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Sialkot to Islamabad

Sialkot and Islamabad are important cities in Pakistan. Transport between the two cities is well organised and smooth, mainly due to industrial activity. Sialkot is known for its production of bicycles, sporting goods, and surgical instruments. Travel can be made both by road and air.

Sialkot, formerly known as Sagala, is a city with an important concentration of commerce and industry. The city is ancient and at one point in history was the capital of the Indian-Greek kingdom. The city is frequently visited for business as well as tourism and it is very easy to travel to Islamabad. The Pakistani capital is of great interest to travellers from all over the world. Read on to find out more about travelling from Sialkot to Islamabad.

Sialkot to Islamabad Flights

Islamabad is the capital of the country and is, therefore, the centre of interest for all types of travellers in the country. Travelling to the capital is common for both tourist and business purposes, Islamabad is also an international hub for travel in and out of the country. Many people travel daily from Sialkot to Islamabad and there are various means of transport available to meet the different needs of travellers. Among the options available are buses, trains, and air travel.

It is 213 km from Sialkot to Islamabad and the journey by road can take over 4 hours. A very convenient option to travel between these two cities is by air. The safety and comfort of the air journey ensure a comfortable arrival in the city. You can take a flight from Sialkot to Islamabad from Sialkot Airport. Flights can be booked easily from

Sialkot to Islamabad Flight Ticket Price

You can plan your trip from Sialkot to Islamabad today. The best way to secure your trip is to book your flight from Sialkot to Islamabad in advance. allows you to compare the different flights available and the prices offered by different airlines so that you can choose the best option for you. Booking in advance allows you to avoid any last-minute hiccups and get the best prices.

Sialkot to Islamabad ticket prices ranges from Rs 39813 to Rs 78356. The price may vary depending on different factors such as time of purchase, season, airline and the type of flight you select. allows you to filter your search so you can choose the best flight for free. is also the best option for those travelling on a budget.

Sialkot to Islamabad Cheap Flights

Much of a travel budget is spent on transport so it is normal to try to get the best price. The best option when travelling on a budget is to pre-book. allows you to view available flights for the date you want. Having visibility of available travel dates will enable you to get the cheapest flights from Sialkot to Islamabad.

You can find flights from Sialkot to Islamabad for Rs 31,726, however, the price may increase as the date gets closer and the number of available seats decreases. Qatar Airways is one of the airlines offering the best prices for travel from Sialkot to Islamabad. You can access real-time information on all available flights on for free.

Sialkot to Islamabad Flights Schedule

Flights from Sialkot to Islamabad are available almost every day. You will find up to 4 flights available per day with different stopovers. Usually, you will find two flights in the morning and two in the afternoon. You can confirm the flight schedule in real time on There is no need to log in to the platform or make any payment. The information is available so that you can plan your trip with the greatest ease and comfort.

Although it is best to book your flights in advance it is possible to book flights from Sialkot to Islamabad today. There are enough flights to cater to last minute needs, so you can plan your trip at your leisure. However, bear in mind that last minute bookings tend to be more expensive, and options are more limited. offers you the possibility to book from anywhere and at any time by comparing all available airlines.

Flights from Sialkot to Islamabad

Several airlines in Pakistan offer their services for travel from Sialkot to Islamabad. One of them is Qatar Airways and PIA which are known for their excellent service and multiple routes in and out of the country. works with the best airlines to guarantee the best service and facilitate the process of booking flights.

  1. Qatar Airways Flights from Sialkot to Islamabad
  2. Qatar Airways is an airline with many years of experience and with multiple routes in and out of Pakistan.You will find at least one daily flight available from Sialkot to Islamabad with this airline. The flightusually includes luggage and snacks onboard the aircraft.

  3. PIA Flights from Sialkot to Islamabad
  4. Pakistan International Airlines is one of the most reliable airlines in Pakistan and offers several flights to Islamabad. The most frequent stopover is in Muscat and the ticket price is usually 31,726.

Travel Restrictions

The COVID pandemic has affected travel around the world. Currently, due to the drop in positive cases and progress in vaccination, flights are once again permitted with fewer and fewer restrictions. However, mask wearing may still be required for travel from Sialkot to Islamabad, among other safety measures. Depending on the number of active cases, a negative PCR test and proof of a full vaccination schedule may be requested. Measures are adopted as the situation evolves so we recommend that you keep up to date and check active requirements before you travel.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Sialkot to Islamabad

How far is Sialkot from Islamabad?

The distance from Sialkot to Islamabad is approximately 213 km. The route is frequented by many travellers seeking to reach the capital from Sialkot. The cities are well connected, and transport is easy to find.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Islamabad?

May is the cheapest month to travel from Sialkot to Islamabad. However, to ensure a good price it is recommended to book your flight from Sialkot to Islamabad in advance. On you can check flight availability and current prices.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Islamabad from Sialkot?

The flight time between Sialkot and Islamabad is usually short, however, it can be longer if there are stopovers. You can see all the details of your flight when you book on the duration, stopovers and of course the price.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Islamabad?

Qatar Airways and PIA offer the best prices for travel from Sialkot to Islamabad. There are several flights available every day so you can choose the one that best suits your travel needs. You can book your flight from Sialkot to Islamabad directly on

What is the price of a flight ticket to Islamabad from Sialkot today?

The price of a flight from Sialkot to Islamabad today can be as high as Rs. 77,725. In addition to the high price, another disadvantage of last minute bookings is the limited availability of seats and routes with more stopovers.