now. One can check the Airblue flight schedule from PEW to ISB on for updates.

Travel Restrictions

Due to the COVID scenario in Pakistan, there are several restrictions for domestic passengers. One has to be fully vaccinated to board a flight from PEW to ISB. Your proof of vaccination will be checked at the boarding airport in Pakistan. If you cannot vaccinate yourselves due to any medical conditions, provide the proof to the inspecting officers at the boarding airport. Apart from being vaccinated, you also have to wear a mask while travelling from PEW to ISB. If a passenger shows any COVID-related symptoms, they can be asked for an RT-PCR test before boarding an ISB flight. Currently, there are fewer direct flights between PEW and ISB due to the COVID scenario. However, you can always book a shared/connecting flight from PEW to ISB. Make sure you follow the travel guidelines during your trip from PEW to ISB.

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A nonstop flight between PEW and ISB will take around 2.5 hours to complete its journey. Some PEW to ISB flights can also take around 5-7 hours to complete their journey.

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