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Airblue Dubai to Peshawar Flights

Airblue is an Islamabad-based private airline operating both domestic and international flights to and from Pakistan. Started by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in 2003, the company is 18 years old and it just celebrated its 18 years of completion in air service. With a fleet of 10 flights, their operations are on Airbus A320 and A321 models that offer extreme comfort for the passengers. It is now the second-largest airline in Pakistan and has already won the approval of the passengers with its timely services and affordable prices. The major domestic services of Airblue are from Karachi to Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar. International connections are available to the cities of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The international flights operate to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Jeddah, and Riyadh.  

Airblue Dubai to Peshawar route has a single nonstop flight per day. Flights are available on only selected days of the week. The flights have the same timing on all days. You can book the flight tickets online with, where you will be getting affordable tickets with discounts.

Dubai to Peshawar: Route Overview

The total distance from Dubai to Peshawar is more than 4000 km and around 6 border crossings by land. So, the best option is to take a flight which has a distance of 1833 km and a travel duration of around 3 hrs. Not only are the flights faster but can also be cheaper with discounts added when you book with Airblue flights are cheaper flights that will take you directly to the destination. 

The flights depart from Dubai International Airport (DXB) and arrive at the Peshawar International Airport (PEW). The travel time of Airblue flights on this route is 2 hours 10 minutes. There are 8-12 daily flights on the Dubai to Peshawar route so the availability of tickets, especially the cheaper ones, can be scarce. It is always better to do advance booking so you ensure cheaper ticket rates. Ticket rates tend to go higher as the time gets close to the departure date. At, you can easily book the flight tickets at least 6 weeks ahead of the travel date.

Dubai to Peshawar: Airblue Schedule

As mentioned, there is only a single flight from Dubai to Peshawar, available 4 days a week. The flights are available only on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The flights are scheduled for 6.45 am from Dubai and arrive at 10.55 am in Peshawar. The morning schedule will help you save time as you will be arriving in the first half of the day. The lack of evening flights by Airblue may be inconvenient but that is negated by the lower ticket rates. 

The Airblue schedule may change due to weather conditions and other factors. You can check the updated flight schedule of Airblue and all flights from Dubai to Peshawar at

Dubai to Peshawar: Ticket Price

Dubai to Peshawar Airblue flights have the cheapest ticket rates on this route. The Airblue flight costs PKR 25,204 for an adult ticket. This is an excellent rate for a nonstop direct international flight. The ticket price is for the economy class and it includes free meals, the baggage allowance of minimal weight, and amenities such as comfortable seats, reading lights, and a personal TV. offers up to 15% off on the ticket rates and various deals on the tickets to give you maximum benefits. You may change the travel date or cancel the tickets if needed but there will be additional charges applied. Cancellation is better done at least 48 hrs before the scheduled departure time to reduce these charges.

Dubai to Peshawar: Ticket Types

Airblue is an affordable airline for international and domestic travel. They only have the economy class and do not have a business or first class to have any major difference in the ticket rates. The economy class tickets are of three types- Economy Standard, Economy Xtra, and Economy Flexi. The first type allows only one piece of 20 kg check-in luggage but that may be payable. The second type has an allowance of two pieces of 20 kg luggage to be checked in for free, and the Flexi allows multiple pieces of up to 80 kg check-in luggage. For all these ticket types, a piece of hand luggage is allowed for free but it has a weight limit of 7 kg to 12 kg depending upon the ticket type. 

The Dubai to Peshawar flights only have Economy Standard tickets. When you book with, you can check these details of each of the flight options available.

Faq’s of Dubai to Peshawar

How long is an Airblue flight from Dubai to Peshawar?

An Airblue flight takes around 4 hours to reach Bacha Khan International Airport, Peshawar, Pakistan from Dubai, UAE.

What is the frequency of Airblue flights between these two cities?

The Airblue airline operates three to and fro flights per week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday between these two cities.

How much does an Airblue flight from Dubai to Peshawar cost?

The ticket price depends on the number of days between the purchasing date and departure date. On an average the Dubai to Peshawar ticket costs around PKR.30,000.

What  is the distance between Dubai and Peshawar?

The aerial distance (shortest) between Dubai and Peshawar is around 1840 km.

When is the cheapest time to book a flight through this route?

Most of the tourists’ arrival is during mid-October to mid-March due to climatic factors. The rates will be comparatively cheaper during other months of the year.

What time does the earliest Airblue flight from Dubai to Peshawar depart?

The Airline provides one non-stop flight from Dubai to Peshawar on three days of a week. The flight departs at 6.25 a.m.

How many Airblue flights fly from Dubai to Peshawar on a weekly basis?

Airblue airlines operates three flights from Abu Dhabi to Peshawar in a week.

What are the baggage details in an Airblue flight? Is carry-on baggage allowed on my travels?

Baggage allowance varies according to the classes the passengers choose to travel in an Airblue flight. All Economy class ticket passengers can carry 20 kgs in baggage and 7 kgs in hand luggage. Additional baggage during check-in will be charged.

Will Airblue flights provide refunds?

Cancellations of flights, delay in flights are few of the events during which the Airblue airline provides refunds. Kindly contact our 24/7 customer support for more information.

What are the famous places in Peshawar?

Peshawar also known as the city of Hospitality, is one the oldest cities in Pakistan. Mahabat Khan Mosque, Fort Bala Hisar, Sethi Street, Jamrud Fort, Mughal Bridge etc. are places of tourist attraction.

Can a booked ticket be changed on an Airblue flight?

Yes, the details of a booked Airblue’s ticket can be changed. A small fee will be charged by the airline for the modification purpose.

Is Airblue an international flight?

Airblue Limited, the second largest airline in Pakistan providing services to domestic destinations inside Pakistan and international destinations like Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Does  charge any extra amount if I cancel my Airblue flight to this route ?

There is no cancellation fee charged by airline charges a fee of 25% of the basic fare, on account of exceeding the time limit of ticket cancellation. For further clarification contact our 24/7 customer support team.

How much will the extra baggage cost  in an Airblue flight to Peshawar from Dubai?

For every extra weight (kgs) of baggage, the Airblue airline charges 200 PKR or 17 AED.An additional fee of AED 200 will be charged for oversized bags.

What is the reporting time for an Airblue flight from Dubai to Peshawar?

Flights open for check-in about 4 hours prior to the departure of the flight.

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