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Lahore to Washington

Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan and is one of the richest cities in the country. Lahore has a thriving tourism industry and is known for its historical and cultural heritage. It is also a commercial hub. This is why it is connected via flights to major cities like Washington around the globe. The route between Lahore to Washington is busy throughout the year.

Washington, like Lahore, has great cultural significance. Being the capital, it is an important location for trade, commerce and economic activities. People travel from and to Washington on business and for leisure. This is why you will find many frequent flights from Lahore to Washington. You can pre-book your flight from and get a great deal!

Lahore to Washington Flights

Since Lahore and Washington are on two different continents, with the Atlantic Ocean in between, the best and possibly only way to travel is via flight. There are no other ways of travelling from Lahore to Washington. Taking a flight is also the cheapest and fastest way of travel to Washington from Lahore. You can book Lahore to Washington flights today on and reach Washington in just a day. Usually, flights take about 21 hours to 25 hours. The time taken to reach Washington might change according to the route taken by the flight.

Lahore to Washington Flight Ticket Price

Do you have plans to travel from Lahore to Washington? Pre-book your flight tickets today on There are several flights available from Lahore to Washington. will show you the Lahore to Washington flight ticket price for whichever date you choose. You can browse through the available flights and pick one that fits your itinerary. The flight ticket price that shows you will be the best rate available.

Lahore to Washington flight ticket rates usually vary between Rs. 106,368 and Rs. 319,734. The price might increase or decrease depending on which flight you are booking and when you are booking your ticket. Before booking your ticket, check what the prices are for first-class and economy class seats. The price might increase if you choose first-class seats. will provide all such necessary details and you can book the flight that is ideal for you.

Lahore to Washington Cheap Flights

If you wish to book affordable Lahore to Washington flights, then is your best bet. You can find many cheap flights on the site. Most of these flights are frequent and you can book tickets whenever you want. However, to get Lahore to Washington flights at really reasonable rates, you should pre-book. Check the Lahore to Washington flight schedule and book your flight at least a few months before the date of travel. You can also travel during winter when it is not the peak season. In the months of December and January, Lahore to Washington flights on is very cheap. often provides discount vouchers and deals on flight tickets. You can register your email address on the website and receive updates on the ongoing discounts. If you have a voucher, you can use it to book a flight from Lahore to Washington at a very low price.

Lahore to Washington Flights Schedule

Are you flying from Lahore to Washington this year? Plan ahead and book your tickets from To find out when the flights are most affordable, take a look at the Lahore to Washington flight schedule on There is an average of 5 flights from Lahore to Washington every day. Most flights to Washington from Lahore leave early in the morning. The earliest flight is at 3:50 in the morning. There are also flights departing from Lahore at 6:00.

The flight schedule is constantly updated on and you can choose a flight that departs and arrives at a convenient time. The timings of specific flights can change depending on the date of travel. You can also check the booking policy of the flight you have chosen if you wish to cancel or reschedule your flight. If rescheduling is available, check the schedule on and choose one that is available at a better date.

Flights from Lahore to Washington

There are several Lahore to Washington flights available on Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Etihad Airways are 3 of the best flights from Lahore to Washington. On, you will find frequent Qatar Flights from Lahore to Washington. There are also affordable Turkish airlines flights that you can choose from. You can also look for on

  • Qatar Flights from Lahore to Washington

    The Qatar Airways flights are available every day from Lahore to Washington. These flights usually leave Lahore at 3:50 in the morning. The arrival times at Washington depend on the route and stopovers. The time taken by the flights varies between 21 hours, 10 minutes and 37 minutes, 51 minutes.

  • Turkish Airlines Flights from Lahore to Washington

    Turkish Airlines flights from Lahore to Washington are also quite frequent. These flights take around 21 hours and 15 minutes to reach Washington. The price of tickets on usually range from Rs. 144,687 to Rs. 430,597. However, ticket prices can change so you should check the updated prices on

  • Etihad flights from Lahore to Washington

    If you are pre-booking your flight from Lahore to Washington on, you can choose Etihad Airways. The usual flight departs from Lahore at 2:15 and reaches Washington at 16:25. The schedule might change depending on when you are booking. Etihad flights stopover at Abu Dhabi before continuing to Washington.

    Book Lahore to Washington cheap flights on and choose between these 3 best airways.

Travel Restrictions

If you are travelling from Lahore to Washington, there are certain restrictions that you must adhere to. All passengers flying to Washington from Lahore must be vaccinated before boarding the flight. They might also need to show a negative PCR test report at the time of travel since this is an international flight. Now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, travel is often restricted and flights are cancelled. If you wish to book Lahore to Washington flights today, check the available flights on and go through all the restrictions in place. This will help you plan your travel dates.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Lahore to Washington

How far is Lahore from Washington?

The total distance between Lahore and Washington is 11,637 kilometres. This is why the easiest and quickest way to travel from Lahore to Washington is via flight.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Washington?

The Lahore to Washington flight ticket rates is the cheapest in December. This is because of the cold weather. The tourist season begins again in the warmer months of April to June and till then the ticket prices stay low.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Washington from Lahore?

The total time taken by Lahore to Washington flights depends on the airline you choose. The total time taken can also vary depending upon how my stopovers are included. Usually, flights available on take 21 hours and 15 minutes if there is just one stopover. But with 2 stopovers the duration might be 25 hours and 25 minutes.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Washington?

For Lahore to Washington cheap flights, you can book Qatar Airways or Turkish Airlines. You can also look for other affordable flights from Lahore to Washington on

What is the price of a flight ticket to Lahore from Washington today?

Today, the Lahore to Washington flight ticket price is Rs. 106,369. The ticket price might increase depending on the airline and the time of travel. You can check all current ticket prices on