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Airblue Jeddah to Islamabad Flights

Airblue Limited is a private airline in Pakistan, established by an IT professional and a politician. Starting in 2003, Airblue didn’t take much time to be a popular airline on domestic routes. This Karachi-based company operated flights to Lahore and Islamabad. Soon, they started their international flights in 2005, from Karachi to Dubai. Later they started international flights to other cities in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. They now have domestic flights to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Multan. Their international flights connect Pakistan cities to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Riyadh, and Jeddah. 

The Airblue flights from Jeddah to Islamabad operate on selected days of the week, with just one or sometimes two flights per day. The flights are most comfortable with attractive amenities at economical rates. The affordable ticket rates are what made this airline popular among the passengers. The flights on this route depart from King Abdulaziz International Airport Jeddah and arrive at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad. The tickets are available online with where you can get cheaper tickets with added benefits.

Jeddah to Islamabad: Route Overview

Jeddah to Islamabad has a distance of 5000 km by land. It will not be possible to travel comfortably and crossing multiple borders would also be a challenge. This is why flights are the best mode of transportation from Jeddah to Islamabad. Jeddah to Islamabad flight distance is just 3572 km which the flights can easily cover in just over 5 hrs. Flights are more comfortable and economical too since the tickets are available online. The Airblue Jeddah to Islamabad flights are nonstop, which means they arrive directly at the destination without any stopovers. Nonstop flights are usually expensive but Airblue offers affordable rates for this journey. 

Book your flight tickets with for a lower ticket price. Since the Jeddah to Islamabad tickets are less in number and are tough to get a seat, it is important to book the tickets ahead and save money. Here, you can book the tickets weeks ahead and get the lowest possible tickets. June to August are the usually busy time on this route, so you need to make your travel plans accordingly.

Jeddah to Islamabad: Airblue Schedule

Jeddah to Islamabad Airblue flight schedule says that flights are unavailable on Sunday, Monday, and Friday. The flight timings are also different for the available days of the week. The flight timing for Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday is 08:50 pm and for Tuesday, it is 10: 50 pm. The total travel duration is 5 hrs 30 mins. The flights arrive in Islamabad at 4.20 am and 6.20 am for the respective departure time. Both the flights start at night from Jeddah and arrive early morning in Islamabad. It is important to note that there are no daytime flights and both the timings will be convenient for business travellers to finish their work and board the flights on time. 

You can see the flight schedule at and easily change the travel date to find a better ticket price for the route. The route search results show flights operated by other airlines as well. You can filter the options by choosing Airblue. At the same time, flight schedules are not iron clad and can change according to various factors. You will easily find the latest updated flight schedule at

Jeddah to Islamabad: Ticket Price

When you compare the Jeddah to Islamabad flight ticket prices, you will see that Airblue flights have the cheapest rate. Airblue flight tickets are available for as low as PKR 25956. The ticket rate is approximately PKR 10,000 less than the nearest ticket price by other airlines. There is no price difference for Airblue tickets for each day of the week or timing. Sometimes, the ticket rate may go up, especially during high demand, close to the departure, season, holidays, etc. You can always find the updated price list at

Jeddah to Islamabad: Ticket Types

Airblue operates only economy flights so there are no different classes on the flights. The simple economy ticket will have no baggage allowance. They will need to pay extra for the check-in luggage. On the other hand, passengers booking their tickets with the Economy Xtra and Flexi categories will have a free luggage allowance. It will be 2 pieces of luggage of 20 kg for Economy Xtra and one 20 kg suitcase for Flexi passengers. All passengers can carry hand luggage of up to 7 kg. Free meals are provided for all tickets, especially since the Jeddah to Islamabad flight has a longer duration than 1 hr 30 mins. The seats are not reclining but will be comfortable and will have adequate legroom for all passengers.

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