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Sialkot to Riyadh

Both Sialkot and Riyadh are two important Asian cities. While Sialkot is an important commercial city, Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Hence, the city is quite strategic and plays a major role in Middle Eastern trade. Riyadh attracts several ex-pats as it offers a high standard of living and great amenities. Hence, they tend to travel to Riyadh quite frequently.

As both cities are in different countries, looking for Sialkot to Riyadh flights is the only feasible option. You can visit the official website and book your Sialkot to Riyadh flights on the platform. You can use any mode of payment to cover the Sialkot to Riyadh ticket rates.

Sialkot to Riyadh Flights

Do you have a journey scheduled from Sialkot to Riyadh? If yes, you should book your Sialkot to Riyadh tickets to avoid any last-minute headaches. Finding a flight on or a few days before travel will be impossible because many people fly from Sialkot to Riyadh daily. You should pre-book your tickets at and take advantage of the best deals and prices to avoid this situation.

You must consider the high demand for these flights during the peak season and pre-book your tickets. The distance between Sialkot to Riyadh is about 4523 kilometres, and you can cover this distance in about 55 hours if you take a road trip. However, as these cities are part of different countries, booking Sialkot to Riyadh flights is the only option.

Sialkot to Riyadh Flight Ticket Price

If you want to get from Sialkot to Riyadh, your only choice is to take a flight. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend a lot, search for low-cost flights from Sialkot to Riyadh. On the official website of, cheap airline tickets are simple to find. The website also features several ongoing promotions that can help you save even more money on airline tickets.

There are several Sialkot to Riyadh cheap flights that serve the route. You can check the list of these flights on the’s website. The lowest price of the Sialkot to Riyadh flight is around PKR 70,156, and these tickets can go up to PKR 525,870 depending on the demand and the availability of flights. Also, the ticket price would be quite high if you plan a trip during the peak season or holidays. Direct flights tend to be more expensive as compared to indirect floods. If you are looking for Sialkot to Riyadh, you can book an indirect flight. You will find both direct and indirect flights on the’s website.

Sialkot to Riyadh Cheap Flights

If you want to take advantage of cheap airline deals from Sialkot to Riyadh, is your best bet. has several agreements with the leading suppliers of airline services. As a result,’s website offers fantastic discounts to its users. The cost of flights from Sialkot to Riyadh increases closer to the departure date. To save money, you must buy your tickets well in advance. If you know you'll be returning to Sialkot in a few days, or if your return date is set, you should book a round-trip to get the best price.

Sialkot to Riyadh Flights Schedule

The website allows you to check the Sialkot to Riyadh flight schedule. To plan a trip from Sialkot to Riyadh, you must check the schedule and the prices in advance. You will find direct and indirect flights that carry passengers from Sialkot to Riyadh almost daily. All these flights are listed on the Sialkot to Riyadh flight schedule.

The first flight from Sialkot to Riyadh departs from the airport at 2:00 am. It reaches Riyadh Airport at around 2 pm. The journey takes around 14 hours. The last flight from Sialkot to Riyadh leaves the Sialkot airport at 11:00 pm and drops the passengers in Riyadh by 8:35 am. At least 7 to 8 other flights cover the Sialkot-Riyadh route. The best way to book Sialkot to Riyadh flights is to check the schedule and decide on a flight that suits you the most.

Flights from Sialkot to Riyadh

Several flights travel from Sialkot to Riyadh daily. World-class flight service providers manage all these flights; hence, you can choose from various options. All these tickets are available on the’s website. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent flight operators.

  • Pakistan International Airlines

    PIA flights from Sialkot to Riyadh are the best way to travel to Riyadh if you are stationed in Sialkot. There is only one flight that carries passengers from Sialkot to Riyadh daily. This flight leaves at 3:50 am and reaches Riyadh at 6:20 am. The flight takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach the destination.

  • Air Arabia

    Air Arabia, too, is a preferred flight service provider for the Sialkot to Riyadh route. Air Arabia manages the last flight that leaves for Riyadh from Sialkot. However, the flight is a connecting flight. It departs at 11 pm and reaches Riyadh at 8:35 in the morning. Air Arabia has at least two flights that run every day.

  • Fly Dubai

    Another prominent flight service provider that is quite popular among local folks is Fly Dubai. Three Flydubai flights depart from Sialkot at 11:35 am. One of these flights takes around 11 hours to reach the destination, while the other takes more than 23 hours.

Travel Restrictions

If travelling from Sialkot to Riyadh, you must adhere to a few government-set travel restrictions and regulations. Some of these recommendations are:

You must have a complete vaccination certificate to travel by air between the two cities. Before you board the flight, you must have a PCR test that yields a negative result for a 48- and 24-hour test window. While in the airport or on a flight, it is important to wear a face mask. You must also carry hand sanitizer when flying from Sialkot to Riyadh.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Sialkot to Riyadh

How far is Sialkot from Riyadh?

The distance between Sialkot to Riyadh is about 4,523.4 kilometers. You can only cover this distance via flights as both cities are situated in different countries.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Riyadh?

February is the best and cheapest month to fly to Riyadh from Sialkot. However, you must still pre-book your tickets to avoid the last-minute rush.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Riyadh from Sialkot?

A direct flight from Sialkot to Riyadh takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes. The journey duration will vary depending on your service provider if you take an indirect flight.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Sialkot?

Fly Dubai runs the cheapest flight that takes passengers from Sialkot to Riyadh. You will easily find the tickets at around PKR 70,156. Even Pakistan International Airlines have cheap tickets for the route.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Riyadh from Sialkot today?

The average price of Sialkot to Riyadh flights today is around PKR 71,436. However, depending on the airline, this price can go up to PKR 123,980. Hence, you must book your tickets well in advance to avoid these price surges.