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Fly Jinnah Lahore to Karachi

Fly Jinnah is a newly started airline company based out of Pakistan. The airline was a joint venture between the Lakson Group and the Air Arabia Group. Both companies are based out of Pakistan. The airline is centred on providing the best-in-class and affordable air travel services to passengers based out of Pakistan. 

The airline commenced operations on 20 October 2022 and operates from 5 bases. These bases are in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta. The airline’s fleet size is 3, and they are expanding its fleet to serve more customers and expand its operations to more cities. However, all three flights are equipped with world-class amenities, making Fly Jinnah a preferred travel partner for people at any of the five bases. The airline also has plans to serve international cities soon. Most of the flights are non-stop. You can check the website to book a Fly Jinnah flight to travel to any of the five cities serviced by the airline.

Lahore to Karachi: Route Overview

Both Lahore and Karachi are two of the most popular cities in Pakistan. Also, these cities are the most travelled in the country. The distance between Lahore and Karachi is approximately 1,221.8 kilometres, which a flight can easily cover in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. You can book both direct and indirect flights to Karachi from Lahore. 

However, if you decide to cover the distance between the two cities via a car or a bus, it will take around 15 hours. The duration of the trip might increase based on the weather conditions and the number of pit stops you make throughout the journey. Hence, taking a flight is the best way to travel from Lahore to Karachi. You can easily book Fly Jinnah flight tickets from Lahore to Karachi. The airline is known for its best services and cheap tickets. You can visit the’s official website and book your flight tickets based on the dates you have decided for the trip. If you want to get the best rates, it is better to pre-book the tickets.

Lahore to Karachi: Fly Jinnah Schedule

As the airline is currently servicing only five routes and owns three aircraft, it does not have a lot of aircraft running on the Lahore-Karachi flight. However, as the route is quite important and one of the most travelled routes, you will find at least one flight by Fly Jinnah every day on this route. You can keep a tab on the flight schedule on the website to check the flights’ timings and frequency.

The first flight by Fly Jinnah leaves Lahore Airport at 3:05 pm and reaches Karachi around 5:20 pm. There is another flight by Fly Jinnah that departs from Lahore Airport around 8:40 pm and reaches Karachi at 10:55 pm. Both flights are available on all days of the week. The best thing about these flights is that they are non-stop, reaching Karachi in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Lahore to Karachi: Ticket Price

Once you have the information on the flight schedule, it is important the check the prices of the flight tickets as well. Fly Jinnah is a low-cost airline, so the tickets are priced lower than other flight service providers. Also, the flights are non-stop, and the cost of carrying the luggage is included in the ticket price. If you want the best deals on Fly Jinnah air tickets, you can pre-book your tickets via

The Fly Jinnah air tickets start from PKR 14,947, and they can go as high as PKR 20,000 if you book the tickets a few hours before the journey. Surge pricing can also affect ticket prices. Hence, pre-booking is the only option to get the best prices. Also, when you book your Fly Jinnah Lahore to Karachi flight tickets on, you also have access to discount vouchers that can further reduce the price of the tickets.

Lahore to Karachi: Ticket Types

Currently, Fly Jinnah offers three types of air tickets to all its passengers. Also, these tickets are priced differently based on the amenities when you book any of these tickets. The primary version of the flight ticket is called a Basic Ticket. Here, there are no luggage allowances. The upgrade to the basic version is called Value. The Value ticket allows you to carry hand luggage of up to 10 kilograms and check-in baggage of up to 23 kilograms. You also get a sandwich and a water bottle if you go for a Value ticket. 

The Extra Ticket is the most premium ticket available for Fly Jinnah customers. Here, the limit for the check-in baggage increases to 46 kilograms. Also, you can buy any meal of your choice if you go for the Extra ticket. You can buy all these ticket types on for your Lahore to Karachi flight.

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