Airblue Karachi to Jeddah Flights flight tickets.

Airblue Karachi to Jeddah Flights Recent Bookings

  • ST Etihad Airways

    Etihad Airways

  • 08:45 PM Karachi (KHI)

    04:10 AM Jeddah (JED)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • PKR 129,497


  • 01:35 PM Karachi (KHI)

    03:55 PM Jeddah (JED)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • PKR 85,340
  • ST flydubai


  • 11:30 AM Karachi (KHI)

    04:45 PM Jeddah (JED)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • PKR 101,217
  • ST Gulf Air

    Gulf Air

  • 06:50 AM Karachi (KHI)

    08:30 PM Jeddah (JED)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • PKR 107,639
  • ST Emirates


  • 12:15 PM Karachi (KHI)

    02:10 AM Jeddah (JED)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • PKR 105,370

Airblue Karachi to Jeddah Flights all Recent Bookings

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Airblue Karachi to Jeddah Flights

Airblue Limited is a privately owned airline in Pakistan that has been offering impeccable service to its passengers for the last 18 years. The headquarters is located on the 12th Floor of Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers, Islamabad. Its fleet consists of Airbus A320 and A321 next-generation aircraft. Airblue has multiple scheduled flights that connect the most important and frequently visited domestic destinations like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, and Multan with the most frequented international destinations like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Jeddah, and Riyadh. Airblue flights are popular among locals because of the affordability and accessibility of flight tickets. At the Jinnah International Airport, you can also get free airport lounge access if you are a frequent flyer or a privileged Airblue flyer. 

Airblue Karachi to Jeddah flights is offered by various airline companies as it is among the most popular routes in this part of the world. Thousands of commuters travel every day to and from these destinations due to business, commerce, vacation, and education. Hence, the tickets are usually unavailable if you want to do a last-minute booking. It is recommended that you pre-book your tickets from given the huge rush this route faces throughout the year.

Karachi to Jeddah: Route Overview

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and has a population of 1.5 crores as of 2017. There are various schools, universities, and Multinational companies located in the heart of the city. Many airline companies also have their headquarters or regional offices located in Karachi. Jeddah on the other hand is among the primary resort cities in Saudia Arabia. It was also named a Beta world city by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC). 

The distance between Karachi in Pakistan and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is 4,456 km by road. It takes about 54 to 60 hours to drive to reach Karachi to Jeddah. However, the aerial distance between Karachi and Jeddah is simply 2,865 km and it merely takes 4 to 5 hours to complete the journey by Airblue Karachi to Jeddah flights. It is always wise to pre-book your tickets on this route as there is a huge rush for the Airblue flights and they fill up very fast. Airblue also lets you book round-trip tickets from Karachi to Jeddah and back. Pre-booking your tickets in is both reliable and convenient.

Karachi to Jeddah: Airblue Schedule

There are many flights in a week from Karachi to Jeddah. While these flights are mostly available on weekdays, you can also find the flight tickets on for weekends. The flight schedules are constantly updated by the airlines, which can be easily tracked from official website. There is one daily Airblue Karachi to Jeddah flight that many frequent flyers and regular passengers rely upon. The flight takes about 4 hours 25 minutes. 

The flight leaves Jinnah International Airport in Karachi at 02:15 AM and reaches King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah at 04:40 AM. Airblue allows date change as well cancellation of pre-booked flight tickets before a certain time limit. Currently, there are no other flights on the weekdays between Karachi and Jeddah but since the site keeps updating every 20 minutes one should keep an eye for any new changes.

Karachi to Jeddah: Ticket Price

Airblue Karachi to Jeddah flights has a somewhat stable price range. The ticket price certainly depends on a lot of factors like time of booking, demand on that specific date, and more. If you are booking your tickets last minute, chances are that the ticket price will be higher, and will continue to increase proportionately to the time life before the departure of the flight. Hence, pre-booking your flight tickets via ensures that you are able to find a good deal and your ticket price is lower. Similarly, on holidays or high demand days the ticket price is usually on the higher side, compared to days there is no rush for the flight. The average Airblue Karachi to Jeddah flight ticket price is Rs. 78,700.

Karachi to Jeddah: Ticket Types

Airblue Karachi to Jeddah is a non-stop flight route and only has economy class tickets. However, the ticket price includes the luggage allowance of 15 kg per adult. The cost also includes free complimentary meals provided to every passenger flying on the aircraft. Airblue however provides three kinds of Economy tickets- Economy Value, Economy Flexi, or Economy Xtra tickets. Economy Value has no baggage allowance, but Economy Flexi comes with one additional bag of up to 20 kg. Economy Xtra offers two additional bags of 20 kg allowance.

Faq’s Karachi to Jeddah

How long is an Airblue flight from Karachi to Jeddah?

It would take around 4 hours and 50 minutes from Jinnah International Airport, Karachi to King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah on an Airblue flight.

What is the frequency of Airblue flights between these two cities?

Airblue Airlines provides 5 flight services in a week between Karachi to Jeddah.

How much does an Airblue flight from Karachi to Jeddah cost?

Airblue flights between these to cities for an economy class ticket would cost from PKR 98,000 to PKR 100,025 depending on the time you plan your trip.

What  is the distance between Karachi and Jeddah?

The air distance between Karachi and Jeddah is around 2800 kms, which takes close to 4 hours to travel by flight.

What time does the earliest Airblue flight from Karachi to Jeddah depart?

Sometimes, on Tuesdays, Airblue provides an early flight at 01:45 PM at Karachi. Else you can board 05:35 PM flight on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

How many Airblue flights fly from Karachi to Jeddah on a weekly basis?

Airblue Airlines provides 5 flight services in a week between Karachi to Jeddah.

What are the baggage details in an Airblue flight?

Each economy class passenger can carry 20 kgs in check-in baggage and 7 kgs in hand luggage in an Airblue flight.

Is carry-on baggage allowed on my travels?

Yes, You can carry 7 kgs in hand luggage after baggage check-in.

Will Airblue flights provide refunds?

Yes, Refunds and exchanges are allowed with a standard fee depending on the time you make changes to your ticket. Kindly reach out to 24/7 customer care for further assistance.

Which is the most popular connecting city when flying through this route?

All Airblue flights between Karachi and Jeddah are direct flights, hence there is no lay-over.

What are the famous places in Jeddah?

Must visit places in Jeddah are King Fahd’s Fountain. Al Rahma Mosque,  Al-Balad,Athr Gallery, Khalil Museum, Al-Shallal Theme Park. Al-Saif Beach,Jeddah Waterfront, Corniche, Red Sea Mall, Durrat Al Aroos and many more.

Can a booked ticket be changed on an Airblue flight?

Yes, You can change your Airblue flight after booking with a standard fee. Kindly contact our 24/7 customer care for further assistance.

Is Airblue an international flight?

Airblue Limited is a private airline based in Pakistan and provides flight services to domestic and international destinations in Saudi and UAE.

How much will the extra baggage cost in an Airblue flight to Jeddah from Karachi?

Passengers traveling to Jeddah from Karachi by Airblue flight will have to pay PKR 400 or SAR 27 per kg  for extra baggage.

What is the reporting time for an Airblue flight from Karachi to Jeddah?

Passengers are requested to report 4 hours before their departure time to start their boarding process.

Do Airblue flights provide food?

Yes, Meals are included in your plan while booking your ticket. Food and beverages will be provided for your travel.

What are the documents needed for a check in at the Karachi Airport?

CNIC, Valid Airline ticket, valid passport and valid visa, Photo ID and health certificate(if applicable) are the documents required while check-in at Karachi Airport. Govt Employees are required to provide NOC compulsory,

Can I carry  food on an Airblue flight?

Food can be carried while adhering to packing norms in an Airblue Flight, Kindly contact our 24/7 customer care support for further guidance.

Which month is cheapest to travel to Jeddah?

Summer is considered as the cheap time to travel due to extreme hot weather. Pre-plan your trip and book tickets early to get cheap rates.

Can I do a web check-in for the Karachi to Jeddah flight?

Yes, Airblue offers web check-in to all their passengers. It saves you time and helps in speeding your boarding process.

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