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FlyJinnah, a prominent airline in Pakistan, takes pride in its excellent flight services connecting various cities across the country. FlyJinnah has gained the trust of millions of travellers due to its relentless commitment to safety, credibility, and customer satisfaction and has emerged as a preferred choice among passengers seeking a quick and comfortable travel experience between Islamabad and Quetta.

The airline operates many flights daily between Islamabad and Quetta, accommodating the rising demand for a convenient way to travel between these cities. By offering frequent and flexible flight schedules, FlyJinnah aims to accommodate the diverse needs of travellers, whether they are flying for business or leisure.

Islamabad to Quetta: Route Overview

The flight from Islamabad to Quetta covers the captivating journey between the federal capital and the provincial capital of Balochistan. The route spans an approximate aerial distance of 600 kilometres. The average flight time while flying direct between the two cities is around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

FlyJinnah offers both direct and indirect flight options on this route, giving passengers the flexibility to choose according to their preferences and schedules. The flights operate between major airports, Islamabad International Airport (ISB) and Quetta International Airport (UET).
To book tickets on this route, log on to, a reliable online travel platform. With its user-friendly features and multiple secure payment options, makes the booking process smooth and convenient.

FlyJinnah Islamabad to Quetta: Flight Schedule

FlyJinnah has daily flights on the Islamabad to Quetta route, ensuring convenient travel options for passengers throughout the week. The first flight departs early in the morning around 11:25 am, and reaches Quetta at 12:45 pm. The last flight takes off in the evening typically around 9:30 pm, and reaches by 11:15 pm.

FlyJinnah is known for its commitment to punctuality, and passengers can rely on reaching their destination on time. With their well-maintained aircraft, professional crew, and excellent customer service, the journey from Islamabad to Quetta could be a memorable one.
For a seamless booking process and a broad range of options, head to and book your FlyJinnah flight to Quetta. Enjoy the captivating views during your short flight and embrace the cultural richness that awaits you in Quetta, the heart of Balochistan.

FlyJinnah Islamabad to Quetta: Ticket Price

For travellers who are checking for affordable flight options between Islamabad and Quetta, FlyJinnah offers competitive ticket prices. On average, the ticket price for this route ranges from PKR 14,000 to PKR 30,000, depending on factors such as the time of booking, date of travel, flight schedule, duration, and seat availability. For budget-conscious travellers, FlyJinnah provides ticket options at fairly low prices, while those seeking premium non-stop services can opt for higher-priced tickets.
FlyJinnah offers value for money, and for a hassle-free booking experience, travellers can visit This online platform offers a user-friendly interface and exclusive deals, allowing passengers to book their flights at the best possible price, saving both time and money.

FlyJinnah Islamabad to Quetta: Ticket Types

FlyJinnah offers different classes of seats to cater to the diverse needs of passengers travelling between Islamabad and Quetta. For those seeking comfort at an affordable price, the economy class is an ideal choice. Economy class passengers enjoy a generous baggage allowance, allowing them to carry essential belongings without any additional cost. Additionally, passengers can purchase delicious in-flight meals to enhance their travel experience.

For travellers who prefer extra amenities and premium services, FlyJinnah’s business class offers a luxurious journey. Business class passengers enjoy additional benefits, such as priority check-in, spacious seating, and a delectable meal service during the flight.
No matter which class you choose, booking your FlyJinnah flight from Islamabad to Quetta is made easy with So why wait? Visit the official website now and secure your tickets conveniently. FlyJinnah ensures a safe and comfortable journey, allowing you to focus on making memories during your trip to Quetta.