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Islamabad and Dallas

Islamabad, Pakistan's picturesque capital, nestles against the backdrop of the Margalla Hills. It's a city where traditional charm meets modern lifestyle, famous for its high standard of living, lush greenery, and rich history.

Dallas, in contrast, is a bustling metropolis in the heart of Texas, USA. Known for its commercial and cultural significance, Dallas boasts a skyline filled with modern architecture, thriving arts scenes, and a vibrant culinary landscape.

Islamabad to Dallas Flight

The journey from Islamabad to Dallas covers a distance of approximately 12,573 kilometers. Traveling from Islamabad to Dallas typically involves long-haul flights. The typical flight duration is about 23 hours, including one or two stopovers. Flights can be conveniently booked through, an online ticketing platform that facilitates the selection of appropriate flights between Islamabad and Dallas.

Islamabad to Dallas Flight Schedule

Flights from Islamabad International Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) commence as early as 3:10 am, with arrivals at DFW around 3:15 pm or as late as 9:40 am the following day. The total travel time varies from 23 to 41 hours, depending on the length of layovers. Qatar Airways is a major operator on this route, with their last daily flight departing at 9:35 pm. They also offer two-stop flights, connecting through cities such as Doha, Muscat, Houston, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, Istanbul, Bahrain, and Toronto.

Flights from Islamabad to Dallas

On the Sastaticket website, passengers can find detailed flight schedules, pricing, and baggage allowance information. Airlines serving this route include Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Gulf Air, and Etihad Airways. Some specific flight schedules are:

  • PIA: This domestic airline of Pakistan provides one stop flight on Tuesdays and Sundays. The flights take off at Islamabad international airport ISB 6:40 am and reach DFW Airport, USA at 6:50 pm with 23 hours and 10 mins of travel The journey includes a layover of 3 to 4 hours in Istanbul.
  • British Airways: It operates over six flights with one or two stopovers in London and New York, flying on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Departure from Islamabad is at 8:30 am.
  • Emirates: It provides 3 to 5 daily flights with layovers in Dubai and Houston. This flight takes off at 9:00am and 3:15am.

Islamabad to Dallas Ticket Price

Ideally, booking 3-4 months in advance can secure cost-effective deals. Prices vary based on travel class, with economy being the most affordable. A one-way economy ticket ranges from PKR 293,180 to PKR 925,720. Business class fares range from PKR 1,165,170 to PKR 2,298,682

Baggage Allowance

Different ticket classes - Economy, Business, and First Class - offer varying baggage allowances. In Economy, passengers can check in two pieces of luggage totaling 23 kg, plus 7 kg of carry-on. Business and First Class passengers have a 32 kg allowance in two pieces, and two 7 kg carry-on items. Oman Air provides a 50 kg allowance for business class passengers. For precise baggage information, it is recommended to contact the Sastaticket help desk. Passengers may also carry a briefcase and either a handbag or garment bag within specific size limits.

Travel Information

Visa and Immigration: Pakistani citizens need a US visa, and it’s advisable to familiarize oneself with US customs and immigration procedures. Health and Safety: Travel insurance is recommended. Dallas has a robust healthcare system with numerous hospitals.

Exploring Dallas

Dallas is rich in cultural and historical attractions.

Cultural Attractions: The Dallas Museum of Art and the Sixth Floor Museum offer insights into local and national history. Dining and Entertainment: Explore diverse culinary options, from traditional Texan BBQ to international cuisine.

Exploring Islamabad

Before departing for Dallas, exploring Islamabad, Pakistan's serene and picturesque capital, is a must. This modern city, nestled against the lush Margalla Hills, offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Key attractions include the Faisal Mosque, one of the largest in the world, and the Pakistan Monument, symbolizing national unity. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy a hike up the trails of Margalla Hills or relax in the serene Rawal Lake. For a taste of local culture and cuisine, the bustling markets of Jinnah Super and Saidpur Village are not to be missed. This exploration will provide a tranquil yet invigorating start to your journey from Islamabad to Dallas.

The journey from Islamabad to Dallas is more than just a long flight; it's a transition between two diverse cultures, each with its unique charm and challenges. This guide aims to prepare travelers for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Islamabad to Dallas

What is the frequency of flights between these two cities?

Around 20 flights are operated from Islamabad to Dallas daily. Qatar Airways, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates are some of the popular airlines that fly this route.

What time does the earliest and last flight from Islamabad to Dallas depart?

The earliest flight from Islamabad to Dallas departs at 3.05 AM. The last flight departs at 9.30 AM.

How many flights fly from Islamabad to Dallas on a weekly basis?

On a weekly basis, around 150 flights are flying from Islamabad to Dallas.

What is the most popular connecting city when flying through this route?

Doha, Dubai, Istanbul, Bahrain are some of the most popular connecting cities that are used depending on the airlines, when flying through this route.

Are there any direct flights from Islamabad to Dallas?

No, there is no availability of direct flights from Islamabad to Dallas. All of the flights are either one stop or two stop flights.