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Sukkur to Islamabad

Located on the banks of the Indus River, Sukkur is well known for dates. The city is part of the Sindh Province of Pakistan and is its third largest city. The city is blessed by nature with a large green tropical forest on either side of the river. It is also known for the second-longest cantilever bridge Lansdowne Bridge. The city has progressed well with a new planned area complete with an airport for easy access.

Islamabad is another picturesque city in Pakistan with hills and greenery all around. The capital city of Pakistan also has one of the largest mosques in the world, the Faisal Mosque. A visit to this city will give you a spectacular view of its tree-lined streets and the peaceful ambience.

Sukkur to Islamabad flights

It can be a long journey from Sukkur to Islamabad as the distance is more than 900 km. Travelling through the hot and humid climate for so long is not the best of ideas. The better way is to travel by the Sukkur to Islamabad flights which take just a few hours and you can reach comfortably without any hassles. Domestic flights between these cities are available for five days in the week with 1-2 flights per day.

The Sukkur to Islamabad flights travel from Sukkur Airport (SKZ) to Benazir Bhutto International Airport (ISB) in Islamabad. The former is a domestic airport operating only domestic flights. Moreover, the flights on this route operate indirect flights at the moment so you will have to travel to another airport and catch a connecting flight to reach Islamabad. Karachi is the city from where you will be boarding the connecting flight. You can see such information in detail at and see which option is most suitable.

Sukkur to Islamabad flight ticket price

Flight tickets are more expensive than most other modes of transportation. Since the Sukkur to Islamabad flights are operating domestic routes, the price will be much lower. In addition, these flights are operated by the popular domestic airline so you need not worry about the ticket rates. Moreover, the flight tickets are for economy class. Most domestic flights operate with economy class and there is no differentiation between economy and business class or other premium class tickets.

The Sukkur to Islamabad flight ticket price in PIA flights is cheap. On most days, the average flight ticket rate is PKR 20,840 and can go up to PKR 42,988. The Sukkur to Islamabad flight ticket rates can change with higher demand, holidays, or other influencing factors. The flight ticket price includes a baggage allowance of up to 20 kg and tickets for both flights on this indirect route. You will also be served a free meal on board. You can check the latest ticket price, price inclusions, and other details at

Sukkur to Islamabad cheap flights

Do you have a limited budget or are looking for low-priced tickets, you can find them easily with The lowest ticket price on PIA airlines for the Sukkur to Islamabad flights starts from PKR 18,742. Ticket availability on the Sukkur to Islamabad cheap flights can be limited as there are not many flights available on this route. The lowest ticket is available only once in a while and that too on a particular date. You need to keep track of the price to find it.

Unlike many other cheap tickets on other flight routes, you will still get free baggage allowance and meals during the journey. The ticket rate may be affected by the ticket availability on the other connecting flight. When you book with, there is no hidden fee incurred.

Sukkur to Islamabad flight schedule

Even though the flights are available daily, it is important to know the flight schedule so that you can have a comfortable journey on the best available option. As per the Sukkur to Islamabad flight schedule, flights are available on all days except on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with one non-stop flight per day going up to 5 flights. All flights are operated by the same airline. The flight timings are either 5.50 pm or 6.50 pm which will be different for some days. All flights depart at the same time but their travel duration and connecting flight duration will be different. Because of this, the overall travel time will be different for each flight. The fastest flight takes 2 hrs to reach Islamabad.

Flights from Sukkur to Islamabad

As mentioned, there is only one airline that operates the Sukkur to Islamabad flights

  • PIA flights from Sukkur to Islamabad

    They have one to five flights per day and most of them have the same time of 6.50 pm. On some days the flights depart at 5.50 pm. The ticket rates are all lower so all passengers can enjoy luxurious amenities.

Travel Restrictions

  • As per the guidelines, all passengers above 18 yrs of age must be vaccinated to board domestic flights.
  • There is no requirement for PCR tests and neither is the PASS app necessary anymore.
  • Masks are no longer mandatory but it is still preferable to wear them while travelling.
  • Vaccinated passengers must show the vaccine certificate at the airport.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Sukkur to Islamabad

How far is Sukkur from Islamabad?

Sukkur and Islamabad had a distance of 958 km by road. The air distance between these cities is 755 km so you can reach them quicker and more comfortably. Daily flights are available on this route so you can get tickets at affordable rates as well.

Which is the cheapest month to fly to Islamabad?

The best way to reduce travel expenses is to choose the cheapest month, November is the cheapest month if you are planning to visit Islamabad. You will get better ticket rates this month.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Islamabad from Sukkur?

The total time taken by Sukkur to Islamabad flights will depend on how long you have to wait for the connecting flight to Karachi. Some flights with quicker connecting flights reach Islamabad in 2 hrs time while there are flights that take more than 12 hrs to reach the destination.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Islamabad?

PIA - Pakistan International Airlines is the sole airline to operate flights from Sukkur to Islamabad. It is also the cheapest flight to travel between these cities. If you book smarter, you can find the cheapest tickets offered by the airline and save more.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Islamabad from Sukkur today?

As you would know, flight ticket rates tend to be higher towards the departure date. If you are looking for a flight ticket to Islamabad from Sukkur today (Nov 17), PKR 18,832 is the lowest price and PKR 42,988 is the highest.