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Fly Jinnah Quetta to Karachi Flights

Fly Jinnah is the newest airline in Pakistan that is operating on the domestic route. The company is a collaboration of Lakson Group which is based in Pakistan and Air Arabia, based in the United Arab Emirates. The base of the company is in Karachi and operates in 5 cities in Pakistan. Their operations started on November 1st, 2022. Fly Jinnah airlines concentrate on offering low-cost flight tickets without compromising on the comfort of travelling by air. 

Quetta is the Fruit Garden of Pakistan due to its agricultural industry. So there is a constant flow of travellers between Karachi and Quetta. Since the flights offer the fastest mode of transportation the demand for direct flights is also high. Fly Jinnah fulfils this demand by operating direct flights at affordable rates. Currently, there are only a limited number of flights per day on the route so you must find a seat at the earliest.

Quetta to Karachi: Route Overview

Quetta and Karachi are too far from each other, at a distance of around 700 km. Travelling by road can take more than 10 hrs so flights are the more convenient option. Since the air distance between these cities is a mere 582 km, direct flights can reach the destination in just one and a half hours. The Fly Jinnah flights have a travel duration of 1 hr 35 mins and operate early and quicker as well. 

The Quetta to Karachi Fly Jinnah flights depart from Quetta International Airport (UET) and arrive at the Karachi International Airport (KHI). Since there are not many flights operating on this route, you need to reserve your tickets well ahead. can help you with the booking and find the best price for the tickets as well.

Quetta to Karachi: Fly Jinnah Schedule

Understanding the flight schedule of the route you are travelling will help with better planning. As per the Fly Jinnah schedule, there are only four flights per week. The flights are available on selected days with just one flight per day. The flights are operating on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The scheduled time of the flight is 12.10 pm which will reach Karachi at 1.45 pm. The next available flight from another airline is at 3.55 pm. The total travel duration of these flights is 1 hr 35 mins. 

The flight schedule can change at the last minute or due to weather conditions and other influencing factors. You can always check the latest travel schedule of the flights at The online portal is easy to navigate and the details of each flight will be provided along with the option.

Quetta to Karachi: Ticket Price

The objective of Fly Jinnah airlines is to provide economical tickets affordable to all. They offer the lowest ticket price for the Quetta to Karachi route. The Fly Jinnah Quetta to Karachi flight ticket price is PKR 14,947 per person. The ticket rate of the other airline is PKR 16,405 for an adult. Earlier booking will help you save more. At you can book the flight tickets weeks or months ahead of your travel date. 

Flight ticket prices are affected by the demand, season, etc. which tend to increase the rates. The ticket rates are higher as the departure date is closer. But Fly Jinnah flight tickets are currently available at the same price for flights on the same route. You can find discounts and other deals when booking with Moreover, Fly Jinnah offers three types of tickets for better deals.

Quetta to Karachi: Ticket Types

Fly Jinnah gives the passengers three types of tickets so that they can get the best out of their travel expenses. The types of tickets are Basic, Value, and Extra. The Basic tickets include just the ticket price and a luggage allowance for hand luggage of up to 10 kg. There is no free check-in luggage or meals available. The Value ticket offers a meal and free luggage of up to 23 kgs. The Extra ticket allows you to double the luggage weight of up to 46 kg distributed in multiple bags. The meals Extra tickets can be anything that you choose from the menu. 

The additional baggage will have extra charges applied. The luggage weight of up to 30 kg of luggage, provided the weight is distributed in two bags will be PKR 1200, and PKR 1500 for more than 46. For the basic ticket, the check-in luggage cost will be PKR 800 for a weight of up to 23 kg.

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