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Sukkur to Peshawar

Sukkur and Peshawar are prominent cities in Pakistan with rich cultural heritage and historical significance. A lot of travellers flood between these cities to enjoy the unique blend of historical and contemporary experiences. So, they possess adequate transportation facilities and we can travel between these two cities utilizing various modes of transportation such as flights, trains, buses, and personal vehicles.

With so many options available, you might be confused about choosing the best possible way to travel from Sukkur to Peshawar. To make your job easier, here we provide you with guidance toward the most convenient and comfortable option to travel across these cities.

Sukkur to Peshawar Flights

You can travel from Sukkur to Peshawar via bus or train experiencing the scenic views but the journey by bus will help you reach the destination in 12 to 15 hours, whereas by train you can reach in 18 to 20 hours. Driving a car provides the flexibility to travel at your own pace and make stops along the way, but the trip still takes about 10-12 hours. Compared to these airways is the quickest option as you can travel comfortably from Sukkur Airport to Bacha Khan International Airport in just a few hours. If you are worried about the pricing of the flight tickets, just head to, compare the prices of various flights operating on this route, and grab the one that fits your budget.

Sukkur to Peshawar Flight Ticket Price

Sukkur to Peshawar Flight Ticket Price usually depends on several factors like the airline that you choose to travel, the class you book, the time of booking, and the season. With, you can get up-to-date pricing information. So, you can easily compare and book the best flight deals from Sukkur to Peshawar.

You can choose to book economy class, premium economy class, or business class tickets as per your needs and budget. The fare of economy class tickets ranges from PKR 44282* to PKR 217076*. Premium economy tickets are slightly costlier than the economy and can be around PKR 65159* to PKR 244258*. As mentioned earlier flight ticket prices might also change based on the days you travel. You can find more such affordable options by pre-booking your tickets on

Sukkur to Peshawar Cheap Flights

If you are looking to book Sukkur to Peshawar Cheap Flights, then the first thing you will need to do is to plan your trip. For planning your trip, you can use With its user-friendly interface and 24/7 support, you can rest assured that all your travel needs will be taken care of within your budget. PIA airlines operating across this route provide the cheapest flight and you can get an economy ticket of it at PKR 44282*. Just ensure to book your tickets in advance on to enjoy a seamless travel experience without compromising your budget.

Sukkur to Peshawar Flights Schedule

Sukkur to Peshawar Flights Schedule may vary based on the season and airline operating the flight. Currently, direct flights are not available from Sukkur to Peshawar. Airlines such as Pakistan International Airlines, and Emirates operate 1-stop, 2-stop, and 3-stop flights on this route. To get the latest information on Sukkur to Peshawar Flights Schedule, visit

In case of an emergency, you need to book a flight on the same day, you can check for “Sukkur to Peshawar Flights Schedule Today” on In such cases, it's important to note that flight ticket prices may be higher due to increased demand as the departure time nears. Hence, to avoid paying higher prices, it's recommended to book your tickets in advance, unless it's a dire emergency.

Flights from Sukkur to Peshawar has partnered with top-rated airlines PIA, and Emirates which operate from Sukkur to Peshawar. This partnership undoubtedly offers customer-friendly services enabling seamless e-ticketing services for flights from Sukkur to Peshawar in Pakistan.

  • PIA Flights from Sukkur to Peshawar

    PIA Airlines operates various 1-stop, 2-stop, and 3-stop flights on this route. The price of an economy ticket on this airline starts at 44282 PKR*. There is a 1-stop PIA flight that departs at 7.40 PM from Sukkur Airport (SKZ) and reaches Jinnah International Airport (KHI) at 8.45 PM. There is an overnight layover for 22 hours and 45 minutes at Karachi (KHI). Then, a PIA flight departs from there at 7:30 PM to reach Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar (PEW) at 9.20 PM. The duration of the journey is around 3 hours excluding the stopover time.

  • Emirates Flights from Sukkur to Peshawar

    Emirates Airlines provides connecting flights with 3 stops on this route. In this case, based on factors like layover time, transfer time, security check, and so on, the flight schedule and the time taken to reach Peshawar from Sukkur will vary. Such variations can be easily monitored using

Travel Restrictions

Domestic flight services in Pakistan are operating without any major restrictions and as of now, RT-PCR testing is not mandatory for domestic air travel. However, wearing masks on flights is encouraged by the government of Pakistan. Passengers over the age of 12 are advised to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and carry proof of vaccination when traveling from Sukkur to Peshawar by plane. *Note: Ticket prices may fluctuate based on airline policies, so the prices listed above may be subject to change.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Sukkur to Peshawar

How far is Peshawar from Sukkur?

The air distance between Sukkur and Peshawar is 747 km while the road distance is 1100 km.

Which is the cheapest month to fly from Sukkur to Peshawar?

The cheapest month to fly from Sukkur to Peshawar with less flight ticket rate is February whereas, in September, flight ticket rates are the most expensive. can help you track such changes in flight prices by offering real-time price updates. To receive instant notifications, simply register on the website or app.

What is the total time taken by a flight from Sukkur to Peshawar?

Direct flights are currently not available between Peshawar and Sukkur which demands you book connecting flights. The time taken using them depends on the number of stops and stopover time, and on average, it must be around 10 hours and 50 minutes, excluding the stopover time.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel from Sukkur to Peshawar?

The cheapest airline to travel from Sukkur to Peshawar is PIA where you can book an economy flight ticket from Sukkur to Peshawar at around PKR 44282*. On, you have the option to sort flights from lowest price to highest price during ticket booking.

What is the price of a flight ticket from Sukkur to Peshawar today?

The flight ticket price from Sukkur to Peshawar today can range from PKR 65891* to PKR 82014*. Flight ticket rates vary depending on factors like demand, airline policies, and so on, and helps you track such changes with ease.