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Airblue Sharjah to Lahore Flights

Headquartered in Islamabad, Airblue is among the top private airlines in the country. With more than 17 years of experience, Airblue is the first choice of passengers in Pakistan. Foreigners also prefer Airblue flights to travel to Pakistani cities. Airblue offers flights to Pakistan from around seven cities in UAE and Saudi Arabia. For many international routes, Airblue offers daily flight departures. Sharjah to Lahore is one of the focus routes for Airblue. It has a well-managed fleet of more than ten Airbus aircraft that help it offer daily departures.

Many people prefer Airblue flights for their onboard facilities. From overhead video screens to extra legroom, several things are offered onboard on an Airblue flight. Affordable Airblue flight rates also help passengers with budget international travel. Airblue formerly offered a business coach but removed it later. At present, one can reserve a seat on an Airblue flight at an affordable price. Let us know the flight services offered by Airblue from Sharjah to Lahore.

Sharjah to Lahore: Route Overview

The road distance between Sharjah (UAE) and Lahore (Pakistan) is around 4,940 Km. However, the aerial distance between Sharjah and Lahore is only 1,970 Km. For saving time and a comfy travel experience, people choose a flight journey from Sharjah to Lahore. The best part is that Airblue offers nonstop flights between Sharjah and Lahore. With an Airblue flight, you can cover this international distance in only four hours. For now, Airblue does not offer flights to Lahore with layover points. A nonstop flight will reduce your travel time and save the excursion.

Sharjah to Lahore is a busy international route for Airblue. Many Pakistanis travel to the UAE for pilgrimage, jobs, and family reasons. With an Airblue flight, they can return to their home from Sharjah. Many people living in Sharjah travel to Pakistan for tourism and rely on Airblue flights. To fulfill the passenger demands, Airblue offers daily departures for this international route. One can board an Airblue flight to Lahore from the Sharjah International Airport (SHJ). Incoming flights from Sharjah will complete their journey at the Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE).

Sharjah to Lahore: Airblue Schedule

At present, Airblue is offering a flight on all days from SHJ to LHE. However, Airblue offers only one flight a day for this international route. However, the departure timings of Airblue flights will not be the same on all days. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, the Airblue flight from SHJ to LHE will depart at 04:00 PM. On these days, Airblue flights will reach their destination at 08:00 PM. On the remaining days of the week, an Airblue flight from SHJ to LHE departs at 07:30 PM and reaches its destination at 11:30 PM. For more info about Sharjah – Lahore schedule for Airblue flights, you can rely on

The above schedule of Airblue flights can change for this route. If any changes are applied by Airblue, they will be reflected on the online portal of Before planning your trip to Lahore, check the Airblue flight schedule for future days. Usually, Airblue flights operate on this route without being canceled or delayed.

Sharjah to Lahore: Ticket Price

At present, the price of an Airblue flight ticket from SHJ to LHE starts from PKR 23,900 on This price is for the Value ticket on Airblue flights with no baggage allowance (checked-in baggage). With a Value ticket, you are only allowed to bring hand baggage on an Airblue flight. For more baggage allowance, you have to upgrade your Airblue flight ticket and pay extra. The price of an Airblue flight ticket from SHJ to LHE can go up to PKR 32,000. This price is for booking Airblue flight tickets at least 3-4 days before the journey.

If you book an urgent Airblue flight from SHJ to LHE, ticket rates can rise. It is why pre-booking Airblue flight tickets on is the best option for budget travel. Also, the Airblue flight ticket rates on are tentative. To check the real-time price of Airblue flight tickets (SHJ – LHE), you don’t have to offer login info on Don’t forget to look for discounts and deals on before booking an SHJ to LHE flight ticket.

Sharjah to Lahore: Ticket Types

Apart from the Value ticket, Airblue also offers a Flexi ticket. With a Flexi ticket, you are allowed to bring a piece of checked-in baggage (up to 20 kg) on a flight from SHJ to LHE. For more baggage allowance, one can choose an Xtra ticket offered by Airblue. With an Xtra ticket, one can bring two checked-in bags (up to 20 Kg each) on a flight from SHJ to LHE. For all the ticket types offered by Airblue, you are allowed to fly with hand baggage (up to 7 kg).

On, you can check the ticket types offered by Airblue. The name of the ticket class may differ on while booking an Airblue flight. allows users to choose from Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First-class tickets. For each ticket type, will display the baggage allowance and other related info.

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