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Fly Jinnah Peshawar to Karachi Flights

The new airline Fly Jinnah offers economical tickets on five domestic routes in Pakistan. The airline which started its operations on 1st November 2022, operates in Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, and Islamabad. Fly Jinnah is working as a partnership of Lakson Group in Pakistan and UAE-based Air Arabia. The introduction of this new airline has been refreshing and offers the lowest flight ticket prices on their respective routes. They just have a limited number of 5 routes at the moment, the low-cost tickets are the highlights. 

Peshawar is the oldest city in Pakistan and Karachi happens to be the southernmost and most populous city in Pakistan. The journey from one city to the other is not easy. The Peshawar to Karachi flights are the best option for travelling on this route. This is a popular air route with 2-3 flights per day. Fly Jinnah airlines is adding one more flight to increase the frequency and lower the price.

Peshawar to Karachi: Route Overview

Peshawar is located near the Afghan border and Karachi is a coastal city. The land journey from Peshawar to Karachi will be 1555 km which will take a minimum of 20 hrs of non-stop travel. On the other hand, the air distance between cities is 1092 km. nonstop flights operating on this route can travel this distance in just 2 hours. The domestic flights operating on this route are direct flights so you will not be losing any time. 

Fly Jinnah flights travel faster and are comfortable for the journey. The flights depart from Peshawar International Airport (PEW) and arrive directly at Jinnah International Airport (KHI) Karachi. You can easily plan your trip any time as the flight tickets are easily available online with Here, you can check the flight availability, schedule, price, and other details of each of the options.

Peshawar to Karachi: Fly Jinnah Schedule

Peshawar to Karachi air route has at least 3 flights per day, operated by three different airlines. Among these, Fly Jinnah is the only airline that has daily flights on this route. Every day, their only flight of the day departs Peshawar at 05:10 pm. The flight travels for a duration of 2 hr 15 mins to reach Karachi at 07:25 pm. There is no change in the departure time of the Fly Jinnah flights on this route. They are also direct flights with no stops in between. 

A change in this schedule may happen in case of an emergency, unfavourable weather conditions, etc. At, you can find these details and the updated flight details. Peshawar to Karachi Fly Jinnah flights are the only evening flights as the other airlines operate in the morning hours. The evening schedule will be more comfortable for many.

Peshawar to Karachi: Ticket Price

Quashing the common worry about flight ticket prices, Fly Jinnah flights offer the lowest ticket rates for flights on this route. These direct flights offer three ticket types with varying rates for the passengers. offers the lowest price for the Basic ticket at PKR 14,947. This ticket will be suitable for quick travellers with no check-in luggage as there is no free baggage allowance. The other two types have higher prices but have a specific weight limit for the free luggage. 

Booking the tickets earlier is the best way to save money but Fly Jinnah is currently offering the same rate for all their flights for the first week. The other airlines have slightly higher ticket rates. Moreover, if you have a piece of check-in luggage, there could be additional charges depending on the weight.

Peshawar to Karachi: Ticket Types

Fly Jinnah flights have three types of tickets- the lowest Basic, the mid-range Value, and the highest Extra with added benefits. The Basic ticket type does not offer meals or allow free luggage but hand luggage of 10 kg is allowed. The Value ticket allows up to 23 kg of one piece of luggage and 10 kg of hand luggage along with a sandwich on board. The Extra ticket allows you to carry 46 kg of luggage and any type of meal. 

The additional fee for the extra luggage will be PKR 800 for 23 kg, PKR 1200 for up to 30 kg in two bags, and PKR 1500 for luggage weight up to 46 kg. When you book the tickets with, you will be getting the Basic type of ticket.

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