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Sialkot to Muscat

Sialkot is a city in Pakistan which is known as an entrepreneurial and export hub. The city which is comparatively smaller in size compared to the other cities in Pakistan is a leader in manufacturing industries. The city is also home to Pakistan’s first privately owned airport along with its airline- AirSial. Muscat is the capital of Oman and is famous for its seafood, mosques and shopping. It is also a business hub and has a major port in the northern part of the city. Many people travel to Muscat for work as well as travel. Muscat International Airport is the main airport of Muscat. The Sialkot to Muscat route is preferred by many people who travel there for business and meetings. It is a busy route and here are more details to help you plan your trip easily.

Sialkot to Muscat Flights

If you’re planning a trip from Sialkot to Muscat, the best way to travel is by flight. The distance between Sialkot and Muscat is 5660 km which is impossible to cover by road or any other means of transport. Flights are convenient and cheaper for a long distance like this. The total time taken by a direct flight to travel from Sialkot to Muscat is 3 hours.

Most of the time international routes have indirect flights or layovers. In that case, the journey can take anywhere between 7-9 hours. The flights depart from Sialkot International Airport and arrive at Muscat International Airport. You can book your flight tickets on

Sialkot to Muscat Flight ticket price

Every traveller is looking at booking flight tickets within their budget. is the right place to find cheap flight tickets. You can find all the flights between Sialkot to Muscat that offer great amenities and also fit your budget. has listed flight schedules as well as flight ticket prices on their website. You can compare and choose from whatever suits your budget.

The Sialkot to Muscat flight ticket rates start at PKR 57,711 and can go up to PKR 81,205. The price of tickets depends on several factors such as demand, festivals or weather. The price of the tickets also increases when booked closer to the date of departure. If you book your flight tickets a few weeks in advance, you can get cheaper tickets.

Sialkot to Muscat cheap flights

If you’re looking at booking the cheapest air tickets for your Sialkot to Muscat trip then is the right place. It is advisable to book tickets in advance to get reasonable prices. You can also book a round-trip since it is comparatively cheaper than a one-way ticket. Tickets are also expensive during the holiday season so book accordingly.

The cheapest ticket for Sialkot to Muscat is on the PIA (Pakistan International Airline) flight. PIA has a direct flight from Sialkot to Muscat and also allows 23kg of baggage. You can check PIA flight schedules, luggage allowance and fares on

Sialkot to Muscat flight schedule

There are an average of 10 flights per week between Sialkot and Muscat. Though the schedules may change due to various factors, it is always suggested that you check the schedules beforehand to avoid any hassles later. You have an option of choosing a direct or indirect flight as well. Most flights have a single stop. You can see the flight details on before booking. The first flight departs at 12 PM and the last one departs at 11:59 PM from Sialkot International Airport.

Flights from Sialkot to Muscat

There are many airlines offering flights between Sialkot and Muscat. PIA (Pakistan International Airline) is a popular airline company on this route. AirArabia and flydubai also provide regular flights on this route. There are direct flights available as well on this route.

  • PIA flights from Sialkot to Muscat:

    The trip on a PIA flight between Sialkot and Muscat will cost around PKR 57,711 and there are regular flights provided by PIA on this route. The fare includes baggage and in-flight meals. PIA is a popular airline on this route. You can enjoy your journey with great amenities provided to you on a budget.

  • AirArabia flights from Sialkot to Muscat:

    AirArabia also provides flights on the Sialkot and Muscat routes. A round trip would cost around PKR 79,580. This is not a direct flight. There is a layover at Sharjah and the total journey time will be 11 hours.

  • Flydubai flights from Sialkot to Muscat:

    flydubai provides frequent flights on this route. A round trip for this route starts at PKR 91,686. The fare includes 23kg baggage and meals. There is one stopover and the total duration of the journey is 9 hours and 30 minutes.

Travel Restrictions

Since the onset of Covid-19, travelling from one place to another comes with many restrictions. But your safety as well as that of others must follow all the rules and guidelines. The guidelines differ depending on the city or country you’re travelling to. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind while travelling from Sialkot to Muscat:

  • Passengers are required to show their certificates that state they are vaccinated at least 14 days before the date of travel
  • Unvaccinated passengers can show a negative Covid test certificate taken 72 hours before departure
  • RT-PCR is required in case the child travelling to Muscat is unvaccinated

FAQs of Cheap Flight Sialkot to Muscat

How far is Sialkot from Muscat?

The distance between Sialkot and Muscat is 5,660 km and this route can conveniently be covered only by taking a flight. A road trip will be 70 hours long and it will be exhausting and challenging.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Muscat?

The cheapest month to fly to Muscat is generally November. You can get the best deals on flight tickets at You can book tickets in advance and save money.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Muscat from Lahore?

If you’re travelling by a direct flight, the total duration of the journey is between 3 hours to 4 hours depending on the airline. If you’re taking an indirect or connecting flight then the duration of the journey depends on the route taken, stopovers and the timings of the connecting flights.

What is the cheapest airline to travel to Muscat?

PIA or Pakistan International Airlines is the best airline to travel to Muscat since they provide the cheapest airfares. A trip from Sialkot to Muscat will cost you around PKR 57,711. It is advisable to book a round-trip since it is cheaper compared to a one-way ticket. The ticket fares also depend on the proximity between the date of booking to the date of departure. Tickets are also expensive during the holiday season so you should book accordingly.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Muscat from Sialkot today?

The price of a ticket from Sialkot to Muscat as of today(29th October) is PKR 60,213. The price is higher because the booking has been made on the date of departure. Last-minute flight ticket bookings are generally expensive due to the unavailability of flights on the route. Hence it is always better to book tickets beforehand to avoid spending more money.