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Airblue Abu Dhabi to Lahore Flights

Airblue Limited is the second largest airline in Pakistan that operates both domestic and international flights. The company had rather quick progress, established in 2003, started domestic flight services in 2004, and international flights in 2005. This Karachi-based company started with flights to Lahore and Islamabad only. Later they extended their services to other cities in Pakistan. Dubai was their first international city. Later on, they added other cities in the United Araba Emirates like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Saudi Arabia cities like Riyadh and Jeddah were also added to their list sooner. The Airblue Abu Dhabi to Lahore flights operated from Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) to Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore (LHE). Flights on this busy route are all comfortable with excellent amenities and facilities. 

Airblue Abu Dhabi to Lahore flight tickets are available for booking at where you will be able to find all the flight details and get affordable rates as well. This is a popular route as people travel for both business or work and leisure. Pre-booking the tickets is the best way!

Abu Dhabi to Lahore: Route Overview

Abu Dhabi to Lahore is a long 4908 km route with at least 5 border crossings and over 60 hours of journey. This is why people prefer flights to travel on this route. The air distance between these cities is 2092 km which will only take 3 hrs and 15 mins for a nonstop flight. Luckily Airblue operates a nonstop flight from Abu Dhabi to Lahore. Not only are the Airblue flights faster but are also affordable with the lowest ticket fare on this route. They are comfortable enough for anyone travelling for leisure or business. 

At you can easily filter the flights according to the number of stops, price, airline etc and book a roundtrip for much lower rates as well. You do not need to register or log in to search for flights but you can book the tickets faster and easily switch between devices if you register.

Abu Dhabi to Lahore: Airblue Schedule

There are about 20 flights available on the Abu Dhabi to Lahore route. But Airblue operates only one flight per day. Thor services are not available every day of the week. Instead, they operate on four days – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The schedule is the same for all these days. The flight departure time is 4.10 am Abu Dhabi time and arrives in Lahore at 8.25 am, Lahore time. 

The flight schedule is not ironclad, it may vary as per different factors such as climate, demand, etc. So keep track of the flight schedule at Here you will have the updated schedule to know the latest timings.

Abu Dhabi to Lahore: Ticket Price

The flight ticket from Abu Dhabi to Lahore can cost up to PKR 1 lakh or above at times. The Airblue flight tickets on this route are the lowest. The ticket fare is just PKR 29140 in economy class. Sometimes the price could go down to PKR 17,698. The ticket price includes a free meal onboard. Their ticket is cancellable and refundable. The cancellation charges will be PKR 8600 for cancellation 48 hrs before departure. If you do it within 48 hrs, the charges will be PKR 10,700. Any cancellation after that or a no-show will have a cancellation rate of PKR 12,900. The remaining amount will be refunded. 

You can see all these details at You don’t need to log in to see these details. Though registering has its perks.

Abu Dhabi to Lahore: Ticket Types

Airblue offers three types of tickets, all in the economy class- Economy Standard, Economy Flexi, and Economy Xtra. The standard tickets will not have a free luggage limit, they will have to pay for the check-in luggage. Flexi tickets can carry one check-in luggage of 20 kg and Xtra tickets can take double as much. Airblue offers refundable tickets upon cancellation or a no-show. Sometimes you can even reschedule the ticket once to another date and save your money. At, you can do all of these and get more discounts and other deals.

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