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  • ST Airblue


  • 04:20 AM Abu Dhabi (AUH)

    08:40 AM Lahore (LHE)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • PKR 33,440
  • ST Airblue


  • 06:45 AM Dubai (DXB)

    11:05 AM Islamabad (ISB)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • PKR 34,200
  • ST Airblue


  • 05:00 PM Dubai (DXB)

    09:20 PM Islamabad (ISB)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • PKR 34,200
  • ST Airblue


  • 08:25 PM Dubai (DXB)

    11:35 PM Karachi (KHI)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • PKR 38,380

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On 18th of June, Airblue celebrated a historic moment as it successfully completed 18 years of operations. As a token of appreciation, the flight crew distributed gifts to its passengers to thank them for flying with them and appreciate that they have put their trust in them for over the years. congratulates Airblue on their commendable journey and has introduced an offer you would surely want to avail. Sastaticket is giving a flat Rs.1000 discount ( airblue18 )to first 20 passengers who book their flights both domestic and international as with to celebrate the milestone. Login to your account to avail the discount by applying the voucher code airblue18 in the payment section. Hurry up and grab this offer till it lasts!


Airblue Limited, a private airline in Pakistan, was started in 2003 by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, a Pakistani politician, and Tariq Chaudhry, an IT professional. The operations only began in 2004 but quickly garnered popularity within its first year due to its affordable fares and security. Due to this, it was able to directly compete with Pakistan’s flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Airblue initially serviced the domestic routes of Pakistan—Karachi to Lahore, Karachi to Islamabad, and its return flight—but quickly added more routes to Peshawar and Multan taking the number of domestic cities it services to five in total. Their quick fame also gave them a boost to add international flights to and from Pakistan. In 2005, they started their first international route from Karachi to Dubai and from then have been adding flights to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, KSA airports of Jeddah, and Riyadh as well. The airline currently has a fleet of 10 aircraft—Airbus A320 and A321.

Airblue is known for its on-time departures, commendable service, and affordable fares. This quickly made it one of the favorite private airlines and the second-largest airline in Pakistan. It is also known for introducing modern technology e-ticketing, and self-check-in kiosks in Pakistan. You can use to book your tickets online. has the entire schedule, fares, and routes of Airblue listed on the website.

Airblue Tickets

Airblue offers economy class tickets for domestic and international travel.   

Economy class tickets for Airblue flights are available on various routes. Popular domestic routes are Islamabad to Karachi, Lahore to Karachi, Karachi to Islamabad, and Karachi to Peshawar. Airblue also serves flights on international routes. You can book tickets on routes like Abu Dhabi to Islamabad, Dubai to Lahore, Islamabad to Dubai, and Sharjah to Karachi. 

Airblue tickets cost much less than certain airlines that offer business class tickets. You will get amenities like comfortable seating, personal video screens, and baggage allowance. The baggage allowance depends on the type of economy ticket. If you book Economy Xtra tickets, you can check in two bags of 2 kgs each. You will get an allowance for one bag of 2 kgs if you choose Economy Flexi tickets. However, there is no free check-in baggage allowed for Economy Value passengers. To book Airblue flights, you can check the website. You will find Airblue flights on all available routes and can book any you prefer. You can also pre-book Airblue flights.

Airblue Amenities

Airblue offers modern amenities for all passengers on both domestic and international airlines. The amenities are inclusive of ticket prices. Amenities such as baggage allowance and in-flight meals depend on the type of ticket. So at the time of booking, check the details on to see if you are getting the following amenities.

Free Baggage AllowanceYes (for Economy Xtra and Flexi passengers)Yes (for Economy Xtra and Flexi passengers)
Full Meal ServiceYes (if the flight is of one hour and 30 minutes or more)Yes (if the flight is of one hour and 30 minutes or more)
Personal Video ScreensYesYes
Recliner SeatsNo (but adequate legroom available)No (but adequate legroom available) 
Lounge AccessYes (at Karachi)Yes (at Karachi)

Top Airblue Domestic Routes

Airblue serves numerous domestic flights in Pakistan. Most of these flights are non-stop and, therefore, are preferred by tourists and people on business. 

  1. Airblue Lahore to Karachi Flight
  2. Airblue Islamabad to Karachi Flight
  3. Airblue Karachi to Islamabad Flight
  4. Airblue Karachi to Peshawar Flight
  5. Airblue Karachi to Lahore Flight

Airblue Lahore to Karachi Flight

Each week, you will find about 14 Airblue flights from Lahore to Karachi. There is one flight in the morning and another in the evening. The morning flight leaves at 9:00 a.m. and reaches Karachi at 10:50 p.m. If you prefer the evening flight, it will leave Lahore at 6:00 p.m. and reach at 7:50 p.m. The ticket price starts from Rs. 18,480.

Airblue Islamabad to Karachi Flight

There are approximately 14 Airblue flights from Islamabad to Karachi every week. You will find two flights each day, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The afternoon flight leaves at noon and reaches 2:00 p.m. In the evening, the flight will depart at 6:00 p.m. and reach Karachi at 8:00 p.m. The ticket price is between Rs. 18,480 and Rs. 23,430.

Airblue Karachi to Islamabad Flight

Each week, there are 14 Airblue flights on the Karachi to Islamabad route. You can choose the morning flight or the late-night one that leaves Karachi at 9:00 p.m and reaches at 11:00 p.m. The morning flight leaves at 7:15 a.m. and reaches Islamabad at 9:15 a.m. The ticket price is Rs. 18,480.

Airblue Karachi to Peshawar Flight

About 3 Airblue flights from Karachi to Peshawar are available every week. These are usually morning flights that leave at 11:30 a.m. and reach by 1:30 p.m. The ticket price is Rs. 15,999.

Airblue Karachi to Lahore Flight

Two Airblue flights from Karachi to Lahore are available every day of the week. You can choose the afternoon flight or the night flight from Karachi. The afternoon flight departs from Karachi at noon and reaches Lahore at 1:45 p.m. If you want to travel at night, you can book the flight that departs at 9:00 p.m. and reaches Karachi at 10:45 p.m. The ticket price is approximately Rs. 18,480.

Top Airblue International Routes

Airblue flights are available on many international routes from Pakistan. The airline serves flights from cities in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

  1. Airblue Abu Dhabi to Lahore Flight 
  2. Airblue Karachi to Jeddah Flight
  3. Airblue Islamabad to Dubai Flight
  4. Airblue Karachi to Dubai Flight 
  5. Airblue Lahore to Dubai Flight

Airblue Abu Dhabi to Lahore Flight

Each week, there are two flights available on the Abu Dhabi to Lahore route. These are usually early morning flights that depart at 4:10 a.m. and reach at 8:25 a.m. You can book any one of these Airblue flights for approximately Rs. 17,698.

Airblue Karachi to Jeddah Flight

There are about three flights each week from Karachi to Jeddah. Airblue flights from Karachi to Jeddah are overnight flights that leave at 10:50 p.m. and arrive at 5:00 a.m. These Airblue flights are available on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. 

Airblue Islamabad to Dubai Flight

You will find six flights each week from Islamabad to Dubai. Usually, these Airblue flights are available every day of the week, except for Tuesday. These are early morning flights that leave Islamabad at 3:00 a.m. and reach Dubai at 5:25 a.m. The ticket price is approximately Rs. 25,471.

Airblue Karachi to Dubai Flight

You will find five flights every week on the Karachi to Dubai route. The Karachi to Dubai Airblue flights are evening flights. They will depart from Karachi at 5:55 p.m. and reach Dubai at 7:10 p.m.  The ticket price varies from Rs. 23,957 to Rs. 25,120.

Airblue Lahore to Dubai Flight

Every week, there are six Airblue flights available to Dubai from Lahore. Flights are usually not available on Sunday. Available Airblue flights from Lahore to Dubai are afternoon flights that leave at 2:40 p.m. and reach at 5:10 p.m. The ticket price starts from Rs. 25,471.

Airblue Ticket Price

Airblue flight ticket prices are affordable and often available at discounted rates. Ticket prices for domestic flights are cheaper compared to international flights. But you can pre-book both types of tickets on or choose to fly during the off-season to get the best deals.

  1. Airblue Ticket Price Karachi to Islamabad

Airblue Karachi to Islamabadcheap flights cost Rs. 18,480. Since the prices stay mostly stable on this route, today’s price is also Rs. 18,480. During peak season, the prices can increase to over Rs. 20,407. 

  1. Airblue Ticket Price Lahore to Dubai

The cheapest Airblue Lahore to Dubai flight ticket price is around Rs. 25,471. During the peak season in July, this will increase to Rs. 35,078. Since this is still the off-season, today’s ticket price is Rs. 25,471. 

  1. Airblue Ticket Price Lahore to Karachi

Airblue Lahore to Karachi flight ticket prices start from Rs. 18,480. This is today’s price as well. During the peak season, prices will increase to Rs. 20,405. 

  1. Airblue Ticket Price Islamabad to Dubai

Cheap tickets for Airblue Islamabad to Dubai flights start from Rs. 25,471, but the rates can be lower. Today’s flight ticket price is also Rs. 25,471. Prices can increase to Rs. 35,078

  1. Airblue Ticket Price Karachi to Jeddah

Airblue flights may be available from Karachi to Jeddah. Cheap flight ticket prices start from around Rs. 54,000. You may get tickets for even lower prices at During peak season, prices can increase to Rs. 101,694.

Airblue Booking

If you want a hassle-free Airblue ticket booking experience, it is best to use The app or the website will show you available Airblue flights on domestic and international routes. You can select the flight, check the Airblue flight schedule, and then book. 

Various payment options are available at You can pay for your Airblue ticket with debit or credit card, PayPro, JazzCash, Easypaisa, UnionPay, HBL PayPal, HBL direct transfer, and bank transfer. Discounts may be available on Airblue flights. You can check to find exclusive deals on ticket prices.

Airblue Flights

Airblue has the following flights for domestic and international travel. 

  • Airbus A320-200 – There are four aircraft in the fleet, and each can carry up to 180 passengers in the economy cabin. 
  • Airbus A321-200 – Airblue has five Airbus A321-200 aircraft that can accommodate 220 passengers. 

Airbus A321neo – This is a fleet of two aircraft, but each has a capacity of 234 passengers in the economy cabin.

Airblue Latest Updates

Airblue has introduced A321neo aircraft to its fleets leased from GE Capital Aviation Services.

Airblue has built its reputation as one of the best domestic carriers of Pakistan that facilitates its passengers. This time the airline has introduced a special offer by offering a special baggage allowance for its customers. Passengers can now add up to 15kgs of extra luggage without paying a single penny over and above the ticket price. However, this amazing offer is only valid if the customer chooses to fly an international route from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates and all domestic flights.

Airblue has resumed international flight operations to the UAE after receiving a green signal from Pakistan and UAE government. Moreover, it has plans to bring back all the stranded Pakistanis along with flying to major cities of UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Airblue has decided to resume flights from Lahore to Madinah. Three weekly flights will be operated between the two destinations to facilitate the pilgrims. Earlier, the flights used to operate to Riyadh and Jeddah only.

Airblue Traveling Information for KSA

Airblue has issued information for passengers traveling from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. Following are the required steps:

Please enter the first and last name mentioned as per your updated passport. For further information, please take help from the below information provided for your guidance. In case of a wrong sequence of information, passengers will not be allowed to board the plane.

Passengers holding passports where no information about their first name or last name is given, the details on the ticket must be entered as:

  • (XX/XXX – First Name – Unknown) For example Mr. XX Ali
  • (XX/XXX – Last Name – Unknown) For example Mr. Ali XX

Entry Requirements

All passengers intending to travel to KSA are required to download and register themselves on the following apps before check-in.
Muqeem or residents require a registration paper (with QR code).
Guests arriving without these apps, downloaded in their mobile devices, will not be allowed to travel

New schedules for T20 World Cup

Many new routes have been introduced and frequency of flights increased for Cricket fans in Pakistan to witness T20 World Cup Matches by Airblue Airlines

  • Daily Airblue flights between Ras Al Khaimah and Islamabad
  • New route from Multan to Ras Al Khaimah

Airblue Ticket Price

Known for its economic fares, Airblue promises to cater to all its passengers’ needs. The booking price, however, like other airlines, changes based on the day of travel. Weekends and weekdays have a difference in fares. Similarly, the proximity to a travel date can increase flight prices. Book in advance to get better deals on your Airblue flights. Due to longer distances, international flights can cost higher than your domestic flight fares. helps you browse through all the fares for different dates to find the best pick for your travel. We also have great deals that you can look into and reduce your cost of flying more.

*Disclaimer: All prices are subject to price change as per airline policies. These changes apply to all prices mentioned on the page.

Air Blue Ticket PriceDaysPrice Starts from
Karachi to IslamabadS M T W T F SRs 15,143*
Lahore to KarachiS M T W T F SRs 15,143*
Sharjah to IslamabadS M T W T F SRs 14,437*

Airblue Flight Schedule

Airblue services multiple routes across Pakistan and some international routes, too. Find all about Airblue routes and the flight timings on The website is updated regularly to showcase the latest Airblue flight schedules so that it is convenient for all our customers to book with ease. You can sort by departure time to find the earliest flight to a destination.

RouteFirst FlightLast FlightDuration
Karachi to Islamabad7:0021:002 hours
Lahore to Karachi8:1521:001 hour 50 min
Islamabad to Dubai2:3016:453 hours 30 min
Islamabad to Sharjah2:0011:452 hours 30 min

Airblue Flight Status

Airblue prides itself on on-time departures and to make that happen it adheres to a strict schedule. To check the flight status follow this process:

  • Login to Airblue official website
  • On the footer, you’ll have the ‘Flight Status’ option which you can click on
  • Or directly use this link on Airblue official website
  • Both departures and arrivals are listed on this link.
  • You can check the flight number, destination, dates and status on it.

Airblue Web Check-in

Web check-in has made it easy for passengers to directly reserve a seat of their choice from anywhere. You don’t have to wait in queues at the airport or arrive early to get the seat of your choice.

To web check-in on Airblue, you just need your booking reference (PNR) and one of the passenger’s first/last name. Only one PNR is generated for the entire booking and not individual PNRs for every passenger. Select your preferred seat for a nominal fee.

To web check-in,

  • Visit reservations of Airblue official website
  • Enter your ticket details
  • Click on ‘Retrieve my reservation’
  • You can web check-in within 24 hours to 2 hours before departure
  • Airblue also has an app that you can use for mobile check-in
  • Print your boarding pass or use the e-boarding pass sent to your email address

Airblue PNR status/Ticket Status

PNR or Passenger Name Record gives you proper clarity on the status of your ticket—whether it is confirmed or on the waiting list. To check your PNR status follow these steps:

  • Login to with your credentials
  • You will find the ‘Manage booking’ option under your profile
  • Click the relevant trip to access your flight details
  • Your PNR number along with the status will be mentioned here

Airblue Cancellation Policies

Airblue understands that some plans can always change. For this, it is flexible about cancelling your flight booking. You will just have to pay a cancellation fee to process the request. Your refund will be processed after you share your CNIC via email to Airblue. This is for security reasons. You can initiate cancellation and refund in these simple steps:

  • Login to your Airblue account and find booking details for your reservation
  • Click on ‘Refund Tickets’ then ‘Calculate refund’
  • Enter your login password again
  • Tap on Process Refund to cancel your tickets
  • Passengers need to provide CNIC to Airblue via email for a refund
  • If you do not see this option call Airblue Travel Counselors at 111-247-258

Airblue Baggage Allowance

Pay Less – Carry More

Airblue is giving extra baggage allowance for its customers traveling from Jeddah to Pakistan.

  • Luggage allowed on flexi ticket is 30kg
  • Luggage allowed on extra ticket is 60kg.

Airblue has introduced a flexible payment to cater to its wide audience. Value, Flexi and Xtra are three fares for the same flight plan that a passenger can choose from. The baggage limit for these flight plans also changes. For a domestic flight, passengers are requested to check-in within 2.5 hours of flight departure and 4 hours for an international flight.

You’ll be charged extra if the baggage weighs higher than the permitted weight. However, a bag shouldn’t weigh more than 30 kg. The fee charged for excess baggage will be determined based on the airport you’re boarding from. Contact Airblue for more details.

Here is the baggage allowance under different flight fares by Airblue:

FlightCarry-on BaggageCheck-in Baggage
Economy Xtra7 kg2 bags, 20 kg each
Economy Flexi7 kg1 bag, 20 kg
Economy Value7 kgNo free checked in baggage

Airblue Customer Care/Contact Number

You will find 24/7 support from Airblue regarding any queries related to your reservations, feedback and more. You can use the following details to address your queries.

Address of HQ:

Airblue (Head Office)

12th & 1st Floor, ISE Towers,

55-B Jinnah Avenue,


UAN: 111-247-258

Contact number (24/7 availability):

  • Within Pakistan call 111-AIR-BLU (247-258)
  • Outside Pakistan call (+92) 51 111-247-258

Twitter: Visit Airblue Twitter

Or you can send an email to Airblue support.

Airblue Ticket Reschedule

If your plans have changed, Airblue provides a flexible rescheduling. You can visit the Airblue website to change your flight dates. Airblue charges a fee to reschedule your flight tickets. You will have to pay the charges along with the difference in fare for the tickets. The fee is charged for all the passenger tickets.

To reschedule your Airblue ticket follow this process:

  • To change your ticket dates login to
  • Click on ‘Manage booking’
  • Enter your booking details and continue
  • You can reschedule your ticket after paying the change fee and difference in fare
  • No refunds allowed on the change fee
  • Changes to flight allowed in the same sector only
  • In case of issues, call Airblue Travel Counselors at 111-247-258

Airblue Amenities

For a comfortable journey from the time of entering the airport to the time of baggage claim after the flight lands, Airblue looks forward to providing the utmost comfort to all its passengers. To make this possible, they have a variety of amenities in airports, and flights. This varies based on the flight, domestic and international routes. You can contact Airblue for more details.

Some of their amenities include:

  • Halal meals
  • Personal video screens
  • Comfortable lounges with WiFi
  • In-flight entertainment

Airblue Offers and Discounts

The tickets on Airblue are affordable and designed for economic travel. They also have multiple offers on select tickets for more convenience. Recently, they have introduced flexible pricing on tickets and baggage. has all the pricing details and schedules of Airblue in one place. You can view their offering and the latest prices on the website. also has some lucrative offers and discounts that will help you get a better deal. Save more by using promo codes during checkout. You’ll see the reduced fare before making the payment.

  • BlueMiles: Airblue has a frequent flier membership that credits Bluemiles for every trip completed. These can be redeemed by logging in to the BlueMiles dashboard. You need a minimum of 12,000 miles before you redeem for travel. Domestic flights get 12,000 miles each way and international flights get 18,000 miles for flights to UAE and Oman airports and 25,000 miles each way for KSA airports.

Airblue Travel Insurance

Secure your trip and plan against contingencies by availing of travel insurance on your Airblue ticket. To opt for travel insurance, you can see the option when you book through Sastaticket. You can opt for this option during or after the booking on Sastaticket.

Why Should I Book Airblue Airlines?

Airblue is the second-largest airline in Pakistan offering good amenities and customer service. Their flights are not just economical in price but also provide a luxurious experience with good leather seats, lounge services with WiFi and more. The airline prides itself on on-time departures with excellent in-flight services.

FAQs About Airblue

What is the reporting time for domestic and international travel for Airblue airlines?

For domestic flights, passengers are required to check-in 2.5 hours before departure. And 4 hours before departure for international flights. The check-in counter closes 45 minutes departure for domestic flights and 90 minutes departure for international routes.

How to recover lost baggage on Airblue flights?

Airblue ensures that it takes the utmost care with your luggage. However, in case of lost baggage, report directly to the Airblue counter in the airport. The airlines’ staff will try to locate the missing baggage. But, in case the luggage cannot be traced, you will be entitled to a compensation of USD 20 per kg of baggage for international flights and PKR 500 per kg for domestic flights.

How do I select my seat preference in Airblue airlines?

When you web check-in on the website of Airblue, you can choose the seating you want and pay the fee on the display to reserve your seats.

What are the things not allowed in baggage?

Any acids, explosives, flammable liquids, poison and toxins, bleaches are not allowed in baggage. These are deemed dangerous goods and cannot be carried in your baggage.

What are all the meal options in Airblue?

Airblue serves hygienic Halal meals on its flights. The meal options range from snacks like aloo chat, shahi tukda to sandwiches, fruits and salads. They also serve meals that include bread, rice and curries on their flights. Airblue has a no-meal policy on flights under 2 hours.

What is Airblue’s policy if the flight status is delayed or cancelled?

Airblue will try to find an alternative flight or refund the entire ticket price in case of cancelled flights by the airline. In case of a delay of more than 4 hours, snacks/meals will be served based on the mealtime and accommodation for long-haul delays will be provided.

Does airblue go to Dubai?

Yes, Airblue goes to Dubai.

How can I check my Airblue ticket?

You can click on Search Bookings option on or visit Airblue’s website, enter the PNR number mentioned on your ticket and access airblue ticket information.

Who owns Air Blue Pakistan?

Tariq M. Chaudhary is the Founder & CEO of Airblue

How do I select my seat on Airblue?

You may select a particular seat window/ aisle during check-in at Airblue’s counter.

How do I make a Airblue flight booking on

“Visit flights page
Select your departure and arrival destinations as well type of journey ( one-way/ return)
Press Search and select your preferred Airblue flight
Enter passenger details, pay and book your flight.”

How can I confirm my airblue ticket?

You will receive your e-ticket via email. To confirm, visit Airblue’s website, enter the PNR number mentioned on your e-ticket and access airblue ticket information.

Can I book an Airblue flight online only for a child?

No, you can’t book the Airblue flight for a child to travel alone. For more information contact the relevant airline help center.

Does Airblue operate internationally?

Yes, Airblue operates international routes. Some of  its international flight destinations are- UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah) and Saudi Arabia (Jeddah,  Riyadh).

Is it possible to buy Extra baggage on Airblue?

Yes, you can buy extra baggage for domestic and international airblue flights. For domestic flights, you need to pay Rs.170 Per kg but for international flights the price starts from Rs.200 per kg.

How much luggage can you carry on an Airblue flight?

For passengers flying in Economy Xtra and Economy Flexi, Airblue offers a range of baggage services
1.Economy Xtra – two pieces of check-in bag 20kgs each for which maximum weight Per bag is 30 kg and size should not exceed 54 inches and cabin baggage of about 7kg.
2. Economy Flexi – one piece of check-in bag with 20kg each and cabin baggage of about 7kg.
3. Economy Value- No free check-in baggage is allowed.

How many travelers can I make an Airblue flight ticket reservation through Sastaticket?

Sastaticket will allow you to book tickets for upto 18 travellers at once, including 6 adults, 6 children aged between 2-11 years, and 6 infants (infant count must be equal to or less than adult).

What is the Size and weight of carry-on baggage in Airblue Flight?

Maximum one Carryon bag is allowed per passenger with a  weight limit is 7kg and a size limit is 22in x 15in x 8in (L+W+H=45 inches).

What is the expiration date of my airblue reservation flight ticket?

Airblue reserved tickets (unused tickets) will expire 30 days after the flight departure date. Expired Airblue tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded or changed.

For international and domestic flights, when does the Airblue check-in counter close?

For domestic flights the Airblue check in counter will close 45 minutes before flight departure time and for international flights, the Airblue check in counter will close 90 Minutes before Flight departure time.

How to book Airblue flight tickets online through Sastaticket?

To book your airblue flight go to website and enter your origin, destination, date and select one way trip or round trip. Then select airblue flight and preferred economy class & flexi baggage allowance. Pay your ticket fare online and you will receive the ticket via email.

How can I cancel my Airblue ticket?

For cancellations call Airblue at 111-247-258.

Can I look up the confirmation number after I complete my online reservation?

You can click on Search Bookings option on or visit Airblue’s website, enter the PNR number mentioned on your ticket and access airblue ticket information.

How do I know when my online reservation is complete?

Your online reservation is complete when you receive an e-ticket on your email with PNR number listed in it.

How much weight of luggage is allowed in an airblue flight?

“Carry-on luggage: Max weight 7 kg / 15 lb
Checked- baggage: Max weight per bag: 30 kg”