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Airblue Lahore to Dubai Flights

Airblue is the preferred choice of many passengers when it comes to travel from/to Pakistan. For now, Airblue is offering flights to around 13 destinations in three nations. Airblue seamlessly connects Pakistan with Saudi Arabia and UAE. In UAE, Airblue connects Pakistan with Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Since it is operated since 2004, many passengers in Pakistan trust Airblue for international travel. Not only Pakistanis but foreigners also prefer Airblue services to fly to/from Pakistan. With its timely departures and affordable air ticket prices, Airblue has carved a name for itself in the industry.

For travelling to a foreign location from Pakistan, one looks for comfort. Airblue operates Airbus carriers that are equipped with world-class amenities. From extra legroom to spacious overhead storage, Airblue offers it all during an international journey. During its initial days, Airblue only had a few leased carriers. Over the years, it has won the trust of passengers and has a fleet of eleven Airbus carriers. Read on to know about Airblue flights from Lahore to Dubai.

Lahore to Dubai: Route Overview

Road transport services aren’t available from Lahore to Dubai. By road, Dubai is more than 4,900 Km from Lahore. Travelling such a long road distance from Lahore will consume time. To save time on a journey from Lahore to Dubai, passengers rely on flight services. The aerial distance between Lahore and Dubai is only 1,985 Km. With a nonstop flight from Lahore, one can reach Dubai in only 2.5 hours. Luckily, Airblue offers direct flights to Dubai from Lahore without any pitstop. With direct flights to Dubai, you do not experience travel fatigue.

Lahore to Dubai is a popular international route with greater passenger movements. For the same reason, Airblue offers multiple flights in a week from Lahore to Dubai. People have to travel to the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore to board a flight to Dubai. All incoming flights from Lahore land at the Dubai International Airport (DXB). For now, Airblue isn’t offering flights to Al Maktoum International Airport or Dubai Bus Station Airport from Lahore. With a nonstop flight offered by Airblue, one can easily reach DXB in Dubai.

Lahore to Dubai: Airblue Schedule

Since many passengers have to travel from Lahore to Dubai, Airblue offers an international flight daily. However, Airblue isn’t operating more than one flight to Dubai from Lahore a day. People have to travel to Dubai for pilgrimage, occupation, commerce, and many other reasons. Since Airblue offers daily departures to Dubai, it offers flexibility to the passengers. The departure time of an Airblue flight from LHE to DXB can change each day. On most days, an Airblue flight from LHE to DXB departs at 02:40 PM. Such Airblue flights will reach Dubai by 05:10 PM. On some days, an Airblue flight from LHE to DXB can depart at 01:10 PM or 02:25 PM.

As the Airblue schedule is tentative, one should rely on for real-time updates. One does not have to pay or enter login data on for viewing the Airblue flight schedule from LHE to DXB. One should also make a habit of checking the Airblue LHE – DXB flight status online. Usually, Airblue flights operate timely between Lahore and Dubai. If a sudden change is implemented by Airblue in their flight timetable, it will be shown on’s portal.

Lahore to Dubai: Ticket Price

If you book an Airblue flight ticket at least ten days before your journey to Dubai, it will cost you around PKR 43,000. If you book an Airblue flight ticket only 2-3 days before your journey, it can cost you up to PKR 60,000. If you want to decrease the price of LHE – DXB flight tickets, book your tickets in advance. As the departure time of an LHE – DXB flight arrives, the ticket rates tend to rise. With, one can pre-book an Airblue flight ticket from LHE to DXB for as low as PKR 33,600. One should know that these starting prices are for Value tickets on Airblue flights.

If you opt for a higher baggage allowance on an Airblue flight, you will have to pay extra. One can check the price of an Airblue ticket for each travel class on The best part about is that passengers do not need to pay commission for booking an LHE to DXB air ticket. Commission-free flight rates are displayed by at all times. One can use discounts/deals on to reduce the cost of Airblue LHE – DXB flight booking. For added convenience, one can sort LHE to DXB flights as per their fares on Airblue is among those airlines that offer the most affordable ticket rates from LHE to DXB.

Lahore to Dubai: Ticket Types

Airblue ticket types depend on the baggage allowance. During its initial days, Airblue used to offer Business coaches but dropped the idea later on. At present, one can book Value tickets on Airblue flights with no checked-in baggage allowance. If you opt for a Flexi ticket from LHE to DXB, you can bring a checked-in bag onboard, not more than 20 Kg. One can also choose an Xtra ticket from LHE to DXB. With an Airblue Xtra ticket, one can bring two checked-in bags onboard.

With any Airblue ticket from LHE to DXB, you are free to bring hand baggage up to 7 Kg onboard. One can access more info about Airblue flights from LHE to DXB on

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