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Airblue Karachi to Dubai Flights

Established in 2003, Airblue Limited is a private airline in Pakistan. The airline began operating in 2004 and now serves flights on both domestic and international routes. The domestic hub for Airblue Limited is at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. Apart from Karachi, there are a few more focus cities, including Lahore and Islamabad. The international focus cities for Airblue include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Jeddah. Airblue flights are popular for their frequency and affordability. Throughout the week, you will find international flights between the domestic focus cities and cities in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia. Each flight has the best amenities, onboard entertainment, and ready assistance available for all passengers. At the Jinnah International Airport, privileged Airblue passengers can access the Blue Lounge International. 

The Karachi to Dubai route is a busy one, and this is why there are three Airblue flights available every week. People travel to Dubai from Karachi for work and leisure; therefore, most Airblue flights are fully booked. However, you can easily pre-book a flight or check if seats are available on the website. You can find tickets at discounted rates, and the booking process is completely hassle-free.

Karachi to Dubai: Route Overview

The aerial distance between Karachi and Dubai is 1,187 kilometres, and the distance by road is 4,164.4 kilometres! It is almost impossible to travel by road, mainly because you will have to cross international borders, which can prove challenging. It will also be an expensive journey. On the other hand, taking a flight will be comfortable and affordable. Airblue flights on the Karachi to Dubai route are all nonstop flights, and these flights take only 2 hours and 15 minutes. So an Airblue flight is the best option if you want to reach Dubai quickly and do not want to waste time on stopovers. 

You can book Airblue flights to Dubai from Abu Dhabi from It is important to remember that the route is quite busy during September. So, if you are travelling during that time, it is best to pre-book your Airblue ticket. You can also choose round-trip tickets as Airblue has flights that return to Karachi from Dubai. All Airblue tickets from Karachi to Dubai will be available on You can check the tickets, flight schedule and ticket prices before booking.

Karachi to Dubai: Airblue Schedule

You will find three Airblue flights from Karachi to Dubai. These flights are usually available on weekdays, and Airblue flights to Dubai depart from Karachi on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. These flights have different timings. While there are no weekend flights scheduled, you can check for any updates. The Airblue flight schedule is constantly updated, and will show you all current flights. 

On Mondays, the Airblue flight leaves Karachi at 17:55 hours and arrives in Dubai at 19:10 hours. The Airblue flight available on Tuesday departs at 17:50 hours and arrives at the Dubai International Airport at 19:05 hours. On Thursdays, there are no evening Airblue flights. You will have to take an Airblue flight at 12:45 hours from the Jinnah International Airport, and it will reach Dubai at 14:00 hours. This is the current schedule of Airblue flights on the Karachi to Dubai route. However, this schedule can change due to weather conditions, the difference in demand, and other factors. Therefore, checking the updated schedule before booking an Airblue flight is best.

Karachi to Dubai: Ticket Price

Airblue flights from Karachi to Dubai are affordable. The ticket prices depend on the booking date, type of flight, and timings. If you book an Airblue flight some days before your journey, the price will be PKR 54,582. However, you can get the same ticket at a discounted rate if you pre-book from If you book a few months in advance, the ticket price will be PKR 29,341. often has discounts on Airblue flight tickets, and you can easily book at low rates.

Karachi to Dubai: Ticket Types

While Airblue flights only have Economy cabins, there are three types of tickets that you can book. When flying to Dubai from Karachi, you can choose Economy Value, Economy Flexi, or Economy Xtra tickets. Depending on your ticket type, you will get a free baggage allowance. There is no free allowance for Economy Value tickets. But you can check in one bag of 20 kgs if you have an Economy Flexi ticket. Economy Xtra tickets allow you to check in two bags of 20 kgs each for free. There are some other privileges like rescheduling, lounge access, and in-flight entertainment included in these tickets. However, onboard amenities and assistance are available for every passenger.

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