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Islamabad to Beijing

Islamabad and Beijing are the capitals of their own countries, making them the first destination of interest for any tourist who wants to visit Pakistan or China.

Islamabad is a city that attracts a lot of national tourism but also attracts people from all over the world since it is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in Pakistan. As the capital, the city is a cultural and financial centre of utmost importance for the country.

Beijing is also a city that has grown a lot in recent years and is already considered a world-class leader in political, cultural and economic affairs. The city's airport is considered one of the busiest in the world with many connections to all airports across the globe.

Read on to find out how you can travel from Islamabad to Beijing without missing out on all the things this city has to offer.

Islamabad to Beijing Flights

Ready to travel to a country with a completely different culture and a language that is not at all similar to your own? The first thing to do is to book your plane ticket from Islamabad to Beijing. You might be wondering why a plane instead of something cheaper like a bus. The distance from Islamabad to Beijing is so great that the only feasible way to get there is by plane. You don't have to worry about the price, because a platform like exists precisely to help you find the best prices to any destination. There are no direct flights from Islamabad to Beijing but you can choose the schedule and connection flights that suit you best. All flights depart from Islamabad International Airport (ISB) and connect to Bangkok Airport (BKK) to reach their final destination which is Beijing. The total travel time may vary depending on the connection time but on average the duration is 13 hours 20 minutes.

Islamabad to Beijing Flight Ticket Price

The best thing about is that you can be completely sure that you will be able to get the best prices. Their system displays all available flights from one place to another and you can sort them from lowest to highest price. All this without having to pay any extra fee for the service or without having to waste time calling travel agencies, filling out unnecessary forms. With just one click you can find all the information about the Islamabad to Beijing flight ticket rate.

For the economy class, the average price is around Rs. 81,242 while for business class the price can range from Rs. 246,000 to Rs. 438,000. Depending on the kind of ticket, you will have different services or advantages. To know more about this, do not hesitate to visit to solve your questions.

Islamabad to Beijing Cheap Flights

There are so many things to do in Beijing that you might want to save money in order to enjoy your trip 100%. Normally, booking the flight is the most expensive thing in the entire trip, so it would be a great help if you could get a good deal on the pricing. Fortunately, knows what you need and always shows you the best prices at the top of the page without having to search on different sites or airlines web pages. This way you can compare prices and schedules.

The prices depend a lot on the season since during the vacation period the prices will be more expensive. Another factor that influences the price is the time in advance of purchase. The more time in advance before the flight, the cheaper they are likely to be.

The cheapest flight from Islamabad to Beijing is Rs. 81,242 given by Thai Airways. This flight has a stop in Bangkok before arriving in Beijing, includes a free meal and a 40 kg limit for your suitcase.

For more information about this flight or others, visit

Islamabad to Beijing Flights Schedule

Schedules change depending on the day and the airline, but on average you can find the following schedules:

The earliest flight from Islamabad to Beijing is at 01:50 AM while the latest is at 23:30 PM. Between these two schedules, you can find more options, however, they are not too many so choose carefully. With you can also use the filters to display the flights in the schedule that suits you best. Just choose the schedule and when you click on the search button you will see the flights. If there is no flight with those search criterias, then it will show you flights of other days so you can choose them without having to start a new search from scratch.

Flights from Islamabad to Beijing

The top airlines that provide flights from Islamabad to Beijing are Thai Airlines and Etihad Airways. If you want to travel between many countries in the Middle East and Asia These airlines have a lot of different flights with a wide variety of prices and schedules. will show you some of the flights that are served by these companies:

  • Etihad Airways Flights from Islamabad to Beijing

    Etihad Airways offers some flights from Islamabad to Beijing, you can find business class flights starting at 08:05 AM and arriving in Beijing at 12:40 PM the next day stopping first in Abu Dhabi for 7 hours.

Travel Restrictions

In order to travel to Beijing or any other city in China from another country, it is mandatory to show a negative PCR test taken no more than 48 hours before the trip. Also, you have to show vaccination proof with a vaccine approved by the WHO at least 14 days after being vaccinated and you have to stay in quarantine for a maximum of 14 days if it is proved that you are infected. Likewise, the use of a mask is mandatory during the whole trip and it is requested to maintain distance from others.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Islamabad to Beijing

How far is Beijing from Islamabad?

The air distance between Islamabad and Beijing is 3930.876 km, the fastest option is to take a flight since there are no other options like train or buses.

Which Which month is the cheapest to fly to Beijing?

Almost every month has the same price, but you can find cheaper flights around the months of October and November.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Beijing from Islamabad?

The total time depends on the airline since some flights have to stop in other airports before arriving at the destination city. The fastest flight available takes 13 hours while the slowest flight takes 23 hours to arrive.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Beijing?

The cheapest airline to travel to Beijing is Thai Airways offering an Economy class ticket with 20 kg luggage and a free meal for only RS. 81,613.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Beijing from Islamabad today?

The flight ticket price to Beijing from Islamabad today is Rs. 81,613. and this price stays constant over the next weeks. If you want to know more, visit for more details.