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Sialkot to Los Angeles

Traveling from Sialkot, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and significant contribution to the world of sports manufacturing, to Los Angeles, the sprawling City of Angels known for its entertainment industry, beautiful beaches, and diverse cultural landscape, is an experience full of discovery and adventure. This guide aims to equip travelers with all the essential information needed for a seamless journey from Sialkot to Los Angeles.

Sialkot to Los Angeles Flights

The flight route from Sialkot to Los Angeles encompasses a journey bridging the landscapes of Pakistan and the United States. The primary airport serving Sialkot is Sialkot International Airport (SKT), while Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the bustling gateway to the vibrant city of LA. The distance between these two points is approximately 7,870 miles (12,657 kilometers), making it one of the longer international flights available. This route involves a layover at one or more intermediate airports, commonly in major transit hubs.

Flight durations vary depending on factors such as layover duration, route, and weather conditions, but typically range from 24 to 48 hours. At, Passengers can expect a fleet with modern amenities and services aboard these long-haul flights, including in-flight entertainment, meals, and comfortable seating options.

Sialkot to Los Angeles Flights Schedule

At, travelers flying from Sialkot to Los Angeles can choose from a variety of flight carriers and class options tailored to their preferences and budget. Popular carriers like Qatar Airways, Emirates, and FlyDubai Airways offer both economy and business class options, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout the journey. With competitive prices and flexible booking options and 3 to 10 daily flights available on, travelers can easily find the perfect combination of carrier and class to suit their needs.

  • Emirates offers 3 to 4 flights from Sialkot usually departing at 02:40 AM with layovers at Dubai and later at San Francisco or Chicago taking 23 to 40 hours to reach Los Angeles.
  • FlyDubai operates 2 to 3 flights departing at 11:00 AM from Sialkot and stops at Dubai and Amsterdam or Paris, taking 35 to 38 to reach LA.
  • Qatar Airways offers mostly Business class flights departing usually at 04:00 AM with layovers at Doha and Seattle or Dallas or San Francisco or Philadelphia or London

Sialkot to Los Angeles Flight Ticket Price

At, booking flights from Sialkot to Los Angeles offers travelers a seamless experience with competitive ticket prices for both economy and business class. Economy class fares cater to budget-conscious travelers, providing affordable options without compromising on comfort for prices starting from PKR 326,982 to PKR 1,264,271. Meanwhile, business class tickets offer enhanced amenities and luxury for those seeking premium travel experiences for PKR 1,154,885 to PKR 2,566,098 and more. Prices may vary based on factors such as booking time, availability, and seasonal fluctuations. strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but passengers are advised to check their site for latest prices and deals.

Sialkot to Los Angeles Flight Baggage Allowance

For travelers on the Sialkot to Los Angeles route, both economy and business class passengers typically enjoy generous baggage allowances. In economy class, passengers usually receive a check-in baggage allowance ranging from 20 to 30 kilograms, with cabin baggage dimensions typically limited to around 55 x 40 x 23 centimeters. Business class passengers often enjoy higher check-in baggage allowances, typically ranging from 30 to 40 kilograms, with larger cabin baggage dimensions. Extra baggage beyond the allocated allowance may incur additional costs, usually calculated per kilogram. These costs vary depending on the airline and specific fare type chosen by the passenger.

Preparing for Your Trip to Los Angeles from Sialkot

Travelers journeying from Sialkot to Los Angeles must ensure they have essential travel and visa documents in order. This typically includes a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months, along with an appropriate visa for entry into the United States. Depending on the traveler's nationality, additional documentation such as a visa waiver program authorization or other entry permits may be required. It's essential to verify specific entry requirements well in advance of the travel date.

Los Angeles: Arrive and Explore

Los Angeles offers diverse transportation options and vibrant tourism experiences. From iconic attractions like Hollywood Boulevard and the Santa Monica Pier to cultural gems like the Getty Center and Griffith Observatory, there's something for every traveler. Getting around LA is facilitated by an extensive network of buses, metro lines, and rideshare services. Visitors can also explore the city's distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and attractions, making Los Angeles a dynamic and exciting destination for tourists.

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How many flights operate from Sialkot to Los Angeles?

There are 0 flights flying from Sialkot to Los Angeles.

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