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Airblue Lahore to Abu Dhabi Flights

Airblue Limited is a well-known private airline in Pakistan. It is preferred by travellers on both domestic and international routes. Airblue flights on international routes are affordable and convenient for many. International Airblue flights are available on routes between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia. Airblue Limited was founded in 2003 and started operating in June 2004. In the past eighteen years, Airblue has increased its services and become one of Pakistan’s most popular airlines. The popularity is mainly due to the amenities and services the airline offers. The infamous Blue Lounge International at Jinnah International Airport is a space for all privileged Airblue passengers. The airline also has a Frequent Flyer program and an e-cargo facility for the air freight markets in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. 

The Jinnah International Airport in Karachi is the hub for Airblue Limited. The airline also has a few focus cities. The domestic focus cities include Lahore and Islamabad, and the international focus cities are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Jeddah. Lahore to Abu Dhabi is an international route frequented by tourists and people on business. You will find one to three flights available every week. If the schedule changes, there may be more Airblue flights between Lahore and Abu Dhabi. You can easily book round trips, and Airblue flights on this route are convenient and affordable.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi: Route Overview

The aerial distance between Lahore and Abu Dhabi cities is 2,109.85 kilometres. This is why it is best to choose flights on this route. It is easier to travel by air, and the journey will be pretty comfortable. Airblue flights on the Lahore to Abu Dhabi route depart from the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore and arrive at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Airblue flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi are nonstop and take only 3 hours and 45 minutes to reach. Since there are no stopovers, these flights are some of the fastest flights on this route. This is why the Airblue flight is often preferred by those on business or others who need to reach quickly. 

You can book the nonstop Airblue flights from and get tickets at reasonable rates. will show all available Airblue flights on the Lahore to Abu Dhabi route and even book round trips if necessary. You can check the availability of Airblue flights on the website and then book a flight to Abu Dhabi from Lahore. Seats are usually available, but you can also pre-book. During the peak season, the Lahore to Abu Dhabi route may receive more passengers. The route is quite busy, and since Airblue flights are popular, it may become difficult to get seats. So, if you are planning to travel to Abu Dhabi from Lahore during a busy time, it is best to book tickets beforehand. You can easily pre-book from the site and even get tickets at discounted rates.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi: Airblue Schedule

There are about three Airblue flights to Abu Dhabi from Lahore each week. These flights usually depart at the same time, on different days. You can get Airblue flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi on weekdays as well as on the weekend. During the week, two flights are available: one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday. On Fridays, you might also find an Airblue flight on the Lahore to Abu Dhabi route. The weekend flight departs from Lahore on Sunday. 

All Airblue flights to Abu Dhabi are early flights. Each Airblue flight departs from the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore at 00:35 hours and reaches the Abu Dhabi International Airport at 3:00 hours. If any additional flight is available on any day of the week, it will likely have the same schedule. Since the timings of Airblue flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi are pretty early, these flights are ideal for those who want the entire day free once they reach. You will arrive early in the morning and have enough time to rest before you go sightseeing around the city or leave for work. 

Airblue flight schedules are not changed frequently, so these flights are pretty reliable. However, there may be changes due to unavoidable events. For example, an airline schedule may have to be rearranged because of weather conditions or increased demand for flights. But, if any such event occurs, Airblue will let you know well in advance. You can check the current schedule on and book your ticket according to the availability of Airblue flights on the Lahore to Abu Dhabi route. Flight timings might also change. constantly updates the schedules, and you can easily find out if the timings of any Airblue flight to Abu Dhabi from Lahore have been changed. You can also check what Airblue flights are scheduled for the rest of the week and book a flight that suits your itinerary.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi: Ticket Price

International flights are often expensive, but Airblue flights are reasonable, and discounts are often available. An Airblue flight ticket from Lahore to Abu Dhabi will cost approximately PKR 64,331. This will be the ticket price if you book a day or two before the day of your journey. However, ticket prices can decrease if you pre-book a flight. If you can book an Airblue flight about three months in advance, the ticket price will be as low as PKR 32,577! So once you have planned your trip, try to book the flight ticket as early as possible. You can pre-book Airblue flights from and even check and compare the ticket prices. You can find the most affordable Airblue flight on the Lahore to Abu Dhabi route. You can also get discounts from 

The ticket prices can depend on various factors. These factors include travel date, flight timings, and ticket type. Airblue flight ticket prices can also increase or decrease due to fluctuations in demand. will show you the current rates, and you can easily book Airblue flights that are reasonably priced.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi: Ticket Types

Airblue flights have economy cabins. When travelling via Airblue flights, you can book three types of tickets: Economy Value, Economy Flexi, and Economy Xtra. You are unlikely to find a business or first-class ticket. However, Airblue flights offer numerous privileges to passengers. The ticket types usually determine the baggage allowance available. If you choose Economy Value tickets, you will not get free checked-in baggage. However, Airblue allows one checked-in baggage of a maximum of 20 kgs for Economy Flexi tickets. If you get Economy Xtra tickets on Airblue flights to Abu Dhabi from Lahore, the baggage allowance for two bags of 20 kgs each will be available. You can check the cost of each type of ticket when you book an Airblue flight from 

Apart from baggage allowance, getting a different ticket type is usually a few other benefits. When you book through, you can check all the extra facilities included in your Economy Flexi or Economy Xtra tickets. However, Airblue offers most amenities to every passenger, and your journey to Abu Dhabi from Lahore will be pleasant and comfortable.

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