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Karachi, the capital of the Sindh Province in Pakistan, is the largest city in the country. The city is Pakistan's major centre for financial and industrial sectors. Karachi has two ports: Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim and thus has a history of travel and trade. Chicago, in northwestern Illinois, is one of the largest cities in the United States of America. With thriving cultural and commercial activities, it is well connected to various parts of the world, including Karachi. There are frequent Karachi to Chicago flights available and you can choose one that has a convenient schedule.

Flights from Karachi to Chicago are available daily. You can book a flight to Chicago on Try booking a few months before the actual date of travel so that the price of tickets are low.

Karachi to Chicago Flights

Taking a flight is possibly the only mode of travel from Karachi to Chicago. While you can technically take trains, buses or hire a vehicle to cross over and then arrange a cruise or boat, this form of travel is time-consuming and extremely expensive. It might also not be possible to organise such different forms of travel and cross borders. Therefore, you should opt for a flight from Karachi to Chicago.

You can check the Karachi to Chicago flight schedule and choose a flight that is convenient for you. There are several flights that depart from Karachi and reach Chicago in less than 24 hours. This is therefore the most comfortable and easiest way of travelling from Karachi to Chicago.

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Karachi to Chicago Flight Ticket Price

If you are trying to find out the average Karachi to Chicago flight ticket price, take a look at the flights available on You can select economy or first-class flights and check the ticket prices. If you book about 3 months before the date of travel, then the prices are as low as Rs. 61,734. often gives discounts on flight tickets. You can register on the site and keep an eye out for these discounts to book tickets at really affordable rates.

Karachi to Chicago flight ticket rates are higher if you book them close to the date of travel. The minimum price of flight tickets is around Rs. 140,104 and the maximum price is Rs. 201,794. Prices depend on when you are booking the tickets and are constantly updated on the site. Check the latest price of a flight from Karachi to Chicago before confirming your booking.

Karachi to Chicago Cheap Flights

There are numerous cheap flights from Karachi to Chicago. On, you will find the current and most affordably priced flights. If you book 2 to 3 months before travelling, the prices range between Rs. 61,734 and 62,214. Prices might decrease or increase depending on the time of booking. If you book during December, January or February, flights are not going to be very cheap as this is the peak season. But if you book after February, then you will get flights at very low prices.

You can also book affordable Karachi to Chicago flights today. The lowest price of a flight from Karachi to Chicago today is likely to be between Rs. 140,079 and Rs. 140,104. If you are booking the ticket too close to the time of departure, the price is going to be higher.

Karachi to Chicago Flights Schedule

When you are planning a trip to Chicago, consult the Karachi to Chicago flight schedule on the website. If you are planning ahead, you can create your itinerary based on the dates that have the cheapest flights available. will show you flights to Chicago from Karachi for several months and you can choose a flight for a one-way or a round trip.

Flights from Karachi to Chicago usually depart from the Jinnah International Airport in the morning. The earliest flight timings are approximately between 3:00 and 4:30. Flights are available later in the day, at around 10:50. The schedule might change due to various reasons like availability of flights and weather conditions, among others. So you should check updated schedules on before booking.

Flights from Karachi to Chicago

You will find several reasonably priced flights on that fly from Karachi to Chicago frequently. Qatar Flights from Karachi to Chicago are usually available every day. Other than this airline, you can choose Turkish Airlines flights from Karachi to Chicago or Etihad Airways. These airlines ensure a comfortable journey at an affordable rate.

  • Qatar Flights from Karachi to Chicago
  • If you want to book Karachi to Chicago flights today, then you can select a Qatar Airways flight from Qatar Airways flights usually leave Karachi at 4:20. The minimum duration is 20 hours and 50 minutes. The arrival time and duration may change depending on the flight you choose.

  • Turkish Airlines Flights from Karachi to Chicago
  • Turkish Airlines flights are available quite often. You can check their schedule from Karachi to Chicago on Turkish Airlines flights cost around Rs. 203,659. They usually stop over at Atartürk International Airport in Istanbul.

  • Etihad flights from Karachi to Chicago
  • You can book Etihad flights from Karachi to Chicago if you are planning to travel later this year. Pre-booking on will ensure low ticket prices. The cost of a flight ticket on Etihad Airways is Rs. 62,214 if you book at least 2 months before the date of travel. The flight will reach Chicago in 21 hours and 20 minutes.

Travel Restrictions

When you are travelling from Karachi to Chicago you must remember that there are certain restrictions in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You will have to be vaccinated and upon arrival, show a negative PCR test report. You might not need to quarantine once you reach Chicago from Karachi. The restrictions are constantly being updated due to the changing condition of the pandemic. Therefore, check all the latest guidelines before booking tickets on

If your PCR test report comes back positive, take precautions and cancel or postpone your flight. Details on how to do that will be given on the site. You can book Karachi to Chicago cheap flights at a later date when you are allowed to travel again.

FAQs of Karachi to Chicago Flights

How far is Karachi from Chicago?

Karachi is 12,141 kilometres away from Chicago. The way to cover this distance is via flight. Karachi to Chicago flight ticket rates are reasonable and you can easily book on

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Chicago?

If you wish to book Karachi to Chicago cheap flights, then look for flights in March. It is peak season from December to February, and flight rates start decreasing after that.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Chicago from Karachi?

Usually, Karachi to Chicago flights takes approximately 27 hours to reach Chicago. But this duration can be less or more depending on the flight and how many stopovers are included in the route.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Chicago?

Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines have cheap flights from Karachi to Chicago. You can also choose Etihad Airways. will show you the cheapest flights available and you can book whichever is convenient.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Karachi from Chicago today?

The lowest Karachi to Chicago flight ticket price today is Rs. 161,179. The price can go up to Rs. 299,444. Ticket prices can be less if you book earlier.

What time does the earliest flight from Karachi to Chicago depart?

The earliest flight departs at 2.50 a.m from Karachi. This flight is being operated by Emirates Airlines.

How many flights fly from Karachi to Chicago on a weekly basis?

More than 150 flights from multiple airlines like Etihad Airways, Emirates, Gulf Air etc are flying from Karachi to Chicago on a weekly basis.

What are the baggage details in flight?

In most of the airlines, the Economy class ticket passengers can carry 20 kgs in baggage and 7 kgs in hand luggage. The baggage details and instructions vary depending on the airline.

Is carry-on baggage allowed on my travels?

Yes, carry-on baggage is allowed by most of the airlines during the trip. Additional baggage during check-in might be charged.

Will Airlines provide refunds?

Mostly the Airlines provides refunds during events such as flight cancellations, delay in flights etc. Kindly contact customer care for more information.