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Airblue Limited, a private airline in Pakistan operates domestic and international flights. The company was established in 2004 and its operations started in 2004. When they started in 2005, they had just two routes from Jinnah International Airport Karachi to Islamabad and Lahore. They added more cities, including Peshawar, to their domestic services. Their international services started in 2005 with a Karachi to Dubai flight. Later, cities such as Jeddah, and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, were also added to their list. They now own 10 aircraft for their services. They use Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 for their trips. With timely services and excellent customer care, they are now a popular and the second-largest airline in Pakistan. 

Unlike their other routes, the Karachi to Peshawar route is less frequent and less crowded. Flights are available only on few days of the week. The flight tickets are available online, so you can pre-book the tickets and ensure your seat. You may find the tickets at affordable prices at You can comfortably book the tickets and get discounts and other offers here.

Karachi to Peshawar: Route Overview

Karachi and Peshawar are located at the extreme ends of Pakistan. The distance between these cities is 1553 km and the travel time by road will be over 20 hrs. It is not an easy way to travel. The best way to travel from Karachi to Peshawar is by taking a flight. The air distance between these cities is 1092 km which can be covered in just 2 hrs. Airblue Karachi to Peshawar is available at cheaper rates. The flight operations are between Jinnah International Airport Karachi (KHI) and Peshawar International Airport (PEW). This will also be a direct flight with no stopovers which will save you time as well. 

Karachi to Peshawar flights are limited in number with just two airlines. A maximum of only two flights may be available per day on this route. So you must get the tickets at the right time. Pre-booking will help you get a better rate which you can conveniently do at You can book the return tickets if you want and find all the details regarding the route, flights, schedule, facilities inside the flights, etc.

Karachi to Peshawar: Airblue Schedule

As mentioned, there are only a maximum of two flights from Karachi to Peshawar. The Airblue flights on this route are operational only on two days of the week- Thursday and Sunday. The flights are scheduled for 11.30 am on these days. It will arrive in Peshawar at 1.30 pm. Since this is a nonstop flight, it takes only 2 hrs to reach the destination. There are no flights available on this route on Saturdays. 

Since the schedule may change under circumstances such as weather conditions, demand, season, etc, it is important to keep track of the same. You can check the actual flight schedule of this route at where the updated schedule is displayed.

Karachi to Peshawar: Ticket Price

The Karachi to Peshawar flight ticket price is PKR 18323 on the Airblue flights. It may also be available at a lower rate of KR 15999. There may be changes in the ticket rate depending on high demand, the holiday season, and other factors. The earliest booking will have the lowest booking rates. At, the tickets are available 2-3 months ahead so you can ensure a seat and can get it for the lowest possible rate as well. In addition, you can also get discounts and other deals.

Karachi to Peshawar: Ticket Types

The domestic flight from Karachi to Peshawar has only economy value tickets. The ticket price comes with a free meal on board. Apart from this, the passenger can carry a piece of check-in luggage of up to 15 kg for free. This is in addition to the 7 kg hand luggage limit. For those with an Economy Flexi and Economy Xtra class ticket, you will be able to use the lounge at the Karachi airport. These two types of ticket holders can also carry additional luggage with high weight, for free, without additional fees. Apart from the ticket types and meals, they will also have personal TVs for entertainment inside the flights.