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Fly Jinnah Airlines, a prominent Pakistani airline, takes pride in its mission to connect the nation with grace and efficiency. Named after the former Governor-General of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the airline symbolises the values of unity and progress. With a focus on customer satisfaction and operational excellence, Fly Jinnah offers a comprehensive network of domestic and international flights. Fly Jinnah offers passengers a smooth and practical means of transportation on its flights from Karachi to Multan. Fly Jinnah guarantees a pleasant trip for passengers with many weekly flights, affordable ticket costs, and exceptional in-flight amenities. Visit to effortlessly book flights at the lowest rates and plan a fantastic journey with Fly Jinnah.

Karachi to Multan: Route Overview

The route between Karachi and Multan connects two significant cities in Pakistan, covering an approximate aerial distance of 720 km. Flying from Karachi to Multan is convenient and quick, as the average flight time is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Fly Jinnah operates direct flights on this route, providing passengers with a seamless and comfortable travel experience.

Passengers departing from Karachi for Multan will fly from Jinnah International Airport—a central transportation hub in Pakistan. Upon arrival, travellers will land at Multan International Airport, conveniently located to provide easy access to the city and its attractions. Both airports offer modern facilities and services, ensuring a pleasant journey for passengers flying business and economy.To book flights conveniently and securely, passengers can visit, a trusted online travel platform that offers a seamless booking experience for Fly Jinnah’s Karachi to Multan flights.

Karachi to Multan: Fly Jinnah Schedule

Fly Jinnah provides multiple flights per week on the Karachi to Multan route, ensuring flexibility and convenience for passengers. With a choice of 3 to 4 flights available each week, travellers can select departure and arrival times that best suit their schedules.

The earliest flight from Karachi to Multan departs at 08:00 PM, catering to passengers who prefer evening travel. This allows individuals to plan their day accordingly and reach the airport in a timely manner. With a flight duration of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, passengers can expect a swift and comfortable journey.

Karachi to Multan: Fly Jinnah Ticket Price

Fly Jinnah offers competitive ticket prices for its Karachi to Multan flights, accommodating various budgets and travel preferences. It’s important to note that ticket prices may vary depending on factors such as travel dates, availability, and booking promptness. It means the earlier the booking, the higher the price benefit. 

Fly Jinnah provides affordable options for budget-conscious travellers, with ticket prices starting as low as PKR 16,360. These lower fares are often available when booking in advance or taking advantage of promotional offers. On the other hand, ticket prices for peak travel times or last-minute bookings may go up to PKR 20,180. To secure the best prices, planning and booking tickets ahead of time is recommended.To enjoy a convenient and reliable booking experience, passengers can visit The user-friendly online platform offers a seamless process for booking Fly Jinnah’s Karachi to Multan flights, ensuring a stress-free journey.

Karachi to Multan: Fly Jinnah Ticket Types

Fly Jinnah’s Karachi to Multan flights provide economy class seating, prioritising passenger comfort throughout the journey. The economy class cabins are designed with care, offering comfortable seating arrangements that allow travellers to relax and enjoy their flight. Passengers in economy class also enjoy a baggage allowance of 10 kilograms, enabling them to carry their essentials and other belongings conveniently.

Fly Jinnah offers complimentary meals and refreshments on all flights to improve the overall travel experience. While travelling from Karachi to Multan, passengers can savour delectable preparations. Passengers can go to to learn more about the various ticket options and reserve flights for Fly Jinnah’s Karachi – Multan route. The online platform supports secure transactions and provides thorough information on ticket types available to travellers with different cost preferences.