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Airblue Jeddah to Lahore Flights

Airblue Limited is one of the most popular and cheapest airlines in Pakistan that operates to various domestic and international destinations. The company started its operations in 2003 with two domestic routes from Karachi. Now, they have a larger fleet of 10 flights and have also become one of the leading airlines in the country. 

Jeddah to Lahore is a busy route due to the proximity of Jeddah to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. There are more than 40 daily flights. Among those, the Airblue flights stand out with their cheaper ticket rates and comfortable timing, and for being a direct route. Most importantly, you can book the flight tickets online, which is weeks earlier than the travel date.

Jeddah to Lahore: Route Overview

The Jeddah to Lahore journey has a distance of 3658 km by air so it’s going to be a long journey. Such longer flights are better enjoyed with affordable tickets, which the Airblue airline can fulfil. The flights operate from the King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) in Jeddah to the Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE) in Lahore. The travel time on Airblue airline on this route is 5 hrs 20 mins to reach its destination. Airblue flights are direct with no stopovers in between. This will help you save time and the cheaper ticket rates will help you save money as well. Most other flights are indirect with at least one stop in another city. displays all the details about all the flights available, including the stopovers with time spent at each city.

Jeddah to Lahore: Airblue Schedule

Airblue airline has just one flight from Jeddah to Lahore. They don’t have daily flights on this route, instead, have a weekly flight. The flight departs the Jeddah (King Abdulaziz International Airport) at 10.50 pm and arrives at the Lahore (Allama Iqbal International Airport) at 6.10 am on the next morning. It is a direct flight but since it is a late-night flight it arrives on the next day at the destination. There are only 3 faster flights than the Airblue flight on the Jeddah to Lahore route. Airblue maintains the same schedule for its flights every week or day. Their travel duration also stays the same. 

At you can check all the details regarding each flight and sort the options according to the airline, departure or arrival time, travel duration, number of stops, ticket price etc.

Jeddah to Lahore: Ticket Price

The Jeddah to Lahore Airblue flight ticket price is available from PKR 25116 onwards. This is one of the cheapest rates on this route. Depending upon the time or season Airblue tickets have the cheapest rates. The ticket price may change with demand, festive season, weekends, etc. Advance booking gets you cheaper tickets as the ticket price goes up towards the travel date and time. The average ticket price on this route is PKR 43593. The Airblue Jeddah to Lahore flight ticket price includes free meals on board.

Jeddah to Lahore: Ticket Types

The Airblue Jeddah to Lahore tickets is for economy class. There are different types of economy class tickets. The tickets issued here will be in the economy value class. There are no business class seats on Airblue flights on this route. All the tickets are in economy class. The luggage allowance is regular with no extra baggage. If you want to add baggage, you can do so at an additional price. In such cases, the ticket rate can go up by PKR 10-13000. You can see such details at, by clicking the View Details tab.

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