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Multan to Doha

Located near the Chenab River, Multan is one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan. The city is a hub for culture and religion in Pakistan’s Punjab area. Among the most populous cities in Pakistan, Multan is known for its history. Alexander the Great, Muhammad Qasim, and various other emperors in the past have tried capturing Multan. In the medieval era, Multan was an important trade centre in Asia. During the 11th and 12th centuries, many Sufi mystics arrived in Multan, thus giving it the name of The City of Saints.

People of Multan often travel to far-off places for tourism. Qatar is one of the most popular destinations for people residing in the city of Multan. People often travel to Doha, the capital of Qatar, for tourism and occupational purposes. Doha is a well-developed city with architecture somewhat like Dubai. Do you know that Doha has a dedicated area for educational facilities known as Education City? Are you planning a trip to Doha from Multan? Learn more about the transit facilities between Multan and Doha here.

Multan to Doha Flights

Passengers should know the best possible transit services between Multan and Doha. If you opt for roadways, the total distance between Multan and Doha is around 3,930 km. There is no way one can reach Doha from Multan by road. There are multiple nations between Qatar and Pakistan, and you cannot think of crossing them by road. Since there aren’t any road or water transit services between Doha and Multan, a flight is the only option. With a nonstop flight from Multan, one can reach Doha in only 3 hours. Passengers will catch their flight to Doha from the Multan International Airport (MUX).

Doha has plenty of options for flights coming from Pakistan. There are multiple airports in Doha for domestic and international travellers. However, flights from Multan arrive at the Doha Hamad International Airport (DOH). One can find nonstop as well as connecting flights between Multan and Doha. Besides saving time, passengers will also have a convenient travel experience on a plane to Doha from Multan. Since many airlines offer flights between MUX and DOH, you won’t be having any trouble.

Multan to Doha Flight Ticket Price

Are you worried about expensive flight tickets to DOH from MUX? Are you relying on a travel agent and paying him a commission to book DOH flight tickets? Well, you don’t have to do any of those things, as you can book Doha flight tickets without external assistance. With, passengers can easily book MUX – DOH flight tickets by following simple steps. Unlike unreliable websites, does not ask for a commission to book DOH flight tickets. One can compare the DOH air ticket prices of numerous airlines on for economical booking.

The average price of a MUX to DOH flight ticket on is PKR 30,000. However, Multan to Doha flight ticket rates might change on One can check the real-time price of MUX – DOH flight tickets on and make their choice. One should know that the above-mentioned price of DOH flights is for economy air tickets. A business-class flight ticket to DOH from MUX on might cost you PKR 2,50,000. All the price-related information is available for free on, and one can access it anytime.

Multan to Doha Cheap Flights

Many people rely on unregistered websites in search of inexpensive air tickets to Doha. Unregistered websites might be indulged in scams and will not offer you air tickets. For the same reason, you can trust for affordable air tickets to Doha from MUX. With, you can book a DOH flight ticket for around PKR 52,000. Besides offering affordable flight tickets, also extends travel deals at frequent intervals.

One can get cheaper air ticket rates by pre-booking Doha flight tickets on Last-minute booking is always expensive on any ticketing platform. Airlines tend to increase their rates when the flight departure time approaches. Passengers looking for affordable air tickets to Doha should book economy class tickets. Economy-class air tickets from MUX to DOH will always be cheaper than business-class tickets. You must not forget comparing air ticket rates on to book affordable Doha tickets.

Multan to Doha Flight Schedule

The Multan to Doha flight schedule might change from one day to another. For the same reason, passengers are suggested to check the real-time MUX – DOH timetable on Usually, the first flight to DOH from MUX departs around 03:50 AM. On most occasions, one will be able to find multiple flights to DOH from MUX. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to check the MUX – DOH plane schedule on You don’t have to feed the login details on to check the Doha flight timetable. For urgent flight ticket booking, you can also search “Multan to Doha flights today” on

Flights from Multan to Doha

Multiple airlines offer flight services to Doha from Multan. You can check for the services of different airlines on before booking Doha air tickets. You can see the expected travel duration, price, layover point(s), and more on before booking air tickets. Some popular airlines on to reach Doha from MUX are mentioned below:

  • Qatar Flights from Multan to Doha

    A Qatar Airways flight will help you reach Doha from MUX in only 3 hours and 25 minutes. The average price of a Qatar Airways ticket from MUX to DOH is PKR 59,000 (economy class).

  • PIA Flights from Multan to Doha

    A PIA flight that has a layover in Islamabad will help you reach Doha in around 10 hours. The average price of a PIA flight ticket to DOH from MUX on is PKR 67,000.

  • Fly Dubai

    At present, Fly Dubai is offering most flights to DOH from MUX. The average price of a Fly Dubai air ticket to DOH from MUX is PKR 50,000. On most days, you can find 4-5 Fly Dubai flights between MUX and DOH.

Travel Restrictions

Since the COVID pandemic is over, flight services are available at full capacity between DOH and MUX. However, passengers are still required to follow some regulations during a flight trip to DOH from MUX. To avoid any last-minute hassles, passengers should know the travel guidelines in advance. Some travel guidelines for people who are travelling to DOH from MUX by flight are as follows:

  • Passengers on the flight might have to produce a vaccination certificate before boarding the flight to Doha. You will have to show that you are fully vaccinated before travelling to DOH from MUX.
  • COVID testing is not compulsory after arriving in Doha. However, patients that show extreme COVID symptoms might be asked to take a COVID test.
  • Some airlines might ask you to fill out a consent form before boarding the flight to Doha.
  • You must maintain hand hygiene during a flight trip to Doha from MUX.

FAQs of Cheap Flight from Multan to Doha

How far is Multan from Doha?

By road, Multan is around 3,930 km from Doha. However, the aerial distance between Multan and Doha is only 2,380 km.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Doha?

In March, the flight ticket prices from London to Lahore are the cheapest. Usually, Doha flight ticket rates are the cheapest in September. One can check the Doha flight ticket price on for upcoming months and decide the best time to travel.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Doha from Multan?

The fastest flight from MUX to DOH will complete its journey in less than 3.5 hours. However, some flights might take 7-8 hours to reach DOH from MUX.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Doha?

Currently, Flydubai is the cheapest airline to travel to Doha from MUX. One can compare the prices of different Doha flights on for economical booking.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Doha from Multan today?

The price of a flight ticket to Doha from Multan today is around PKR 55,000.