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Islamabad to Chicago

Islamabad, one of the best-planned cities in Asia, is the capital city of Pakistan. Islamabad is well-known in Asia for its cleanliness, green spaces, and high standard of living. It is home to many notable monuments and natural attractions in Pakistan. One of the world’s largest mosques, Faisal Mosque, is in Islamabad. It is also a Gamma+, according to GaWC, a popular think tank that studies the globalisation standards in different cities. Many foreigners and domestic visitors arrive in Islamabad for tourism.

People from Islamabad often travel to the United States for different purposes. Chicago has always remained a popular destination from Islamabad. The most populous city of Illinois, Chicago, is known for its cruises and skyscrapers. Since Chicago is a global hub for finance and commerce, many people from Pakistan travel for business purposes. Read on to learn more about transit services between Islamabad and Chicago.

Islamabad to Chicago Flights

Are you planning a trip to Chicago from Islamabad? Well, you need to know the best transit services between Chicago and Islamabad. There’s no point in discussing road transit services between Chicago and Islamabad. The distance between the two cities is more than 11,000 km. Since there are vast water bodies between Chicago and Islamabad, air travel is the only option. With an international flight, you can save time on travel between Islamabad and Chicago. To reach Chicago, you will board an international flight from the Benazir Bhutto International Airport (ISB).

Chicago is a well-developed city with numerous international and domestic airports. Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) are the main airports for international visitors. Since many people try to reach Chicago via flights, it remains a busy route. Flights are easily available between Islamabad and Chicago for flexible travel. Usually, flights to Chicago from Islamabad will have a layover point. The fastest flight will help you reach Chicago from Islamabad in around 20 hours. For such a long cross-border journey, you need comfortable seating and onboard amenities. A flight to Chicago from Islamabad will lend you an unmatchable travel experience

Islamabad to Chicago Flight Ticket Price

Do you rely on a middleman to book flight tickets to Chicago? What’s the need for a middleman when you can take control in your hands? With, one can compare the prices of different flights to Chicago. There aren’t any middleman charges on, and you can view all the flights between Chicago and Islamabad. The price of a flight ticket to ORD from ISB on is around PKR 2,00,000. It is crucial to note that this price is for economy-class air tickets between ISB and ORD.

Currently, there aren’t any flights to MDW from ISB. However, the average price of flights to MDW from ISB also ranges around PKR 2,00,000. One can also try booking ISB to ORD flight tickets in other classes. For example, a business-class flight ticket from ISB to ORD will cost you around PKR 4,00,000. One should also know that Islamabad to Chicago flight ticket rates will change. You can check the current price of ORD flight tickets on for free.

Islamabad to Chicago Cheap Flights

People often waste time browsing the internet and searching for cheap air tickets. With, you will have the guarantee of the best air ticketing rates. Since does not collect any commission, you can find cheap air tickets to Chicago. Travel deals on can help you book affordable flight tickets to ORD.

For getting the best rates, one should pre-book ORD flight tickets. For booking an ORD flight ticket today or tomorrow, you will have to pay around PKR 2,00,000. By pre-booking ORD air tickets, you can get lower rates on It is advisable to book a round-trip on, instead of booking separate tickets for reaching Chicago and flying back to Islamabad. will help you compare ticket prices and find the cheapest flight to ORD from ISB.

Islamabad to Chicago Flight Schedule

Since Islamabad to Chicago is a busy route, there are many flights throughout the day. The first flight from ISB departs around 03:30 AM, while the last flight departs around 09:40 PM. On some days, you will find around 25 flights between ISB and ORD at frequent intervals. One can check the ISB to ORD flight timetable for free anytime on One can also search for Islamabad to Chicago flights today on However, you will have to pay a little extra to book urgent air tickets to ORD from ISB.

Flights from Islamabad to Chicago

Many domestic and international air travel companies provide transit services to ORD. Some airlines provide numerous flights to ORD from ISB in a day at frequent intervals. Some popular airlines that provide flight services to ORD are as follows:

  • Emirates Flights from Islamabad to Chicago:

    An Emirates flight ticket to ORD from ISB will cost around PKR 2,50,000. Emirates flights from ISB to ORD will complete their trips in around 22 hours. Emirates flights will also have a layover during their journey from ISB to ORD.

  • Qatar Flights from Islamabad to Chicago:

    The price of a Qatar Airways flight ticket to ORD from ISB is around PKR 3,00,000. A Qatar Airways flight to ORD from ISB will take around 21 hours to complete its trip.

  • Etihad Flights from Islamabad to Chicago:

    Etihad Airways offers several flights within a day to ORD from ISB. The average price of an Etihad Airways flight ticket to ORD from ISB is PKR 1,90,000. An Etihad Airways flight might take around 24 -26 hours to complete its trip.

Travel Restrictions

Due to the COVID pandemic, international flight services between Pakistan and the USA were cancelled. However, things are now under control and flight services to ORD are available. Some travel guidelines for people travelling to ORD from ISB by flight are as follows:

  • You might not travel on a flight to Chicago after suffering from COVID. You can travel to Chicago after recovering from COVID.
  • Passengers might be asked to submit a fully vaccinated certificate to the airlines before boarding an international flight.
  • You cannot travel to Chicago from an infected area or COVID hotspot.
  • You might be asked to maintain hand hygiene on a flight to ORD from ISB.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Islamabad to Chicago

How far is Islamabad from Chicago?

The distance between Islamabad and Lahore is more than 11,000 km. It is not possible to cover such a large distance by road or waterways. For the same rationale, people prefer Islamabad to Chicago flights.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Chicago?

January and February are considered to be the cheapest months to fly to Chicago from Islamabad. You can check the Chicago flight ticket rates on to get a better idea. If you are looking for cheaper air tickets, pre-book Chicago flight tickets on You will find Chicago flight tickets at competitive rates on

What is the total time taken by a flight to Sharjah from Peshawar?

A flight to Sharjah from Peshawar can take anywhere between 3 and 14 hours to complete its journey.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Chicago from Islamabad?

Some flights from ISB to ORD might complete their journey in 20 – 22 hours. However, some ISB to ORD flights might take more than 26 hours to complete their journey. While booking ORD flight tickets on, you can see the expected travel time.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Chicago?

Currently, Etihad Airways is the cheapest airline to travel to Chicago from ISB. However, Chicago flight ticket prices might change on One should compare the real-time prices of different airlines on before booking an air ticket.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Chicago from Islamabad?

The price of a flight ticket to ORD from ISB today on might go up to PKR 7,00,000. For better rates, you should pre-book ORD flight tickets on