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Airblue Islamabad to Abu Dhabi Flights

Airblue Limited is a private airline in Pakistan known for its affordable flights on domestic and international routes. These flights are convenient, especially for those who frequently travel to and from international destinations. Tourists also prefer Airblue Limited because of its premium facilities and in-flight amenities. Airblue Limited flights are available from various cities in Pakistan. The domestic focus cities include Islamabad and Lahore, while the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi is the hub for Airblue Limited. The international focus cities of Airblue Limited flights are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Jeddah. So, you can easily book flights on international routes between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia. 

The flight route between Islamabad and Abu Dhabi is quite popular and stays busy throughout the year. People travel from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi for work and during holidays. Since Airblue flights are available frequently and the tickets are reasonably priced, many tourists and people travelling for business prefer to book them. allows you to book Airblue flights easily. You can check the schedule and compare prices of Airblue flights and even pre-book them when planning a trip to Abu Dhabi from Islamabad.

Islamabad to Abu Dhabi: Route Overview

Flights from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi cover a distance of 2,034 kilometers. While you can attempt a journey by road, it would be tiring and nearly impossible. A flight from Islamabad is the easiest and most convenient way to travel to Abu Dhabi. Airblue flights on this route leave from the Islamabad International Airport and arrive at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. You will find nonstop Airblue flights from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi. Since the route is quite busy, nonstop flights are essential, especially for those in a hurry and who want to avoid stopovers. Airblue flights on this route will take 3 hours and 30 minutes.

As the Islamabad to Abu Dhabi route receives a lot of traffic all year round, getting flight tickets may not be easy. However, Airblue flights are available quite frequently. You will find four to five Airblue flights from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi. You can also pre-book your tickets. will show you available Airblue flights on this route. You can easily book a flight several months in advance. This will not only ensure your seat on the flight, but you might also get the ticket at a discounted rate.

Islamabad to Abu Dhabi: Airblue Schedule

Airblue flights are available throughout the week; you will find them at least three or four days in one week. You can book Airblue flights on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. You can check the schedule on and choose a flight that departs and arrives at a convenient time. 

Suppose you book an Airblue flight on Monday. In that case, it will depart from the Islamabad International Airport at 1:45 hours and arrive in Abu Dhabi at 4:15 hours. On Thursdays, the Airblue flight departs at 3:20 hours and reaches Abu Dhabi at 5:50 hours. The Airblue flight available on Fridays is also scheduled at the same time. You can also opt for an Airblue flight on the weekend. An early morning flight is available on Sundays. It leaves Islamabad at 3:20 hours and arrives in Abu Dhabi at 5:50 hours. 

Airblue flight schedules may change due to a few factors. For example, the flight schedule will have to be changed if the weather turns bad. The schedule may also vary depending on the flight demand and other unprecedented circumstances. You will find the updated schedule on and can easily book a flight on a convenient date and time.

Islamabad to Abu Dhabi: Ticket Price

The cost of an Airblue flight ticket from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi is PKR 51,846. This will be the ticket price if you book an Airblue flight just a day or two before your journey date. However, if you want to book tickets at more affordable rates, you will need to pre-book. You can get tickets at a price as low as PKR 32,577 if you book about four months early.

Islamabad to Abu Dhabi: Ticket Types

There are three types of Airblue Economy tickets. You can choose either Economy Value, Flexi, or Xtra ticket. Economy Value tickets are cheap but do not allow free checked-in baggage allowance. If you select Flexi tickets, you can check in one bag of 20 kgs for free. However, Xtra tickets allow a free checked-in baggage allowance for two bags of 20 kgs each. You can also get some additional benefits with these tickets. If you book from, you can check what facilities are available with each ticket type and book without hassle.

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