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Airblue Islamabad to Dubai Flights

Airblue Limited is a popular private airline in Pakistan, started in 2003. They started with domestic flights from Karachi to Lahore and Islamabad, in 2004. They slowly added other cities in Pakistan such as Peshawar as well as Multan. The first international flight of this airline was to Dubai and later to Jeddah in 2005. With their timely flights and excellent service, they now are a well-known international passenger carrier with a fleet of 10 aircraft. 

Islamabad to Dubai is a popular route with over 25 daily flights. People travel on this route for business and leisure. The Airblue flight from Islamabad to Dubai has the cheapest ticket rates. They also have an early morning flight that will help you get the most out of the arrival day.

Islamabad to Dubai: Route Overview

The average air distance from Islamabad to Dubai is 1946 km. The average flight duration on this route is 3 hr for a direct flight. Most of the flights operating on this route have an indirect route with a stop at another city, depending upon the origin country of the airline. There are four non-stop flights, one of which is an Airblue flight. Airblue flight also has the second shortest duration or the fastest flight on this route. These international flights depart from Islamabad International Airport (ISB) and arrive at the Dubai International Airport (DXB). you can get the details about the flights available on this route from

Islamabad to Dubai: Airblue Schedule

The single Airblue Islamabad to Dubai flight is scheduled for departure at 3 am from Islamabad airport. The arrival time is 5.25 am. The total travel duration will be 3 hr 25 mins. They have one flight on every day of the week and all their daily flights have the same timing. You can check the flight schedule at and compare it with other available flights. As you may see, this is the best option for a quick journey that will help you save time and money with the lowest ticket price.

Islamabad to Dubai: Ticket Price

The average ticket price from Islamabad to Dubai is PKR 50415. The Airblue Islamabad to Dubai flight ticket price is available from PKR 36376 onwards. You can get this lowest rate when you book at least two weeks before the departure. Later booking will see an increase in the price. In such cases, the ticket rates could be PKR 46961 or PKR 53,475 etc. 

At, you can book the tickets weeks and months before the travel date. Otherwise, the highest ticket rate on this route could go up to 6 figures, that too for an indirect route of more than a day. Airblue flights are convenient, cheaper, and faster to help you save your precious time and money.

Islamabad to Dubai: Ticket Types

In general, Airblue flights have economy class seats for tier passengers with basic facilities. When you book with, you can see the class mentioned against each airline. You can click on the View Details tab to see the information. If the flight has a business class, it will be mentioned in the details. Since the Airblue flights have a shorter duration, there is no business class on their flights. Even other flights on this route have mostly economy class seats. 

The Airblue flight ticket price from Islamabad to Dubai includes meals and standard baggage with no extra allowance. Some of the other flights on this route have a 30 Kg baggage allowance but some of their other flights do not have this convenience.

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